20 Best Songs About Tea | Relaxing Tunes for Tea Lovers

Welcome to our cozy corner of the internet, where today we’re steeping ourselves in the warm, aromatic world of music and tea.

There’s something undeniably comforting about the ritual of brewing a cup of tea—a quiet moment of reflection that often pairs beautifully with the right soundtrack.

In this blog post, we’ll pour over the “20 Best Songs About Tea,” a curated playlist that blends the soothing essence of tea with melodious tunes.

From folk tales steeped in tradition to contemporary ballads that simmer with emotion, each song on our list captures the spirit of this timeless beverage.

So, grab your favorite mug, let your tea leaves unfurl, and prepare to steep your soul in a music-infused reverie that celebrates the liquid zen that is tea.

1. “Tea for Two” by Doris Day

“Tea for Two” is a classic tune that harkens back to the golden era of Hollywood, immortalized by the honeyed voice of Doris Day.

Originally from the 1925 musical “No, No, Nanette,” this song has been covered by many, but Doris Day’s rendition in the 1950 film of the same name stands out for its whimsical charm and timeless elegance.

The song is a delightful ode to simplicity and companionship, envisioning a dreamy future where love, tea, and togetherness are the only ingredients needed for a life of bliss.

Day’s clear, melodious vocals invite us to a world where the simplest pleasures are the most treasured, and every note promises a cozy, heartwarming escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

2. “Afternoon Tea” by The Kinks

The quintessentially British rock band The Kinks brings us “Afternoon Tea,” a track that encapsulates the quaint and charming tradition of the midday break that’s become a staple of English culture.

Featured on their 1967 album “Something Else by The Kinks,” the song is a subtle blend of social commentary and nostalgic reflection, all served up with the band’s signature wit and melodic prowess.

Ray Davies’ lyrical storytelling paints a vivid picture of a bygone era, where taking time for afternoon tea was as much a social ritual as it was a moment of relaxation.

Through its gentle tempo and satirical edge, “Afternoon Tea” invites listeners to step back in time and savor the simplicity of life, one sip—and one song—at a time.

3. “Tea in the Sahara” by The Police

“Tea in the Sahara,” by the legendary trio The Police, stands out as one of the more evocative and enigmatic tracks from their final studio album, “Synchronicity,” released in 1983.

With its haunting melody and the ethereal quality of Sting’s vocals, the song weaves a narrative inspired by Paul Bowles’ novel “The Sheltering Sky.”

It tells the poignant tale of three sisters and their unquenchable desire for a fulfilled promise—a tea ceremony in the vast desolation of the Sahara.

The mesmerizing blend of Stewart Copeland’s percussive mastery and Andy Summers’ atmospheric guitar work transports listeners to a landscape both desolate and beautiful, crafting a metaphor for unattainable dreams and the stark reality of desire versus disillusionment.

“Tea in the Sahara” is a reflective piece that lingers long after the last note fades, like a mirage on the horizon.

4. “Green Tea” by Shonen Knife

“Green Tea” by Shonen Knife is a vibrant and playful song from their 2014 album “Overdrive.”

Shonen Knife, the all-female rock band from Japan, is known for its whimsical lyrics and energetic punk-pop sound.

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In this catchy tune, they pay homage to the various delightful forms of green tea—ice cream, chocolate, and lattes.

With its repetitive, chant-like lyrics and upbeat tempo, the song mirrors the refreshing and invigorating qualities of green tea itself.

It’s a fun and lighthearted ode to a beloved beverage, showcasing Shonen Knife’s unique ability to find joy and inspiration in the simplest pleasures of life.

“Green Tea” is sure to leave listeners with a craving for both the drink and more of Shonen Knife’s infectious music.

5. “Tea and Thorazine” by Andrew Bird

“Tea and Thorazine” is a thought-provoking song by Andrew Bird, found on his 1999 album “Oh! The Grandeur.”

With its eclectic blend of jazz influences and Bird’s distinctive violin playing, the song creates a whimsical, yet melancholic soundscape.

