10 Best Songs about rats – Playlist

Imagine just how many songs out there have ‘rat’ in their titles—it’s quite a number! This roundup celebrates the finest tunes named after these rodents, spanning various music genres.

While many of these songs tell tales about rats, they all uniquely interpret the theme, bound by the shared thread of featuring ‘rat’ in their names.

Some standout examples from this collection include “Rat Salad” by Black Sabbath and Queen’s “Great King Rat.”

This selection isn’t exhaustive, so if you know another rat-titled track worthy of acknowledgment, feel free to add it to the mix.

Let others weigh in by voting for their favorites. Keep in mind, songs that merely mention ‘rat’ in the lyrics don’t cut unless ‘rat’ is actually part of their titles.

1. “Rat Salad” by Black Sabbath

“Rat Salad” is an instrumental track by the iconic heavy metal band Black Sabbath, featured on their groundbreaking album “Paranoid,” released in 1970.

This song showcases the band’s virtuosic instrumental talents, with a particular spotlight on Bill Ward’s powerful and frenetic drum solo that takes center stage.

The dark and gritty guitar riffs laid down by Tony Iommi, coupled with Geezer Butler’s heavy bass lines, create a sinister and intense soundscape.

Despite its lack of lyrics, “Rat Salad” serves as a raw display of Black Sabbath’s instrumental prowess, offering a head-banging interlude in an album filled with heavy metal anthems.

For any listener seeking the quintessential Sabbath sound distilled into an adrenaline-pumping instrumental piece, “Rat Salad” is a thrilling auditory feast.

2. “Great King Rat” by Queen

“Great King Rat” is a masterpiece from Queen’s self-titled debut album, released in 1973.

This song, written by Freddie Mercury, dives into the tale of an enigmatic and villainous character with a complex narrative wrapped in Mercury’s signature lyrical intricacy.

The track stands out for its fusion of hard rock and progressive elements, with elaborate guitar solos by Brian May and dynamic tempo changes.

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Queen’s theatrical flair shines through, giving listeners a glimpse of the band’s early experimentation that would later become their hallmark.

With its compelling storyline and robust instrumental performance, “Great King Rat” is a must-listen for fans of Queen’s eclectic storytelling and those who appreciate the raw energy of their formative years.

3. “Rats” by Ghost

“Rats,” by the theatrical Swedish rock band Ghost, is a riveting track taken from their 2018 album “Prequelle.”

Known for their elaborate stage presence and anonymous band members, Ghost delivers a potent mix of melodic heavy metal and hard rock in “Rats.”

The song features catchy riffs, anthemic choruses, and a macabre charm, mirroring the medieval plagues associated with its title creatures.

Its music video, complete with dance sequences and haunting imagery, complements the sinister yet infectious nature of the track.

“Rats” is emblematic of Ghost’s ability to weave dark, historical themes into memorable rock music, with lyrics that explore themes of destruction and the spread of disease, serving as an allegorical comment on human vice and downfall.

4. “Rat Race” by The Specials

“Rat Race” by The Specials is an energetic ska track from their 1980 album “More Specials.”

Renowned for their part in the British 2 Tone movement, The Specials blend a punk edge with traditional ska rhythms, creating music that’s both socially conscious and danceable.

“Rat Race” tackles the pressures of conformist society and the pursuit of superficial success, reflecting the disillusionment of youth with the education system and the treadmill of monotonous jobs.

With its upbeat tempo, brassy horn section, and pointed lyrics, the song criticizes the relentless, competitive nature of modern life.

It resonates as a defiant anthem for those who feel trapped in the ‘rat race’ and a call to question the status quo.

5. “Rat in Mi Kitchen” by UB40

“Rat in Mi Kitchen” by UB40 is a reggae-infused hit that comes from the band’s 1986 album “Rat in the Kitchen.”

In this laid-back, rhythmically driven track, lead singer Ali Campbell humorously addresses the actual problem of having a rat in his kitchen and uses it as a metaphor for getting rid of troubles in life.

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The Birmingham-based band is known for their smooth reggae beats and pop sensibilities, and “Rat in Mi Kitchen” exemplifies their signature sound.

With catchy hooks, a groovy baseline, and the relaxed, dub reggae tempo, the song invites listeners to both move to the beat and reflect on the nuisances in their own lives.

