Top 10 Solo Travel Songs

Traveling solo is like a personal movie and music is its soundtrack. It’s with you as you navigate new streetsclimb mountains, or stare out bus windows, thinking about life.

In this blog, we share a playlist for those hitting the road alone. It’s filled with songs that capture the spirit of solo adventures, songs that inspire and comfort.

Imagine “I Lived” by OneRepublic as your anthem, urging you on.

Whether you’re a seasoned soloist or on your first solo trip, these tunes are your companions, making each moment a bit more special.

Let’s make your travel memories unforgettable with music that moves with you.

1. “Rain On Me” – Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande

“Rain On Me” is a vibrant and anthemic collaboration between pop icons Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, released in 2020 as part of Gaga’s sixth studio album, “Chromatica.”

This dance-pop track features uplifting lyrics about perseverance and embracing life’s challenges with resilience.

Gaga and Grande’s powerhouse vocals soar over a pulsating disco beat, symbolizing strength and renewal amidst adversity.

The song’s message encourages listeners to let their hardships wash away like rain, promoting an ethos of healing and hope.

Given its infectious rhythm and poignant lyrics, “Rain On Me” quickly resonated with fans, making it a chart-topping hit and an empowering anthem that celebrates the cathartic release of dancing through one’s troubles.

2. “Just Around the Riverbend” – Judy Kuhn (from Pocahontas)

“Just Around the Riverbend” is the quintessential song of hope and adventure from Disney’s animated classic “Pocahontas,” voiced by Judy Kuhn.

This poignant track captures the spirit and curiosity of the film’s titular character as she contemplates the path of her life.

The song’s melody flows like the water it celebrates, with lyrics that reflect Pocahontas’s yearning for discovery and a life beyond the confines of expectation.

Kuhn’s emotional performance, combined with the lush orchestration, instills a sense of wonder and possibility that is both inspiring and haunting.

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The song stands out as a pivotal moment in the movie, representing the crossroads of tradition and change, and a celebration of the natural world and the unknown adventures that lie ahead.

3. “Feels Like Home” – Fuse ODG

“Feels Like Home” is a heartwarming track by British-Ghanaian artist Fuse ODG, known for his infectious Afrobeats sound.

The song exudes a sense of warmth and belonging, encapsulating a universally relatable sentiment of finding comfort in one’s roots and the place one calls home.

Fuse ODG’s rhythmic beats and melodic lines blend seamlessly with evocative lyrics that speak to the soul, about returning to where the heart feels at peace and in harmony.

The groove and positive vibe invite listeners to celebrate their own definition of home, whether it’s a place, a community, or a feeling.

With its catchy chorus and vibrant instrumentation, “Feels Like Home” is an uplifting anthem that rejoices in the connection one has with their heritage and personal sanctuary.

4. “Rainbow” – Kesha

“Rainbow” is a soul-stirring song by pop artist Kesha, serving as the title track of her 2017 album.

This song marks a significant turning point in her career, symbolizing her healing and rebirth after a tumultuous period.

The track features a range of genres, from ballads to country to pop, showcasing Kesha’s versatility as an artist.

With raw, intimate lyrics, Kesha conveys a message of hope, resilience, and the courage to overcome personal storms.

The production incorporates rich, organic sounds that complement Kesha’s powerful vocals, creating a sense of grandeur and beauty reminiscent of the spectrum of colors in a rainbow.

Radiating with optimism, “Rainbow” encourages listeners to find light and strength in their darkest moments, assuring that a spectrum of possibilities awaits following life’s challenges.

5. “I’m So Excited” – The Pointer Sisters

“I’m So Excited” is an electrifying classic by The Pointer Sisters, released in 1982. This exhilarating dance track is imbued with an infectious energy that’s practically impossible to resist.

Characterized by its iconic bass line, funky guitar riffs, and the sisters’ harmonious and powerful vocals, the song is a celebration of unabashed joy and anticipation.

The lyrics of “I’m So Excited” tap into the universal feeling of looking forward to something with intense eagerness and pleasure, making it a go-to track for moments that call for an uplift in spirits.

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Its relentless tempo and vibrant disco-influenced beats have secured “I’m So Excited” a permanent spot on party playlists, remaining a timeless hit that continues to get people on their feet and radiate happiness across dance floors around the world.