The lyrics offer a glimpse into the struggles of mental health, conveyed through the metaphorical ‘tea and Thorazine,’ a stark contrast between the comfort of tea and the clinical nature of the medication.

Bird’s storytelling ability shines through as he paints a picture of life within the confines of institutionalization, all while maintaining a sense of surreal escapism through the vivid imagery of an ‘etch-a-sketch.’

It’s a song that balances the beautiful with the somber, showcasing Bird’s unique talent for musical alchemy.

6. “Tea and Sympathy” by Jars of Clay

“Tea and Sympathy” by Jars of Clay is a heartfelt track that delves into the complexities of human relationships and the pursuit of connection.

Featured on their self-titled album released in 1997, the song is characterized by its emotive lyrics and the band’s signature folk-rock sound.

The title itself, “Tea and Sympathy,” suggests a yearning for understanding and compassion, themes that resonate throughout the song.

The gentle acoustic guitar and evocative vocal harmonies create a reflective mood, as the lyrics lament the challenges of seeking solace and the often fruitless attempts to find meaning in words.

It’s a poignant reminder of the comfort found in simple acts of kindness, making “Tea and Sympathy” a touching addition to Jars of Clay’s rich musical catalog.

7. “One More Cup of Coffee” by Bob Dylan

“One More Cup of Coffee” is a stirring song by Bob Dylan from his acclaimed 1976 album, “Desire.”

The track stands out with its gypsy-like melody and haunting violin played by Scarlet Rivera, which complements Dylan’s raw vocal delivery.

In this song, Dylan weaves a narrative of a mysterious woman of great beauty and aloofness, her loyalty belonging not to the earthly realm but to the ‘stars above.’

There’s an undercurrent of unreciprocated love and the yearning for connection, symbolized by the simple act of sharing ‘one more cup of coffee’ before departure.

The evocative imagery and Dylan’s emotive storytelling create a palpable atmosphere of longing and resignation, capturing the essence of a fleeting romance against a backdrop of otherworldly allure.

8. “Tea House Moon” by Enya

“Tea House Moon” is an enchanting instrumental track by the Irish musician Enya, featured on her 1997 album “The Memory of Trees.”

Known for her ethereal soundscapes and layered vocals, Enya takes a serene departure with this piece that conjures images of tranquility and reflection.

The title evokes the peaceful ambiance of a moonlit tea house, a place of solitude and contemplation.

Without words, the melody carries the listener through a serene journey, employing delicate synths and a gentle, rhythmic pattern that mimics the ritual of tea preparation and enjoyment.

It’s a soothing musical interlude that showcases Enya’s ability to create a mood of calm and beauty with her compositions.

9. “Katie’s Tea” by Camille

“Katie’s Tea” by Camille is a mesmerizing track that captures the essence of longing and addiction, wrapped in the metaphor of tea.

This song, nestled within her album “Music Hole,” showcases Camille’s exceptional talent for blending poetic lyrics with her emotive voice.

The song’s lyrics speak of an irresistible pull towards Katie’s tea, suggesting a deeper, almost intoxicating connection that runs through the veins of the narrator.

The request for “another cup” symbolizes a yearning for more than just the beverage itself, hinting at emotional depths and the complexities of desire.

Camille’s unique vocal delivery and the haunting melody create a captivating atmosphere that draws listeners into a world where tea serves as a poignant symbol of longing and connection.

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10. “When I Take My Sugar to Tea” by Frank Sinatra


“When I Take My Sugar to Tea” is a charming and swanky tune made famous by the legendary Frank Sinatra.

This song, with its light-hearted and suave lyrics, captures the essence of the golden era of jazz and swing.

Sinatra’s smooth and sophisticated delivery transports listeners to a bygone era when taking one’s sweetheart out for tea was a stylish social affair.

The lyrics depict a man who revels in the envy of his peers as he takes his beloved “sugar” to tea, away from the familiar crowd.

It’s a playful portrayal of courtship and the delight of spending exclusive time with one’s significant other.

Sinatra’s rendition of this classic is a timeless piece that embodies the debonair charm and romantic sentimentality of the early 20th century.

