15 Best Songs about being 30

As the calendar page turns and the big 3-0 approaches, music becomes a comforting companion, narrating the mixed bag of emotions that come with this defining age.

‘Songs about being 30’ resonate with the milestone’s significance—not just a number, but a pivotal moment of transition, reflection, and sometimes, tension.

From the raw honesty of grappling with fading youth to the empowerment of newfound maturity, these songs form an eclectic playlist that captures the essence of turning thirty.

They span a variety of genres, each artist lending their voice to the unfolding story of what it means to enter this new chapter.

Whether looking for commiseration or celebration, the tracks we discuss provide a soundtrack for those stepping into their thirties, offering melodies that mirror the complexity of this age.

Prepare to dive into the beats and lyrics that so artfully encapsulate the journey of reaching thirty.

1. “Time Crisis” by Sammus

“Time Crisis” by Sammus is a dynamic and lyrical exploration of personal struggles and societal issues.

Sammus, known for her powerful delivery and thought-provoking lyrics, weaves through complex themes with a blend of vulnerability and strength.

The song reflects a personal narrative that resonates with listeners facing their crises, while also touching on broader topics that affect many individuals.

With a rhythm that grips the audience, her music goes beyond entertainment, aiming to inspire and evoke deep reflection.

Sammus not only captivates with her sound but also with her ability to articulate experiences that are both intimate and universally relevant in “Time Crisis.”

2. Livin’ Thing – song and lyrics by Electric Light Orchestra

“Livin’ Thing” is a song by the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), which captures the essence of 1970s rock with a touch of pop orchestration.

Rich with Jeff Lynne’s distinctive vocals and ELO’s signature blend of electric guitar and classical strings, the song is both uplifting and melancholic.

Its catchy chorus juxtaposes the joy and pain of relationships, reflecting on the complexities of love as a “Livin’ Thing.”

With its melodic hooks and layered instrumentation, the track becomes an earworm for listeners.

Emblematic of ELO’s visionary style, “Livin’ Thing” stands out as an evocative piece that showcases the band’s ability to craft songs that are timeless and emotionally resonant.

3. “Vienna” by Billy Joel

“Vienna” by Billy Joel is a timeless piece that beautifully captures the essence of life’s journey and the importance of pacing oneself.

Through soulful lyrics and a melodic piano backdrop, Joel imparts wisdom about taking the time to appreciate life’s moments rather than rushing through them.

The song speaks directly to listeners, encouraging them to recognize that not everything has to be accomplished at once—sometimes, what you’re looking for comes at the time you least expect it, symbolized by the line, “Vienna waits for you.”

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Its reflective nature and lyrical depth offer a comforting perspective on life’s pressures and the beauty of patience, making “Vienna” a deeply resonant track for audiences through the years.

4. I Want You Back – song and lyrics by The Jackson 5

“I Want You Back” is a vibrant track that marked the breakthrough for The Jackson 5 and introduced the world to the undeniable talent of Michael Jackson.

Released in October 1969 as part of the album “Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5,” this song combines elements of R&B and soul, creating an infectious rhythm that’s impossible not to dance to.

The youthful enthusiasm and impressive vocal harmonics of the Jackson brothers, led by a young Michael, shine through as they express regret and longing for a lost love.

The track’s energetic beats and catchy chorus encapsulate the essence of Motown’s golden era, making “I Want You Back” an enduring classic that continues to resonate with audiences across generations.

5. “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac

“Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac is a poignant ballad that resonates with the inevitability of change and introspection.

Stevie Nicks’s soul-baring lyrics, set against the backdrop of a gentle melody played on acoustic guitar by Lindsey Buckingham, convey a deep sense of vulnerability and contemplation.

Written by Nicks in 1974, during a period of personal introspection and uncertainty about her life and career, “Landslide” examines the themes of time’s swift passage, self-identity, and the transformation that accompanies the seasons of life.

Its hauntingly reflective nature has allowed it to become a timeless classic, one that touches the hearts of listeners with its sincerity and emotional depth, making it one of Fleetwood Mac’s most beloved songs.