6. “I Want to Break Free” – Queen

“I Want to Break Free” is an enduring hit from the legendary rock band Queen, released in 1984 on their album “The Works.”

Synonymous with liberation and self-expression, this song is distinguished by its driving rock synth riff and heartfelt lyrics, delivered with the incomparable vocal range of Freddie Mercury.

The track became an anthem for freedom, resonating deeply with those yearning for release from the constraints of societal norms, personal struggles, or stifling relationships.

The accompanying music video, with its memorable and tongue-in-cheek drag sequences, further cemented the song’s message of breaking free from convention.

“I Want to Break Free” remains a beloved classic that speaks to the timeless human desire for autonomy and the power of individuality, inspiring countless fans to embrace their true selves and to courageously pursue their own paths.

7. “Summer of 69” – Bryan Adams

“Summer of ’69” is a quintessential rock anthem by Bryan Adams that evokes the nostalgia of youthful summers filled with life-changing memories.

Released on his 1984 album “Reckless,” the song instantly captured the hearts of many with its catchy guitar hooks and passionate vocals.

It narrates a story of first loves, friendships, and the early dreams of a wannabe rock band.

Adams belts out the stirring lyrics with a mixture of wistfulness and fervor, transporting listeners back to the halcyon days of the late 1960s—a time often idealized for its simplicity and the explosive music scene.

The energy of the track is pure and relentless, embodying the spirit of an era and becoming an enduring symbol of the carefree, rock-and-roll lifestyle that so many long for.

8. “Wonderwall” – Oasis

“Wonderwall” by Oasis is one of the most emblematic songs of the Britpop movement, released in 1995 as part of their hit album “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?”.

This timeless track offers an instantly recognizable and hauntingly beautiful melody, paired with Noel Gallagher’s lyrical ambiguity that leaves the meaning open to listeners’ interpretations.

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Liam Gallagher’s raw and sincere vocal delivery conveys a sense of longing and hopefulness that has resonated with fans worldwide.

“Wonderwall” has become a universal anthem for unrequited love and the idea that an extraordinary person or moment can be a source of salvation.

Its acoustic simplicity and compelling chorus have solidified its status as a cultural touchstone, often covered and celebrated as one of the defining songs of a generation.

9. “Icarus” – Bastille

“Icarus” is a compelling track by British indie pop band Bastille, featured on their 2013 debut album “Bad Blood.”

The song interweaves a modern sound with the ancient Greek myth of Icarus, who flew too close to the sun with wax wings that melted, leading to his demise.

Bastille uses this tale as a powerful metaphor for the dangerous allure of ambition and hubris.

Dan Smith’s distinctive voice carries the melody with intensity and depth, capturing the euphoric highs and catastrophic lows of Icarus’s flight.

The song builds with a dynamic arrangement of synths, drums, and layered harmonies to underscore the dramatic theme.

“Icarus” stands out as a vivid storytelling piece, warning of the perils of unchecked aspiration with a catchy, poignant twist that cements it as a fan favorite in Bastille’s discography.

10. “Lights are On” – Tom Rosenthal

“Lights Are On” is an evocative song by British singer-songwriter Tom Rosenthal, known for his unique blend of quirky, heartfelt lyrics and distinctive melodies.

The track delves into the introspective theme of existence, presence, and the human condition.

With its poignant piano accompaniment and Tom’s gentle vocal delivery, the song creates an intimate atmosphere that pulls listeners into a reflective state of mind.

The lyrics carry a profound simplicity, pondering the internal ‘lights’ that signify life within us, even when we are still.

“Lights Are On” resonates with its audience through its understated complexity and universal questions about what it means to truly live.

The song’s tender and thoughtful composition cements it as a stirring piece in Rosenthal’s diverse and poignant musical repertoire.


Venturing out on a solo trip can be a thrilling and life-changing experience. The music that accompanies you on your journey can intensify this exploration even more.

Whether you’re setting out alone or dreaming about future travel, music’s ability to transport you to different landscapes and spark deep emotions is remarkable.

This expertly selected playlist of solo travel songs can be your perfect companion on the road, encouraging the thrill of independence, self-revelation, and freedom that solo trips offer.

From hard-hitting numbers that honor independence to deeply moving tunes resonating with the traveler’s heart, these songs can kickstart your spirit of adventure and make your solo exploration profoundly memorable.

So get your headphones ready, hit play, and let the rhythm be your guide on this unparalleled journey.

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