15 Best Songs about Morning

Mornings hold a special significance in our daily lives—they symbolize new beginnings, the promise of a fresh start, and the gentle end of nocturnal silence.

It’s no surprise that this potent imagery has inspired countless musicians to capture the essence of dawn through melody and lyrics.

In the songs we’re about to explore, each artist offers a unique auditory painting of the morning, using their music to transport listeners from the comfort of their beds to the hopeful light of daybreak.

Whether it’s the calm of a “Chelsea Morning” with Joni Mitchell or the persistent determination in George Strait’s “Amarillo By Morning,” these tracks are bound by a common thread: the profound impact of morning’s first light on the human spirit.

Join us as we delve into the melodies that celebrate the start of something new, each song an invitation to embrace the day that lies ahead.

1. “Yesterday” by The Beatles

“Yesterday” is an evocative ballad by The Beatles, composed by Paul McCartney and credited to the Lennon-McCartney songwriting partnership.

Released on their 1965 album “Help!” it’s one of the most covered songs in the history of recorded music.

The melancholic melody accompanies McCartney’s poignant lyrics, which reflect on the nostalgic longing for a past relationship.

Distinct for its time, “Yesterday” features a string quartet arrangement that adds to the song’s timeless and emotive atmosphere.

Its simple structure, with Paul as the sole vocalist accompanied by his acoustic guitar and the strings, allows the lyrical sentiment to shine through, resonating with listeners who have experienced loss and regret.

“Yesterday” has become an enduring classic, showcasing The Beatles’ versatility and Paul McCartney’s songwriting genius.

2. “Silent in the Morning” by Phish

“Silent in the Morning” is a vibrant, uplifting track by the American rock band Phish, released in their 1992 album “Rift”.

This complex composition, written by Trey Anastasio and Tom Marshall, merges a variety of elements that fans have come to appreciate from Phish – dynamic guitar riffs, intricate rhythms, harmonious vocals, and poetic lyrics.

The song opens with an energetic guitar intro before progressing into a compelling vocal section that tells a storytelling narrative.

The lyrics, laden with metaphors and vivid imagery, offer a captivating sense of mystery. The lively instrumentals coupled with a catchy melody make for an engaging listening experience.

“Silent in the Morning” serves as an excellent introduction to Phish’s improvisational brand of rock and their penchant for blending genres in a distinctive style.

3. “Morning Mr. Magpie” by Radiohead

“Morning Mr. Magpie” is a track by the iconic British band Radiohead, featured on their 2011 album “The King of Limbs.”

Known for their experimental approach to music, Radiohead delivers a complex arrangement in this song, combining electronic beats with traditional rock elements.

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Thom Yorke’s haunting vocals weave through the intricate layers of guitars, bass, and percussive rhythms, producing a mesmerizing soundscape.

The song’s lyrics explore themes of guilt, surveillance, and loss, mirroring the unsettling vibe of the music.

“Morning Mr. Magpie” showcases Radiohead’s ability to blend disparate sounds into a cohesive and compelling musical experience.

It invites listeners into a brooding, introspective journey, emblematic of the band’s mastery of mood and atmosphere.

4. “Morning Bell” by Radiohead

“Morning Bell,” a track from Radiohead’s critically acclaimed album “Kid A” (2000), encapsulates the band’s experimental edge and emotional depth.

This song epitomizes the album’s themes of alienation and technological anxiety, enveloped in layers of haunting melodies and ethereal soundscapes.

Thom Yorke’s vocals, both fragile and foreboding, float over a backdrop of syncopated rhythms, electronic effects, and a minimalist guitar line, creating a sense of unease and introspection.

The lyrics, with repeated pleas of “release me,” convey a narrative of dissolution and the desire for escape from a cyclical torment.

“Morning Bell” stands out as a testament to Radiohead’s innovative approach to music, blending electronic and traditional rock elements to evoke complex emotional states.

5. “Red Morning Light” by Kings of Leon

“Red Morning Light,” by the American rock band Kings of Leon, kicks off their debut album “Youth and Young Manhood” (2003) with a raw, energetic surge.

Infused with the gritty spirit of Southern rock and garage punk influences, the song is an audacious reminder of the band’s roots.

Rapid-fire rhythms and the unmistakable growl of Caleb Followill’s vocals drive the track while jangling guitars and a thumping bassline create a relentless, foot-stomping groove.