11. “Cup of Tea” by Shack

“Cup of Tea” by Shack wraps listeners in a warm embrace much like the comfort of a freshly brewed cup of tea.

It masterfully combines melancholic melodies with hopeful undertones, showcasing the band’s ability to blend bittersweet emotions into their music.

The lyrics weave a rich tapestry of introspection and everyday life’s simple joys, inviting the audience into a reflective journey alongside the soothing rhythms.

The song’s essence lies in its ability to connect deeply on an emotional level, making it resonate with a wide range of listeners.

Its subtle layers of instrumentation enrich the experience, ensuring that each listen unveils new nuances.

Without giving away the intricacies that make the first encounter with the song special, “Cup of Tea” stands out as a poignant, beautifully crafted tune that lingers long after the music has stopped.

12. “Tea For Two” by Thelonious Monk

“Tea for Two” as interpreted by Thelonious Monk is a jazz rendition that takes a classic tune and infuses it with a distinctive Monk twist.

The track resonates with Monk’s signature off-beat rhythms and playful improvisation, turning a familiar melody into a complex, enthralling soundscape.

There is a sense of joyful exploration in Monk’s performance, as he dances around the central theme with unpredictable flourishes on the piano.

The interplay between the piano and the rest of the band creates a dynamic conversation that feels both whimsical and intentional.

Newcomers to Monk’s style will find this song an accessible entry point that encapsulates his ability to reimagine and invigorate the standards of jazz, making “Tea for Two” a timeless piece that offers something new with each listen.

13. “Tea For Two” by Nat King Cole

Nat King Cole’s rendition of “Tea For Two” is a silky-smooth, melodious treat that embodies the charm and elegance of classic crooner music.

His calming, velvety vocals glide effortlessly over a gracefully orchestrated background, inviting listeners into a serene, romantic narrative.

The song is imbued with a timeless feel, capturing the simple yet profound joy of sharing a moment of connection over tea.

Cole’s performance infuses the song with a warmth and sincerity that makes it feel both intimate and universal, appealing to anyone who appreciates the beauty of life’s quiet moments.

The emotional resonance of the piece comes from its heartfelt delivery and the soothing, joyful ambiance it creates, making “Tea For Two” a classic that gently uplifts and transports its audience to a place of affectionate nostalgia.

14. “Cup of Tea in Bed” by Lorraine Bowen

“Cup of Tea in Bed” by Lorraine Bowen is a delightful and whimsical song that captures the essence of enjoying a quiet and cozy moment with a cup of tea in bed.

The song’s lyrics are humorous and lighthearted, creating a playful atmosphere that invites listeners to embrace the simple pleasures of life.

With its quirky synth sounds, fun percussion, and lighthearted vocals, the music perfectly complements the theme of the song, creating a whimsical and enjoyable listening experience.

Whether you’re a tea lover or simply appreciate the joy of a peaceful moment, “Cup of Tea in Bed” is sure to bring a smile to your face.

15. “Pennyroyal Tea” by Nirvana

“Pennyroyal Tea” is a grunge ballad by Nirvana that unveils a raw and introspective journey into the psyche of lead singer Kurt Cobain.

The song’s stripped-down arrangement and gritty guitar riffs pair with Cobain’s raspy, emotive vocals to create a sense of vulnerability and discomfort.

Lyrically, it navigates through themes of personal anguish and the quest for relief, albeit through the metaphorical use of pennyroyal, an herb historically believed to have medicinal properties.

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The feeling encapsulated in the song oscillates between despair and a longing for solace, resonating with listeners through its authenticity and the haunting intensity of Nirvana’s signature sound.

The track’s gripping simplicity and emotional depth mark it as a standout piece, reflective of the band’s influential presence in the music world.

16. “The Tea Dance” by Philip Jeays

“The Tea Dance” by Philip Jeays, from his album “Mr Jeays” released in 2005, is a song that captivates with its unique blend of storytelling and melody.

Jeays, known for his ability to convey deep emotions and stories through his music, crafts a narrative that wraps listeners in the atmosphere of a bygone era.

The song, characterized by its evocative lyrics and rich musical arrangement, invites the audience into a nostalgic and evocative setting.

