20 Songs about Wednesday – Playlist Picks

Wednesdays are also known as hump days. They fall in the middle of the work week.

To help you get through this midweek slump, we have a list of 20 songs. These songs capture the essence of this day.

From catchy tunes to heartfelt ballads, these songs will be the perfect soundtrack to your Wednesday.

Sit back, relax, and let the music help you power through to the weekend.

1. Wednesday Morning by Slackstring

“1. Wednesday Morning by Slackstring” is unique among the top songs about Wednesday. Many songs focus on mid-week celebrations, but this one is introspective and reflective.

The song has a melancholic and nostalgic feel, unlike the typically catchy tunes of other Wednesday morning songs. This difference in tone makes it stand out as it provides a soundtrack for those feeling lonely or nostalgic during the workweek.

“1. Wednesday Morning by Slackstring” encourages listeners to reflect on their Wednesday experiences. It sets itself apart from more celebratory tracks on the list with its emphasis on emotional depth.

2. Wednesday Love by Freya

“Wednesdays Love” by Freya is a soulful ballad. It delves into the deeply introspective nature of Wednesday love.

The song captures mid-week reflections and the yearning for the upcoming weekend. It blends melancholic melodies with heartwarming lyrics.

Unlike other songs about Wednesday, “Wednesday Love” focuses on the emotional aspect of this often overlooked day.

The track combines blues and motivational themes. It draws inspiration from artists like Tori Amos and Johnny Cash.

In contrast to more upbeat tunes like “Wednesday Morning” by Simon & Garfunkel, Freya’s song taps into the struggles and choices individuals face during the workweek.

“Wednesdays Love” makes listeners anticipate the coming days with hope and longing.

The song inspires productivity and celebrates the small moments of the week, making it a standout in songs about Wednesday.

3. “Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.” by Simon & Garfunkel

Simon & Garfunkel’s song “Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.” tells a moving story with beautiful harmony. It was released as the title track of their first album and captures the peaceful time before dawn. The acoustic guitar sets a calm mood for exploring feelings of absence, longing, and emotions at 3 A.M. The lyrics are simple but impactful, creating scenes of quiet streets and memories of love and regret.

Simon & Garfunkel’s voices blend beautifully, creating an intimate connection with listeners. The song shows their talent for creating emotionally resonant music that speaks to universal human experiences. “Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.” is a timeless piece that captures the feeling of being awake in the early hours, torn between the past and the future.

4. Wednesday Night by Earthgang

“Wednesday Night” by Earthgang is a unique song that explores the concept of Wednesday in a different way.

It stands out from other songs about the mid-week day by focusing on emotional reflections rather than workweek struggles or weekend anticipation.

The lyrics blend melancholy thoughts with upbeat melodies, creating a mix of longing and hope.

The song uses music theory and heartwarming vocals to provide a soothing and nostalgic soundtrack for hump day celebrations.

It inspires productivity and evokes a range of emotions, from loneliness to yearning, making it catchy and emotionally fulfilling.

“Wednesday Night” by Earthgang sets itself apart in the realm of Wednesday-themed songs.

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5. Wednesday in Your Garden by Simon and Garfunkel

“Wednesday in Your Garden” by Simon and Garfunkel is a special song about Wednesday.

It explores feelings and thoughts related to the middle of the week with deep lyrics and calming music.

The song talks about love, longing, and hope on a Wednesday morning.

Simon and Garfunkel’s musical style, instruments, and harmonies create a nostalgic and longing vibe, perfect for mid-week moments.

This catchy tune boosts productivity and builds excitement for the upcoming weekend.

Among all the songs about Wednesday, “Wednesday in Your Garden” shines for its heartfelt and reflective take on Wednesday, reminding us to greet the day with positivity and happiness.

6. Wednesday Night by Rob Mullins

“Wednesday Night” by Rob Mullins is a popular song about Wednesday. It is different from John Lee Hooker’s “Wednesday Evening Blues,” as it has a more upbeat and fun vibe. The catchy melody and inspiring lyrics resonate with listeners, offering hope for the upcoming weekend.

The song is similar to Johnny Cash’s “Wednesday Car” and Tori Amos’ “Wednesday Morning” in emotional depth. Mullins’ tune strikes a balance between productivity and celebration, making it a comforting soundtrack for those looking for energy and nostalgia on Wednesday.

7. Wednesday by Marquis Hill

“Wednesday” by Marquis Hill is a song that captures the mid-week mood with its calming tunes and positive vibes.

The music creates a backdrop for a Wednesday morning, bringing a sense of hope and excitement during the challenges of the workweek.

Hill uses music theory to explore feelings of longing and nostalgia, inviting listeners to reflect on past memories.

Similar to artists like Tori Amos, Johnny Cash, and Drake, “Wednesday” dives into the complex emotions of mid-week, blending blues and lively melodies.

This catchy song not only boosts productivity but also encourages contemplation and decision-making throughout the day.