“Rat in Mi Kitchen” remains an enjoyable and relatable tune for UB40 fans and reggae enthusiasts alike.

6. “Rats” by Pearl Jam

“Rats” by Pearl Jam is a deep-cut track from their widely acclaimed second album, “Vs.,” released in 1993.

The song stands out with its grunge-infused sound, anchored by Eddie Vedder’s powerful and distinctive vocals, and supported by the band’s gritty guitar lines and strong rhythmic backbone.

Lyrically, “Rats” offers a thought-provoking critique of human nature through the comparison to rats, suggesting that unlike humans, rats do not betray each other and may in some ways be more civilized.

It’s a reflection on societal ills and individual vices, encapsulated by Pearl Jam’s characteristic introspective songwriting.

The dark, moody atmosphere of the track encapsulates the angst and authenticity that define the era’s grunge movement, making “Rats” a compelling listen for fans of the genre.

7. “Rat” by The Walkmen

“Rat” by The Walkmen is an intense and raw track from their 2004 album, “Bows + Arrows.”

Known for their post-punk revival sound, The Walkmen delivers an earnest energy driven by Hamilton Leithauser’s impassioned vocals and the band’s distinctive, jangling guitar work.

The song’s powerful lyricism conveys a sense of betrayal and frustration, with Leithauser’s gripping delivery pushing the emotional weight of feeling like a “rat” who’s been wronged.

The urgency and fervor in the instrumentation, along with the building dynamics throughout the song, create a sense of desperation and catharsis.

“Rat” showcases The Walkmen’s ability to meld emotional depth with a raw, garage-rock edge, making it a standout track that resonates with the angst and complexity of human relationships.

8. “Rats” by The Kinks

“Rats” by The Kinks is a gritty, blues-influenced song from their 1970 album “Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One.”

Written by Dave Davies, the song offers a darker counterpoint to the wry social commentary the band was known for, under the influence of Ray Davies’ songwriting.

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“Rats” presents a grim view of city life, where the urban sprawl is likened to a rat-infested underworld, mirroring the struggles and survival instincts inherent in a harsh societal landscape.

Its raw guitar licks and pulsating rhythm section underscore the song’s themes and mood, capturing the essence of the band’s versatility.

The Kinks, as ever, encapsulate the human condition with power and poise, making “Rats” a track that remains relevant and evocative of its time.

 9. “Rat Trap” by The Boomtown Rats 

“Rat Trap” by The Boomtown Rats is an impassioned track from their 1978 album “A Tonic for the Troops.”

This song marked a high point for the Irish rock band, known for its socially charged narratives and new-wave influences.

“Rat Trap” is driven by a compelling narrative that paints a bleak picture of blue-collar life and the desire to escape the metaphorical rat trap of a dead-end job and a futureless existence.

The song’s dramatic structure and frontman Bob Geldof’s expressive vocals make “Rat Trap” a theatrical and stirring work that captures the desperation and frustration of the working class.

Its distinctive saxophone solo and the building tension throughout the song climax with a sense of release that’s both musically and emotionally satisfying.

“Rat Trap” remains a powerful anthem that resonates with anyone striving to break free from their constraints and searching for something more.

10. “Rats” by Sonic Youth

“Rats” by Sonic Youth is an alternative rock song from their album “Rather Ripped,” released in 2006.

The track showcases Sonic Youth’s signature experimental and noise-driven sound. With its distorted guitars, dissonant melodies, and energetic rhythm, “Rats” captures the band’s unique approach to music.

The song’s lyrics are cryptic and open to interpretation, reflecting Sonic Youth’s abstract and poetic style. “Rats” is a dynamic and captivating piece that exemplifies the band’s ability to push boundaries and create unconventional sonic landscapes. It is a must-list for fans of alternative and experimental rock music.


In wrapping up, songs about rats strike a captivating chord in the world of music, artfully spinning narratives around these often-misunderstood creatures.

Whether they’re used as symbols of cunning survival or as emblems of societal undercurrents, ‘rat’ songs possess a depth that goes beyond their titles.

As listeners, we’re given a chance to explore diverse interpretations and emotions through these compositions, each one a distinct echo of the artists’ thoughts and experiences.

So, the next time you hear a rat-themed song, take a moment to appreciate the layers of meaning they bring to our rich musical tapestry.

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