“The Tea Dance” resonates with themes of reminiscence, connection, and the bittersweet nature of memories.

Jeays’ vocal delivery, paired with the song’s orchestral undertones, creates an immersive experience that is both intimate and grandiose.

It’s a musical journey that leaves a lasting impression through its poetic imagery and emotional depth, embodying the spirit of its title’s historical social event.

17. “Cup of Tea” by Kacey Musgraves

“Cup of Tea” by Kacey Musgraves is a soul-stirring track that showcases the artist’s penchant for crafting heartfelt and relatable lyrics.

Through this song, Musgraves delves into the complexities of individuality and the acceptance of one’s true self.

The soft, melodious arrangement complements the lyrical narrative, underscoring the idea that not everyone will appreciate your uniqueness, much like how not everyone prefers the same kind of tea.

Musgraves’ smooth vocals carry the message of self-acceptance with grace, inviting listeners to embrace their differences.

The song resonates with a gentle yet empowering reminder that it’s okay to not fit everyone’s taste, emphasizing the beauty in diversity and the strength found in staying true to oneself.

This track is a testament to Musgraves’ ability to connect with listeners through universal truths, wrapped in the soothing embrace of her country sound.

18. “Sugar in Your Tea” by Harumi

“Sugar in Your Tea” by Harumi emerges from his self-titled 1968 album, presenting a whimsical and introspective journey through psychedelic folk.

The song weaves together gentle melodies with abstract lyrics that seemingly explore themes of déjà vu, reflection, and the small, often overlooked elements that sweeten daily life—much like sugar in tea.

Harumi’s delivery is both serene and thought-provoking, drawing listeners into a meditative state where the simplicity of the lyrics contrasts with the depth of their potential meanings.

The musical arrangement, subtle yet rich, complements the lyrical content, creating a soothing experience.

This track stands out for its ability to transport listeners to a tranquil, reflective space, inviting them to find joy and wonder in the mundane.

Harumi’s “Sugar in Your Tea” is a poetic reminder of the small beauties that life offers, encapsulated within the less noticed moments.

19. “Tea for One” by Led Zeppelin

“Tea for One” by Led Zeppelin is a profound exploration of loneliness and introspection, showcased in their 1976 album “Presence.”

This track, often overshadowed by the band’s more explosive hits, stands out for its raw emotional depth and the bluesy, melancholic guitar work by Jimmy Page.

Robert Plant’s vocal performance is hauntingly reflective, embodying a sense of isolation and longing.

The song’s slow tempo and extended instrumental solos immerse listeners in a somber atmosphere, allowing for a deeply personal experience.

Themes of solitude and the passage of time are central, making “Tea for One” a moving piece that resonates with anyone who has ever felt alone.

Its profound simplicity and emotional resonance mark it as one of Led Zeppelin’s most underrated yet powerful compositions.

20. “Earl Grey with Honey” by Loveninjas

“Earl Grey with Honey” by Loveninjas, featured on their album “The Secret Of The Loveninjas,” is a quirky and endearing track that captures the sweet essence of newfound love and affection.

Released in 2006, the song wraps listeners in a warm blend of indie pop melodies, reminiscent of the comfort provided by a cup of Earl Grey tea sweetened with honey.

The lyrics are clever and filled with whimsical references that evoke vivid imagery and emotions associated with the early stages of a romantic relationship.

Loveninjas’ playful and upbeat approach makes “Earl Grey with Honey” an infectious listen, inviting one to revel in the joy and excitement of love’s tender moments.

The song’s lighthearted nature and catchy tune embody the delightful surprises that love can bring into one’s life, much like discovering the perfect blend of tea and sweetness.


The combination of tea and music is a delightful fusion of sensory pleasures that can elevate your tea time to a truly magical experience.

Whether you’re drawn to classic tunes, modern hits, or international melodies, there’s a tea-inspired song for every tea enthusiast.

So, brew a fresh pot of your favorite tea, press play on your Twinkle tea playlist, and let the enchanting harmony of music and tea transport you to a world of tranquility and joy. Cheers to the perfect twinkle tea time!

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