15 Best Song about Chocolate

When talking about chocolate, we cannot overlook the related songs where the rich flavor of cocoa and the warmth of melodies intertwine to form a serene musical piece.

Much like the cherished confectionery, these tunes have the power to uplift spirits, evoke memories, and stir the senses.

From the silky, captivating tones of soulful ballads to the effervescent pop of sugar-coated choruses, artists have long been inspired by chocolate’s universal allure, weaving it into lyrics that glorify its luxurious charm.

In our exploration of chocolate-themed music, we’ll discover how this irresistible ingredient not only tantalizes our taste buds but also resonates profoundly within the heart of popular culture, crafting a narrative that is as delicious as it transcends genres and ages.

1. “Chocolates & Roses” by The Green

“Chocolates & Roses” by The Green is a soul-touching track that beautifully combines reggae’s rhythmic charm with a tender, heartfelt message.

The song, a part of their album also titled “Chocolates & Roses”, showcases The Green’s ability to blend smooth vocals with rich, melodic instrumentals.

Its lyrics celebrate love and appreciation in a pure, almost poetic manner, making it an ideal dedication to someone special.

The Green, known for their contemporary reggae sound, infuses this track with warm, loving vibes, making it resonate with listeners who appreciate music that comes from the heart.

It’s a song that not only soothes the soul but also uplifts the spirit, embodying the essence of love’s sweet simplicity.

2. “Chocolate” by Kylie Minogue

“Chocolate” by Kylie Minogue is a deliciously captivating ballad that uses the rich metaphor of chocolate to illustrate an obsession with love.

The song belongs to Minogue’s romantic repertoire and is an ideal showcase of her unique ability to combine different music styles.

This track is a perfect blend of quiet storm, disco, and funk elements, offering a smooth, sultry beat that evokes a strong sense of longing and desire.

The song is known for its soothing melodies and Minogue’s polished vocal delivery that drifts over the top, creating a sense of serenity and passion.

With “Chocolate”, Kylie Minogue offers an enchanting musical experience, creating an intoxicating soundscape that resonates with anyone who’s ever been sweetly consumed by love.

3. “Chocolate Cake” by Crowded House

“Chocolate Cake” by Crowded House is a slice of lyrical wit served with a side of rock energy.

Extracted from their third studio album, “Woodface” (1991), the song was released as a single in May 1991.

This track stands out for its satirical lyrics which take a playful jab at American culture, materialism, and excess.

Notably different from the group’s typically introspective and emotional songs, “Chocolate Cake” showcases Crowded House’s versatility and sense of humor.

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The robust, rock-driven instrumentation and memorable melodies make it both a thought-provoking and toe-tapping listening experience.

It’s a song that not only entertains with its sharp commentary but also ignites a vibrant musical energy that Crowded House fans know and love.

4. “Chocolate Pope” by Electric Six

“Chocolate Pope” by Electric Six is a track that encapsulates the band’s flair for combining humor with rock music.

Electric Six, known for their energetic and often irreverent sound, creates a song that’s sure to intrigue with its unusual title and thematic quirks.

While there might not be a wealth of information readily available about this particular track, it is characteristic of Electric Six to deliver songs infused with satire, catchy hooks, and driving rhythms.

The song, like much of their work, likely leans into their signature blend of rock, disco, punk, and new wave influences, offering listeners an unconventional and entertaining musical experience.

Fans of Electric Six can expect “Chocolate Pope” to be another bold and unique addition to their vibrant discography.

5. “Chocolate Rain” by Tay Zonday

“Chocolate Rain” by Tay Zonday is a song that became a viral phenomenon for its unique sound and profound social commentary.

Released on YouTube in 2007, the song features Zonday’s deep, distinctive voice paired with a simple keyboard melody.

What sets “Chocolate Rain” apart is its lyrical depth; it explores themes of racism and systemic inequality in a manner that’s both accessible and thought-provoking.

The repetitive nature of the song, along with Tay Zonday’s moving away from the microphone to breathe in between phrases, became iconic characteristics.

Despite its initial appearance as a novelty, “Chocolate Rain” has been praised for bringing attention to important social issues and showcasing the power of the internet as a platform for meaningful discourse.