8. Wednesday Morning by Tori Amos

Tori Amos sings “Wednesday Morning” about feelings of longing and hope. Her song stands out for its introspective vibe, different from other upbeat Wednesday tunes. Tori’s reflective lyrics and soothing melody evoke a sense of melancholy. This mood is more akin to Johnny Cash’s soulful blues than to lively tracks by Macklemore or Drake. “Wednesday Morning” offers a soundtrack for those looking for solace during the mid-week hustle.

9. Wednesday by The Gap Band

“Wednesday” by The Gap Band is a unique song about Wednesdays.

It has upbeat and catchy music that feels celebratory and productive during the mid-week hump day.

Unlike other songs about Wednesdays that lean towards introspection or melancholy, this song is all about fun and anticipation for the weekend.

Compared to artists like Johnny Cash or Tori Amos who take a more emotional approach to Wednesdays, The Gap Band brings a heartwarming and uplifting vibe.

The blend of genres like blues and soul in “Wednesday” makes it stand out from more somber tracks.

This song is perfect for lifting spirits during a Wednesday morning commute or a tough workday.

The lively beats and harmonies in songs like “Wednesday” can provide a soothing soundtrack for navigating daily struggles with hope and longing for the upcoming weekend.

10. Wednesday’s Song by John Frusciante

“Wednesday’s Song” by John Frusciante is special in music. It has a reflective and sad tone that captures the mid-week feeling. The lyrics and melody show yearning and reflection, matching the emotions many feel at this point in the workweek. Songs about Wednesday often aim to bring hope for the upcoming weekend. “Wednesday’s Song” achieves this with its heartwarming and nostalgic sound. It touches on themes of longing and choices, connecting with listeners emotionally.

This is similar to other iconic tracks like “Runnin’ Back to Saskatoon” by the Guess Who and “Wednesday” by Tori Amos. In music theory, “Wednesday’s Song” by John Frusciante demonstrates how music can evoke deep emotions and thoughts on time passing. It stands out among songs about Wednesday.

11. Wednesday Morning by Macklemore

“11. Wednesday Morning by Macklemore” reflects themes of love, emotions, and reflections.

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Unlike other songs about Wednesday, this track combines introspective lyrics with an upbeat and catchy tune, creating a unique blend of introspection and fun.

Many songs about Wednesday focus on mid-week struggles or yearning for the weekend, but Macklemore’s song inspires hope and celebrates the productivity of the workweek.

The song incorporates elements of music theory, using a mix of melodies and harmonies to evoke anticipation and heartwarming nostalgia.

With references to artists like Johnny Cash and Tori Amos, as well as different musical styles like blues and upbeat rhythms, “11. Wednesday Morning” stands out as a soundtrack for finding solace in mid-week chaos.

Whether it’s longing for companionship or the joy of new beginnings, this song captures Wednesday’s love in a soothing and soul-stirring way.

12. Wednesday in My Mind by The Everly Brothers

“Wednesday in My Mind” by The Everly Brothers is different from other songs about Wednesdays.

While many mid-week songs are upbeat and celebratory, this song is more reflective and melancholic.

The lyrics explore themes of longing, yearning, and loneliness, capturing the inner thoughts that often come with the mid-week hump day.

Musically, it combines soothing melodies with heartfelt blues-inspired vocals, creating a nostalgic and comforting feel for dealing with mid-week struggles.

Unlike other Wednesday songs that focus on productivity or the upcoming weekend, this song dives into the emotional and introspective side of this specific day.

This unique approach sets it apart from other Wednesday-themed songs, offering a different perspective that touches the emotions of listeners connecting with their Wednesday morning feelings.

13. Wednesday Night by Johnny Cash

To start our list, we have Johnny Cash’s “A Wednesday Car,” coming from his 1977 album The Rambler.

In the song, the speaker has some advice for car buyers: buy a car on a Wednesday.

Earlier in the week, the assembly line workers are still hungover from the weekend. From Thursday, their minds are on their paychecks and the coming weekend.

This song perfectly encapsulates how workers often feel throughout the week.

The song proposes that the day workers get the most work done is Wednesday. It’s when they’re at their most productive and do their best to do a good job.

14. Wednesday Love by Lamine Amari

“Wednesday Love” by Lamine Amari is a unique song about Wednesdays. It explores themes of love, time, and reflections with introspective lyrics and a catchy melody. Unlike other Wednesday songs, it stands out by infusing a sense of yearning and hope. The track blends blues with heartwarming emotions, inspired by artists like Tori Amos and Johnny Cash.

With a mix of upbeat rhythms and melancholic musings, “Wednesday Love” creates a soundtrack for mid-week struggles and longing for the weekend. It reflects influences from modern artists like Drake and classic artists like John Lee Hooker, evoking nostalgia and loneliness while celebrating productivity and anticipation for brighter days ahead.

15. Wednesday evening blues by John Lee Hooker

“1. Wednesday Evening Blues” by John Lee Hooker is a special song in the blues genre. It resonates with listeners on Wednesdays, helping them get through the mid-week hump.

His lyrics are introspective and the melody is soothing, creating a reflective atmosphere. Listeners are encouraged to embrace their Wednesday thoughts.