6. “My Next 30 Years” by Tim McGraw

“My Next 30 Years” by Tim McGraw is an upbeat and contemplative song that delves into the singer’s reflections and aspirations upon reaching a pivotal age milestone.

Featured on his album “A Place in the Sun,” released in 2000, this track stands out for its introspective lyrics paired with a vivacious melody, encapsulating McGraw’s resolve to live life more fully and healthily in the future.

The song articulates themes of self-improvement, gratitude, and the pursuit of happiness, making it not only a personal anthem for McGraw but also a universal message of optimism and hope.

It’s an inspirational call to listeners to contemplate their own lives and aspirations, making “My Next 30 Years” a resonating and motivational piece.

7. “A Place In This World” by Taylor Swift

“A Place In This World” is a heartfelt song by Taylor Swift, featured on her eponymous debut album released in 2006.

In this track, Swift expresses the feelings of uncertainty and the quest for self-identity that often accompany the transition from adolescence into adulthood.

With its gentle melody and relatable lyrics, the song captures the essence of searching for one’s path and the desire to find where one truly belongs in this vast world.

Its candid and introspective nature allows listeners to deeply connect with the emotions and thoughts Swift shares about navigating life’s uncertainties.

This song showcases Swift’s early songwriting prowess, making it a cherished piece among fans for its emotional depth and sincerity.

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8. Start Me Up – song and lyrics by The Rolling Stones

“Start Me Up” by The Rolling Stones is an electrifying rock anthem that captures the band’s unmatchable energy and enduring charisma.

Released in 1981 as the lead single from their album “Tattoo You,” the song showcases the iconic guitar riff by Keith Richards and Mick Jagger’s compelling vocals. Its driving beat and catchy lyrics have made it a timeless classic and a staple of rock music.

The lyrics celebrate relentless vitality and the power of music to enliven and rejuvenate, embodying a spirit that refuses to be subdued.

With its irresistible chorus and dynamic performance, “Start Me Up” is a testament to The Rolling Stones’ ability to continually inspire and invigorate their listeners, making it a beloved track that energizes audiences worldwide.

9. “Baby Girl” by Sugarland

“Baby Girl” by Sugarland is a heartfelt country song that resonates deeply with listeners through its storytelling lyrics and captivating melody.

As the debut single from their album “Twice the Speed of Life” released in 2004, this song marked the beginning of Sugarland’s successful career in country music.

“Baby Girl” intricately weaves a narrative of hope, ambition, and perseverance from the perspective of a struggling artist writing letters home, sharing the highs and lows of chasing dreams in the music industry.

Its relatable theme of striving for success while holding onto roots and family values has endeared it to fans. The mixture of Jennifer Nettles’ expressive vocals and the duo’s harmonious blend creates an uplifting and encouraging anthem for dreamers everywhere.

10. “29/31” by Garfunkel and Oates

“29/31” by Garfunkel and Oates is a comedic song that brilliantly tackles the themes of aging, societal expectations, and the changing perspectives on life and love as one transition from their late twenties to early thirties.

Through the use of witty lyrics and a catchy tune, the song humorously contrasts the optimistic and carefree outlook of a 29-year-old with the more cynical and desperate perspective of a 31-year-old.

The duo, consisting of Kate Micucci and Riki Lindhome, uses their signature blend of humor and music to shed light on the often unspoken anxieties and pressures women face regarding romance, success, and the ticking biological clock.

“29/31” is not only entertaining but also profoundly relatable, making listeners laugh while simultaneously nodding in agreement.

11. “Dear Marie” by John Mayer

“Dear Marie” by John Mayer is a beautifully crafted song from his album “Paradise Valley.”

A heartrending narrative about reconnecting with the past, it encapsulates Mayer’s masterful songwriting and soulful musicianship.

The song takes listeners on an intimate journey, reflecting on the simplicity of youthful love and the complexity it gains with time.

Through Mayer’s honest and profound lyrics, a story unfolds of looking back on a past relationship and wondering how the other person’s life has evolved.