6. “Savoy Truffle” by The Beatles

“Savoy Truffle” is an appetizing treat from The Beatles’ musical ensemble. Harvested from their iconic 1968 self-titled album, commonly referred to as “the White Album,” this track was penned by George Harrison.

While it may initially strike a whimsical note with its title, “Savoy Truffle” extends beyond mere confectionery allusions.

It pays tribute to Harrison’s friend Eric Clapton’s sweet tooth, using the delights of a box of chocolates as metaphorical references.

But don’t be deceived by these sugary images, the song also serves to warn against excessive indulgence.

Replete with a horn-laden arrangement, this song deepens the eclectic range found on ‘the White Album’, offering listeners a deliciously vibrant and rhythmically rich auditory experience.

It’s a testament to the band’s diverse inspirations and their ability to transform everyday experiences into enduring art.

7. “Chocolate Girl” by Deacon Blue

“Chocolate Girl” by Deacon Blue is a captivating track that showcases the band’s talent for blending narrative storytelling with their distinct pop-rock sound.

Hailing from their debut album, “Raintown,” released in 1987, the song has enjoyed enduring popularity.

With its melodic hooks and emotive vocals, “Chocolate Girl” delves into themes of love, disillusionment, and the complexities of human relationships.

The song’s lyrics paint vivid pictures, engaging listeners with tales of personal struggles and the pursuit of authenticity in connections.

Deacon Blue’s thoughtful composition and compelling lyrical storytelling are on full display here, making “Chocolate Girl” a standout track that resonates deeply with audiences seeking depth and substance in their music.

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It is a testament to the band’s ability to craft songs that are both introspective and universally relatable.

8. “Gimme Chocolate!!” by Babymetal

“Gimme Chocolate!!” is a blisteringly energetic track by the Japanese band, Babymetal.

The song, like many of Babymetal’s tracks, is a fusion of J-pop and heavy metal, creating a unique sound that flouts genre classifications.

Since its release, “Gimme Chocolate!!” has caused quite a stir worldwide due to its upbeat tempo, infectious melody, and delightful choreographed performances.

The lyrics of the song deal with the inner conflict of a girl who wishes to eat chocolate but is also worried about gaining weight.

The chorus with its plea ‘Gimme Chocolate!!’ symbolizes the girl’s struggle.

Through this subtle narrative, the band successfully captures the pressures young girls often face regarding body image and societal expectations while still maintaining a fun, light-hearted tone.

This song ultimately symbolizes Babymetal’s distinctiveness and their courage to present unconventional topics within catchy pop-metal packages.

9. “Mars Bars” by The Undertones

“Mars Bars” is a track by The Undertones, a Northern Irish punk rock band known for their energetic, teenage-themed anthems.

Although the song’s specifics aren’t widely documented, The Undertones’ signature driving guitars and fast-paced rhythm section can be expected.

The band frequently uses catchy hooks, angsty lyrics, and punk rock ethos, which most likely are infused into this song.

“Mars Bars”, potentially a metaphor or playful nod towards youthful indulgence, will surely carry the raw, rebellious spirit that The Undertones are celebrated for.

Hop onto this nostalgia-loaded ride, and expect to enjoy the band’s punchy vocals and the vibrant and fast-paced instrumentation that charmingly captures the riotous and carefree spirit of punk rock and youthful rebellion.

10. “Chocolate” by Snow Patrol

“Chocolate” by Snow Patrol is a melodious rock track that exudes a sense of bittersweet reflection.

Released as the third single from their breakthrough third studio album, “Final Straw,” it further cemented the band’s reputation for creating emotionally-driven music.

Opening with a distinctive guitar riff, the song quickly builds to a soaring chorus that showcases the band’s penchant for atmospheric soundscapes and poignant lyrics.

The theme centers around the concept of time slipping away and the mistakes one makes that cannot be changed, encapsulated by the repeating line, “This could be the very minute I’m aware I’m alive.”

With its compelling blend of vulnerability and urgency, “Chocolate” speaks to the ephemeral nature of life and the regrets that haunt our memories.

It has become a fan favorite for its deeply resonant message and the band’s signature sound that effortlessly moves listeners.

11. Chocolate Chip – song and lyrics by Isaac Hayes

“Chocolate Chip” by Isaac Hayes is a savory delight to the ears, blending smooth soul with funk to create a musically rich experience.