Hooker’s voice conveys both melancholy and hope, inspiring those facing mid-week challenges or looking forward to the weekend.

The song captures feelings of loneliness and the desire for connection, making it relatable for those finding comfort in music.

Through his lyrics, Hooker evokes nostalgia and anticipation, offering solace during the hectic workweek.

“1. Wednesday Evening Blues” shows how music can acknowledge mid-week emotions while celebrating Wednesday’s productivity.

16. “It’s Already Wednesday” by Freya

“It’s Already Wednesday” by Freya is a song that talks about how time keeps moving forward and how we struggle to keep up. The lyrics tell a story about everyday activities like painting, shopping, and doing chores that many people can relate to. The song repeats the line “Now it’s already Wednesday – half the week is gone” to show how quickly time flies by.

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In the middle of the song, the protagonist goes to a job interview for a job they find boring, showing the frustration of having to prioritize practical needs over personal satisfaction. They wonder how the week passes so quickly, leaving them feeling like they haven’t accomplished their goals.

Towards the end, the protagonist decides to make a to-do list to try and get more done and manage their time better. The song ends with a slightly humorous tone as they wish for an extra day to slow down time. “It’s Already Wednesday” is a song that reminds listeners to appreciate time passing quickly and to make the most of each day. Freya’s singing style and the upbeat melody of the song contrast the serious themes, making it a reflective but comforting listen.

17. “Wednesday Week” by The Undertones

“Wednesday Week” by The Undertones is a bright look at wanting things when you’re young and how being a teenager doesn’t last. It’s a classic power pop song filled with nostalgia and lively riffs that the band is known for.

The words of the song tell a story of looking back with a mix of happy and sad feelings, about loving someone who doesn’t feel the same way, showing the emotional side of crushes in your teens in a real way.

The song’s upbeat music and simple words bring out what it’s like to be a teenager – with highs, lows, and heartache all mixed together.

The main character remembers a girl he likes, thinking about the times when things didn’t go how he hoped.

It’s about those moments in class where you daydream about something that seems so real but far away, capturing the feelings of love and disappointment that come with being young.

In a catchy and easy-to-listen way, the song talks about what it’s like to grow up and fall in love for the first time.

It’s a mix of happy and sad memories that let listeners think about their own silly mistakes and the pure love of early relationships.

The unique mix of punk and pop from The Undertones makes this song both thoughtful and exciting, making “Wednesday Week” a stand-out in their collection of songs.

18. “Wednesday” by Drive-By Truckers

“Wednesday” by Drive-By Truckers is a sad and deep song with meaningful lyrics. The song talks about feeling alone and sad, painting a strong picture with words.

It tells the story of a man who gets a letter that makes him feel both dark and happy.

This makes him think about his loneliness, describing his home as sad and smelly. The song peaks with a blurry photo of a girl, like a memory from childhood or a release from sadness.

The sad tone and deep words show the man’s inner struggle with his loneliness, realizing how his sadness can hurt him.

The song ends sadly as the girl intensifies his sadness, leaving him alone to face the end. Drive-By Truckers uses emotion to take listeners through tough parts of life, showing how people can deal with strong emotions.

19. “Wednesday” by Ethan Cheatwood

“Wednesday” by The Pale Fountains is a charmingly uplifting track that encapsulates the band’s distinctive, jazz-infused indie pop sound.

Known for their smooth, melodic compositions and heartfelt lyricism, The Pale Fountains deliver a song that resonates with warmth and sincerity.

“Wednesday” is a radiant journey through serene vocals, laid-back rhythms, and delicately twined guitar and trumpet lines, creating a sunny and buoyant feel throughout the track.

It’s lyrically relatable, speaking to themes of love, longing, and life’s simple moments, making it an anthem for those seeking solace in the rhythm of daily life.

The melodious beauty and introspective lyrics stand as a testament to The Pale Fountains’ ability to create music that lingers in the hearts of listeners, offering a soothing and heartening auditory escape from the world.

20. “Wednesday” by Rob Mullins

“Wednesday” by Rob Mullins is a delightful composition that encapsulates the midweek ambiance with a blend of smooth jazz elements and contemporary sounds.

This track stands out for its intricate melodies and rich instrumental textures, showcasing Mullins’ expertise as a pianist and composer.

It skillfully balances improvisation with structure, creating a captivating auditory experience.

The piece is characterized by its soothing piano lines, underscored by a tight rhythm section and vibrant saxophone solos, embodying the essence of a peaceful, introspective Wednesday.

Each note and chord progression invites listeners to immerse themselves in the moment, making it an ideal soundtrack for unwinding or finding inspiration amid a busy week.

Through “Wednesday,” Rob Mullins crafts an atmospheric journey that resonates with the listener’s soul, embodying both tranquility and dynamism.

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There are many songs about Wednesdays from different music styles and times. One example is “Wednesday 3 A.M.” by Simon & Garfunkel. Another one is “Wednesday” by Rae Sremmurd. These songs show the vibe of Wednesdays in interesting ways.

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