Lyrically, the song takes a rebellious tone, reflecting the band’s youthful vigor and the unfiltered energy of their early days.

“Red Morning Light” captures the essence of Kings of Leon’s signature style, combining gritty authenticity with infectious rock ‘n’ roll swagger.

6. “Till the Morning Comes” by Grateful Dead

“Till the Morning Comes” is a vibrant track from the Grateful Dead’s timeless 1970 album, “American Beauty.”

It exhibits the band’s characteristic fusion of folk, rock, and country elements into a dreamy auditory experience.

The song’s melody gives off a sense of joy and optimism, while Bob Weir and Jerry Garcia’s beautifully harmonized vocals evoke a warm, comforting feeling.

The lyrics speak to the timeless theme of persevering through hardship until a brighter day arrives, aligning with the song’s uplifting tune.

Instrumentally, the song hits a sweet spot with a balance of acoustic guitar strumming and punctuating drum rhythms.

“Till the Morning Comes” encapsulates the Grateful Dead’s ability to craft songs that resonate with genuine emotion and a range of human experiences.

7. “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers

“Lovely Day” is a soulful masterpiece by the legendary Bill Withers, encapsulating the warmth and optimism of a refreshing, sunny day.

Released in 1977, on Withers’ album “Menagerie,” the song is celebrated for its smooth, laid-back groove and Withers’ rich, comforting vocals.

The catchy, repetitive chorus highlights his impressive, sustained note, which holds the listener in a moment of pure auditory bliss.

Flanked by a rhythmic bassline, light touches of funk guitar, and soothing keyboard harmonies, “Lovely Day” exudes a sense of contentment and tranquility.

Its lyrics, affirming the delight found in the simple presence of a loved one, have cemented the track as an evergreen anthem of joy and appreciation for life’s little pleasures.

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8. “Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles

“Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles can best be described as an enchanting melody that radiates optimism, bringing a sense of hopeful rejoicing in its wake.

This iconic track, written by George Harrison and released on the 1969 Abbey Road album, brims with the sensation of springtime after a long and somber winter.

The gentle mantra “it’s alright” beautifully complements the intricate finger-picking style that shapes the song’s melody, while confident basslines and sprightly percussive patterns balance out the mix.

The lyrics and music together evoke a feeling of tranquility, embodying the peaceful joy of a sunrise. “Here Comes The Sun” remains a timeless classic, symbolizing a new dawn, resiliency, and the joy of life’s simple pleasures.

9. “Oh What A Beautiful Morning” by Gordon McRae

“Oh What A Beautiful Morning” is a classic, uplifting tune, beautifully performed by the talented Gordon McRae.

Premiered in the 1943 Broadway musical, “Oklahoma!,” the song captures the essence of a perfect morning in the countryside.

The uplifting melody and simplistic lyrics bring to life the clear skies, golden fields, and sweet fragrance of flowers.

McRae’s rendition brings a whole new level of warmth and depth to the track with his rich, clear baritone voice, that evokes an instant feeling of nostalgia and joy.

Accompanied by a bright and light-hearted orchestral arrangement, the song transports listeners to a serene, sunny morning in rural America.

“Oh What A Beautiful Morning” is an enduring classic that stands as a testament to the timeless beauty of simplicity.

10. “Sunrise” by Norah Jones

“Sunrise” by Norah Jones is a mellow, jazz-inflected tune that feels like a warm embrace at the first light of day.

Released in 2004 as part of her album “Feels Like Home,” the song features Jones’ soothing, smoky voice which delicately conveys the peacefulness of dawn.

The gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar, paired with subtle piano accents and a touch of rhythm, creates a laid-back but engaging soundscape.

The song’s lyrics endorse a feeling of renewal and the comfort of knowing that each day brings new possibilities.

“Sunrise” showcases Jones’ signature style of blending jazz, country, and pop elements into a harmonious and captivating sound that has enchanted audiences worldwide.

11. “Light Of A Clear Blue Morning” by Dolly Parton

“Light of a Clear Blue Morning” by Dolly Parton is an uplifting anthem of hope and renewal.

Released in 1977 as part of her album “New Harvest…First Gathering,” this song showcases Parton’s incredible range and emotive voice, singing of the promise and clarity that a new day can bring.

