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Welcome to our latest blog post: “10 Best Songs about Photography.” Whether you love snapping pictures or humming along to a good tune, you’ll find something special here.

We’ve put together a list of songs that capture the spirit of photography – from capturing memories like Nickelback’s hit “Photograph” to exploring powerful stories as told by alt-J in “Taro.”

Our blog is straightforward to use, so you can quickly dive into the music that captures life’s picture-perfect moments. Join us as we explore the snapshots turned soundtracks that make our memories sing.

1. “Girls on Film” by Duran Duran (1981)

The song “Girls on Film” by Duran Duran is an iconic track that embodies the excess and allure of the early 80s model scene.

Its driving beat and catchy chorus highlight the bright flashbulbs and catwalk dramas, with a touch of critique on the objectification within the industry.

The provocative lyrics and the band’s glam synth-rock style create a vivid soundscape as camera shutters click and films roll, capturing the beauty and the fleeting nature of fame.

A staple in the new wave genre, this song is as much a reflection of its era as it is a timeless nod to the visual art captured in every snapshot.

2. “Kodachrome” by Paul Simon

“Kodachrome” by Paul Simon is a buoyant homage to the once-popular Kodak film and the colorful moments it preserved.

With its upbeat tempo and catchy melody, the song underscores the joy and nostalgia captured through the lens.

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The feel-good lyrics celebrate the simplicity of life’s vibrant tableau as seen in analog photography, singing praise to the technology that allowed these memories to be immortalized in bright, lasting colors.

Simon’s folk-rock sensibilities shine through, making “Kodachrome” a metaphor for the technicolor impressions that photographs leave on the heart.

3. “Pictures of You” by The Cure (1989)


“Pictures of You” by The Cure is a haunting, melancholic ode to lost love and the memories captured in photographs.

Stretching over seven emotional minutes, the song is a journey through heartache and recollection.

Robert Smith’s evocative vocals and the band’s atmospheric instrumentals create a sense of longing and reflection.

As layers of guitars wash over the lyrics, listeners are immersed in the tender and painful act of poring over old pictures, reliving the past, and finding solace in the frozen smiles and familiar eyes of a photograph.

4. “Distant Camera” by Neil Young (2000)

The gentle strumming and Neil Young’s raw, wavering voice give “Distant Camera” a timeless quality, like an old photograph fading at the edges.

This song encapsulates the poignant reality that photos capture – a moment’s brevity against the expanse of life.

The lyrics quietly acknowledge the distances that photographs can bridge, acting as a lens through which we view our former selves and shared histories.

With the camera as a metaphor for connection and introspection, Young crafts a meditative space where the listener can ruminate on the bittersweet process of growth and the memories left behind.

5. “Itchin’ on a Photograph” by Grouplove (2011)

“Itchin’ on a Photograph” by Grouplove bursts with the energy and urgency of longing for the past.

The infectious chorus, paired with lively instrumentals, captures the desperation to re-experience moments gone by.

This anthemic indie-pop track articulates the universal sentiment tied to photographs – the itch to return to the instant of joy suspended in time.

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The nostalgic pull is palpable in the song’s raucous melody and emphatic vocals, mimicking the heart’s race as it aches for the ability to step back into a snapshot of life, if only for a heartbeat.

6. “Photograph” by Nickelback (2005)

Nickelback’s “Photograph” is an earnest ballad that has resonated with listeners through its raw portrayal of nostalgia.

The track’s acoustic intro sets a reflective tone as Chad Kroeger’s vocals deliver a vivid trip down memory lane.

The listener is invited on a journey through faded photographs, revisiting the halcyon days of youth, with its simplicity and bittersweet losses.

The catchy, sing-along chorus underscores the universality of clinging to relics of the past. Nickelback captures the essence of yearning for times encapsulated in dogeared images, immortalizing the faces and places that define us.

7. “Taro” by alt-J (2012)

“Taro” by alt-J is a beautiful, intricate elegy to the legend of war photographers Gerda Taro and Robert Capa.

The song’s intricacy lies in its rich lyrical imagery blended with exotic rhythms and ethereal soundscapes, portraying the photographers’ spirited adventures and tragic fate.

alt-J’s unique brand of indie rock fuses with elements of world music to tell the poignant story of love, war, and the enduring power of photography.

The haunting chorus intertwines with vivid descriptions, taking the listener on a journey that transcends both art and time.

8. “Swap Meet” by Nirvana

Nirvana’s “Swap Meet” from their debut album “Bleach” is a grungy, energetic track that plays on themes of fleeting encounters and transactional relationships, much like the brief flash of a camera capturing a moment.

Though not directly about photography, Kurt Cobain’s raw-edged lyrics and distinct vocals coupled with gritty guitar riffs frame a scene resembling ephemeral snapshots, creating an analogy between the temporary nature of swap meet bargains and life’s transient episodes.

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9. “Family Portrait” by Pink (2001)

Pink’s “Family Portrait” is a deeply personal narrative that sheds light on the often-hidden turmoil behind familial facades.

The song contrasts the idyllic family photo with the real struggle of a child amid a domestic crisis.

Pink’s powerful voice and the poignant piano backdrop amplify the emotional honesty of the track, effectively capturing the pain of maintaining appearances.

It’s a compelling testimonial about life’s complicated truths that sometimes go unspoken but can be hinted at, even in a picture-perfect snapshot.

10. “Photograph” by Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr’s “Photograph” is an evocative tune touching on love, loss, and the lingering presence of a departed loved one.

This song from Starr’s post-Beatles career has a tender, melancholic feel, with a touch of hope woven throughout.

The melodic rhythm provides a comforting backdrop to Starr’s sentimental lyrics, as he reminisces over a photo that holds deep sentimental value.

It’s a testament to the profound connection and memories that photographs can maintain, even when the subjects are far apart or no longer with us.

What Makes Our Selected Songs Special

The special allure of our chosen songs about photography lies in their ability to evoke a vivid sense of time, place, and emotion.

These tracks stand out because they weave the visual storytelling of photography with the auditory art of music.

Each melody captures the nostalgia of looking through a lens or at a faded photograph, reminding us that memories are timeless.

The lyrics resonate with the click of a shutter, immortalizing moments into notes and chords that carry the weight of our personal histories.

They’re not just songs; they are audible snapshots that enrich our lives with every listen.


We hope that our exploration of music related to photography has given you a new appreciation for how both mediums can capture and frame our memories.

Each song on our list serves as a tribute to the moments we freeze in time and revisit through melodies and lyrics, much like photographs. Thank you for taking this journey with us through rhythm and snapshots.

We encourage you to keep these tracks close, like cherished photos in an album, ready to be played and relived whenever nostalgia strikes.

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