Every strum and note is laced with nostalgia and contemplation, giving listeners a sense of poignant yearning.

With Mayer’s captivating voice and melodic guitar, “Dear Marie” is a touchingly personal song that resonates with anyone who has ever reflected on past relationships and the paths not taken.

12. “Never Get Old” by Sinead O’Connor

“Never Get Old” by Sinead O’Connor is a song immersed in the distinctively haunting and emotional style that characterizes much of her music.

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Taken from her second album, “I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got,” this track stands out with its deeply contemplative lyrics and O’Connor’s powerful, expressive vocals.

The song provides an introspective look at the idea of aging and the resistance to the loss of youth and vitality.

It’s imbued with a sense of defiance and determination, as O’Connor’s dynamic performance conveys a spirit that refuses to be subdued by time.

The music combines elements of folk and alternative rock, creating a captivating soundscape that underscores the intimate and reflective mood of the piece.

“Never Get Old” is for those who appreciate music that delves into the profound themes of existence and self-awareness.

13. “1979” by The Smashing Pumpkins

“1979” by The Smashing Pumpkins is a quintessential track that captures the spirit of youth and the bittersweet nostalgia of growing up.

The song, from their acclaimed album “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness,” strikes a balance between melancholy and the carefree nature of teenage life.

Frontman Billy Corgan wrote “1979” with reflective lyrics that ponder the transition from youth to adulthood, inspired by his memories from the year he turned 12.

The song’s intro features an iconic, dreamy guitar riff that instantly sets a mood of reflection and reminiscence.

Its hypnotic beat and ethereal sounds create an anthem for a generation, evoking the universal feeling of looking back on the innocence of our past selves.

“1979” remains a timeless piece, offering a sense of connection and understanding for listeners from all walks of life.

14. “Turning 30” by Bo Burnham


“Turning 30” by Bo Burnham is a satirical and poignant take on the milestone of reaching three decades in life.

This comedic yet introspective track is found on his comedy special “Inside,” which Burnham wrote, directed, performed, and filmed entirely by himself during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

Laden with existential dread and dark humor, the song confronts the anxieties and pressures of growing older, societal expectations, and the swift passage of time.

Through a blend of upbeat, catchy melodies and sharp, smart lyrics, Burnham captures the complex emotions associated with leaving your twenties behind.

His cutting wit coupled with authentic vulnerability makes “Turning 30” a relatable anthem for anyone facing the daunting yet inevitable embrace of adulthood.

It’s a humor-filled yet deeply resonant piece that highlights Burnham’s unique brand of musical comedy.

15. All Night Long (All Night) – song and lyrics by Lionel Richie

“All Night Long (All Night)” by Lionel Richie is an iconic track that encapsulates the joyous spirit of celebration.

Released in 1983, this song quickly became a global phenomenon, inviting listeners from all walks of life to dance and sing along to its infectious rhythm.

The lyrics celebrate the universal desire for freedom, joy, and unity through music, magnified by Richie’s charismatic delivery and the vibrant, multicultural influences in the song’s composition.

The upbeat melody, combined with Richie’s smooth vocals, creates an atmosphere of endless fun and festivity.

“All Night Long” is characterized by its fusion of Caribbean beats and soulful pop, making it impossible not to move to the rhythm.

This classic hit not only dominated the charts across the world but also remains a timeless anthem for parties and joyful gatherings, echoing Lionel Richie’s call for everyone to dance and revel in “All Night Long.”


Turning the page to the thirtieth chapter of life’s story is often met with a symphony of emotions. It’s a time famously marked by introspection, aspiration, and a hint of nostalgia for the years past.

“Songs about Being 30” taps into this very psyche of the generation standing on the precipice of what’s colloquially termed ‘true adulthood’.

Through a harmonious blend of melody and lyricism, artists across various genres have encapsulated the poignant reflections, celebratory anthems, and sometimes, the comedic undertones of this significant age milestone.

From grappling with the expectations of society to embracing aging with grace—or even a dash of reluctance—these songs serve as a lyrical diary for those navigating the big threeoh.


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