As someone who transformed soul music with his deep, buttery vocals and innovative arrangements, Hayes doesn’t disappoint with this track.

The song, from his 1975 album of the same name, embodies the essence of 70s soul-funk era with its laid-back grooves, lush orchestration, and Hayes’ characteristic spoken word segments.

Lyrically, it mirrors the playful yet confident themes prevalent in Hayes’ work, showcasing his flair for blending sensuality with a smooth swagger.

“Chocolate Chip” invites listeners into a world of smooth harmonies and a relaxed, groovy vibe that epitomizes Isaac Hayes’ legendary sound.

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12. “Chocolate” by Big Boi

“Chocolate” by Big Boi is a vibrant and energetic track that showcases the unique flair and creativity of the hip-hop artist.

Although specific details about the song were not directly found, Big Boi, known for his work as one half of the legendary duo OutKast, typically blends sharp lyrical prowess with dynamic, genre-blending beats.

“Chocolate” is likely no exception, offering listeners a catchy, upbeat tune that’s sure to get heads nodding and feet moving.

The song might incorporate elements of funk, soul, and electronic music, highlighting Big Boi’s eclectic taste and his knack for crafting tracks that defy straightforward classification.

It’s expected that “Chocolate” serves as a testament to Big Boi’s artistic versatility, combining infectious rhythms with clever verses to create a memorable musical experience.

13. “Chocolate” by Kiana Ledé (feat. Ari Lennox)

“Chocolate” by Kiana Ledé, featuring Ari Lennox, is a rich, velvety track that delivers a sumptuous fusion of R&B with soulful undertones.

Both Kiana and Ari showcase their vocal prowess in this song.

Though specifics about the song are not readily available, based on Kiana Ledé and Ari Lennox’s reputation, listeners can expect a track that delivers a powerful emotional resonance.

Their music often encapsulates the complexities, vulnerabilities, and strengths of love and relationships.

Beyond the lyrics, the music likely employs smooth harmonies, captivating rhythms, and a seamless blend of each artist’s vocal style.

All these elements combined produce an immersive auditory experience that leaves the audience feeling deeply connected to the music.

As the title suggests, the track is probably as sweet, rich, and deeply satisfying as the fan-favorite cocoa-based treat.

14. “Chocolate Salty Balls” by Isaac Hayes

“Chocolate Salty Balls” is a satirical song by American R&B and funk singer Isaac Hayes.

It was recorded for the animated television series South Park, where Hayes voiced the character Chef who sings the song in a 1998 episode.

With its catchy, upbeat rhythm blending elements of funk and soul, it is a humorous concoction that fittingly represents Hayes’ iconic musical style and the irreverent humor of South Park.

The lyrics, ostensibly about a recipe for a dessert, are filled with double entendre, making the song a comedic take on risqué R&B ballads.

Its infectious rhythm, humor and simplicity contributed to its unexpected commercial success, even reaching number one on the UK Singles Chart.

Listeners can revel in Hayes’ distinctive baritone and the playful, edgy humor that characterizes this earworm.

15. “Chocolate Jesus” by Tom Waits

“Chocolate Jesus” by Tom Waits is a thought-provoking song that features the artist’s signature gravelly voice and a blend of blues and experimental rock.

Tom Waits is known for his storytelling prowess, often involving dark imagery and unconventional instrumentation, creating a mood that’s at once eerie and captivating.

In “Chocolate Jesus,” he weaves together religious iconography with a commentary on commercialism and the commodification of spirituality.

The song, carried by a steady, rhythmic beat, has a raw, lo-fi quality, with Waits’s vocals adding a layer of gritty realism.

The track, both whimsical and critical, invites listeners to reflect on the nature of faith and how sacred symbols are presented in modern culture, all while enjoying Waits’s unique musical stylings.


Songs about chocolate serve as a sweet reminder of the sensory joy and emotional richness that this timeless treat brings to life.

Through the universal language of melody, chocolate has been immortalized in song, capturing its essence as a metaphor for love, a symbol of indulgence, or simply as life’s velvety pleasure.

Artists across various musical landscapes have infused their work with cocoa’s inspiration, leaving us with an auditory banquet as varied and delightful as chocolate itself.

As we conclude our melodic excursion, it’s clear that chocolate will continue to be a muse for musicians, enchanting listeners with its sweet, harmonious embrace for generations to come.

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