The track starts gently, mirroring the break of dawn, and gradually builds into a soaring chorus, reflecting the empowering realization of overcoming hardship.

Parton’s heartfelt lyrics, combined with the blend of country and gospel influences, create a deeply resonant and inspiring message.

It’s a musical embodiment of the moment when everything becomes clear, and you realize you can indeed move forward. “Light of a Clear Blue Morning” stands as a testament to resilience and the power of fresh starts.

12. “Morning Has Broken” by Cat Stevens

“Morning Has Broken” by Cat Stevens is a serene and timeless piece that captures the essence of a new day’s dawn.

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Released in 1971 on his album “Teaser and the Firecat,” the song is a Christian hymn with lyrics by Eleanor Farjeon set to a traditional Scottish Gaelic tune known as “Bunessan.”

Stevens’ rendition brought this beautiful melody into the mainstream, celebrating the simple beauty of the morning.

The song opens with a delicate and engaging piano intro, famously played by Rick Wakeman, which seamlessly blends with Stevens’ gentle and reflective vocals.

The lyrics praise the freshness of the morning and the renewal of life, evoking a sense of peace and gratitude.

“Morning Has Broken” remains a cherished hymn and a testament to Cat Stevens’ versatile musical talent.

13. “Chelsea Morning” by Joni Mitchell

“Chelsea Morning” by Joni Mitchell is a vibrant and delightful celebration of a new day.

Featured on her second album “Clouds” released in 1969, this song is a beautiful encapsulation of Mitchell’s songwriting prowess, merging vivid imagery with her unique folk-pop sound.

Mitchell’s breezy, upbeat vocals tell a story of the fresh optimism that comes with the breaking of day in Chelsea, an iconic neighborhood in New York City.

The song’s intricate arrangement of guitar, percussion, and horns punctuates the joyful energy of a morning filled with sunlight streaming through stained glass windows and market vendors starting their day.

“Chelsea Morning” is a testament to Mitchell’s skill in weaving a joyful narrative through her music, making everyday life moments feel significant and magical.

14. “Amarillo By Morning” by George Strait

“Amarillo By Morning” by George Strait stands as a quintessential anthem within the country genre, released in 1982 as part of his album “Strait from the Heart”.

This song tells the poignant tale of a rodeo cowboy’s journey and aspirations, with the city of Amarillo, Texas, being his next destination.

Strait’s smooth, engaging vocals perfectly convey the resilience and determination of the rodeo life, with its ups and downs, dreams, and the unyielding spirit of hope.

The melody is straightforward yet compelling, featuring classic country instrumentation that underlines the narrative’s sincerity and rawness.

“Amarillo By Morning” has resonated deeply with audiences over the years, becoming a beloved classic that showcases the heart and soul of country music through the lens of a cowboy’s relentless pursuit.

15. “Tequila Sunrise” by The Eagles

“Tequila Sunrise” by The Eagles is a smooth, evocative track that masterfully captures the feeling of introspection and the complexities of moving on from a failed relationship.

Released in 1973 on the band’s album “Desperado,” this song blends soft rock with elements of country, creating a melancholic yet soothing atmosphere.

Don Henley’s lead vocals, set against the backdrop of Glenn Frey’s gentle guitar strumming and the haunting presence of the pedal steel guitar, add a layer of depth to the narrative.

The metaphor of a “Tequila Sunrise” serves as a poignant reflection of false hope and disillusionment with life, yet there’s a subtle undertone of acceptance and resilience.

The Eagles’ ability to weave such intricate themes into their melodious storytelling makes “Tequila Sunrise” a timeless piece that resonates with listeners seeking solace and understanding.


With every note and rhythm we explored in our journey through songs about morning, we’ve found a common thread of hope, new beginnings, and the power of daybreak.

As listeners, these melodies help us embrace the beauty of the dawn, highlighting how the first light can inspire our senses and evoke deep emotions.

From George Strait’s cowboy resilience in “Amarillo By Morning” to the introspective narrative of “Tequila Sunrise” by The Eagles, each song we’ve discussed serves as a beautiful testament to the morning’s transformative power in our lives.

Whether ushering in a feeling of calm or galvanizing us for the day ahead, these songs remind us that each new morning is a gift—a fresh canvas filled with possibility.

As we close this musical exploration, may these morning hymns accompany your bright beginnings, resonating within your hearts as each new day unfolds.

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