12 Best Songs about Coffee to Lift your Spirits

Coffee lovers, unite! From rock anthems to soulful ballads, the music celebrates our love for caffeine. Whether you savor a hot cup in the morning or an iced coffee in the afternoon, these 12 songs will make you cherish the magic of coffee.

So grab your mug, relax, and let the music take you to a world where coffee is king.

1. “Java Jive” by The Ink Spots

“Java Jive” by The Ink Spots talks about love and indulgence with coffee. The lyrics focus on the comforting nature of coffee.

Over the years, this song has connected with many people. The smooth harmonies and gentle melodies evoke the feeling of enjoying a warm cup of coffee, bringing a sense of relaxation.

The track not only displays The Ink Spots’ musical skills but also celebrates the unique relationship between coffee and music.

“Java Jive” helped shape the coffee culture in music. It highlights the joy of sipping coffee and has become a favorite in coffee shops, creating a relaxed vibe for customers.

The classic sound of The Ink Spots, along with the coffee references in the lyrics, made “Java Jive” a classic in the coffee songs genre.

This song reminds listeners of the warmth and comfort of enjoying a cup of coffee, adding a timeless touch to the music.

2. “Black Coffee” by Peggy Lee

Peggy Lee’s version of “Black Coffee” made the song a popular jazz standard around the world. She added a heartfelt touch that connected with audiences. Her expressive singing and careful interpretation of the lyrics conveyed deep feelings of love, yearning, and self-reflection commonly linked with enjoying coffee.

Lee’s version is unique because it manages to capture both vulnerability and strength in a way that feels real. It perfectly portrays the stillness of a quiet moment spent savoring a cup of coffee.

With her emotional performance and precise delivery, Peggy Lee crafted a timeless version of this favorite song. Her interpretation still resonates with listeners today.

3. “40 Cups of Coffee” by Ella Mae Morse

Ella Mae Morse’s song “40 Cups of Coffee” is unique among coffee songs. It has lively music and playful lyrics that show a love for the caffeinated beverage. While other coffee songs focus on the soothing aspects of coffee, Morse’s song has a more energetic tone that uplifts listeners. The song delves into themes like indulgence, addiction, and the joyful boost that coffee gives, giving a fresh twist to the genre.

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Morse’s version has made a significant impact on coffee-themed music, attracting a diverse audience who enjoys the fast-paced, fun lyrics. “40 Cups of Coffee” is a favorite among coffee shop owners, coffee lovers, and music enthusiasts alike, solidifying its position as one of the best coffee songs. With its catchy beat, the song has become memorable and stands out with its blend of rock, pop, and jazz elements. It adds a lively touch to celebrations on International Coffee Day, making it a favorite for many.

4. “Cigarettes and Coffee Blues” by Lefty Frizzell

Lefty Frizzell’s song “Cigarettes and Coffee Blues” explores themes of love, longing, and introspection. The heartfelt lyrics and melancholic melody resonate with listeners. Frizzell’s smooth vocals, combined with a simple musical arrangement, create a raw intimacy capturing yearning and desire.

Among coffee songs, this track is a classic portrayal of the bittersweet emotions linked to enjoying a cup of black coffee. It stands out for its representation of these feelings. In genres like rock, pop, R&B, and hip-hop, “Cigarettes and Coffee Blues” remains a timeless favorite.

Artists across different genres, from the Ink Spots to Bob Marley, have drawn inspiration from coffee to create music. These songs celebrate the essence of coffee. As people worldwide gather for International Coffee Day, tunes like “Cigarettes and Coffee Blues” bring warmth and nostalgia to listeners. They hold a special place in the collection of coffee-themed music.

5. “The Coffee Song” by Frank Sinatra

“The Coffee Song” by Frank Sinatra is a fun tribute to coffee. The lyrics capture the love for coffee during Sinatra’s time.

The music’s upbeat vibe and Sinatra’s smooth voice make the song cozy and warm. The guitar and brass instruments add to its charm.

Fans still love “The Coffee Song” for its catchy melody and cheerful feel. It’s a favorite in Sinatra’s best songs.

This classic track is like a comforting cup of coffee – sweet and warm, bringing back good memories for listeners.

6. “One Cup of Coffee” by Bob Marley

Bob Marley’s song “One Cup of Coffee” is special because it’s about love and warmth tied to enjoying a cup of coffee. Marley’s song is different from other songs about coffee because it doesn’t talk about how coffee gives you energy. Instead, it talks about how drinking coffee can make you feel calm and thoughtful. The lyrics suggest taking your time, enjoying the present moment, and appreciating the good things in life, like the warmth and comfort of a cup of coffee.

Marley’s reggae style gives the song a chill vibe, setting it apart from other coffee-related songs. Emphasizing relaxation and gratitude for life’s small pleasures, “One Cup of Coffee” by Bob Marley remains beloved by many on International Coffee Day and anytime people bond over coffee.

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7. “Coffee Blues” by Mississippi John Hurt

Mississippi John Hurt’s “Coffee Blues” is a classic blues song. It talks about everyday experiences like enjoying a cup of black coffee. The lyrics explore themes of love lost and loneliness, reflecting the melancholy often found in blues music.

Hurt’s guitar playing style is intricate and adds depth to the song. This enhances the bittersweet feeling of longing in the lyrics. “Coffee Blues” is one of Hurt’s best songs, blending storytelling with soulful melodies that connect with listeners.

The song’s rawness and authenticity, along with Hurt’s unique vocals, make it stand out in the world of coffee songs. Similar to a warm cup of coffee on a cold morning, “Coffee Blues” by Mississippi John Hurt offers comfort and familiarity that lasts beyond the music.

8. “Cigarettes and Coffee” by Otis Redding

“Cigarettes and Coffee” by Otis Redding talks about the joy of simple things like coffee and cigarettes in a relationship. Redding uses emotional lyrics and a soulful tune to show feelings of love and closeness, making listeners feel nostalgic. The song touches on themes of longing, togetherness, and shared moments beautifully. Redding sings about having conversations over coffee and cigarettes, creating a world where love is shown through everyday moments.

This popular song, part of Redding’s best work and loved by fans globally, highlights the timeless charm of soul music. With its mellow vocals and relaxed beat, “Cigarettes and Coffee” continues to be a favorite for those who enjoy music that tells stories.

9. “A Cup of Coffee” by Johnny Cash

“A Cup of Coffee” by Johnny Cash explores themes of love, reflection, and enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

His deep, resonant voice brings authenticity and sincerity to the storytelling, drawing listeners in with raw emotion.

The song has had a lasting impact on Cash’s discography, featured in his “Greatest Hits” albums and vinyl records.

Known for his iconic black tee and bandana look, Cash’s version of “A Cup of Coffee” is a favorite among coffee songs, resonating with fans globally.

Various artists across different genres like Bob Marley, Alicia Keys, and John Legend have paid tribute to the comforting appeal of a cup of black coffee in their music.

On International Coffee Day, let’s raise a cup to the lasting legacy of “A Cup of Coffee” and its heartwarming sentiments that continue to charm listeners worldwide.

10. “One More Cup of Coffee” by Bob Dylan

“One More Cup of Coffee” by Bob Dylan explores themes of love, loss, and longing through vivid imagery related to coffee.

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The song’s storytelling style immerses listeners in a narrative that paints a picture of heartache and yearning, adding depth to the emotional impact of the lyrics.

Dylan’s song is different from other coffee songs that talk about enjoying a morning cup. His song explores the negative side of human relationships. In the song, black coffee symbolizes feelings of bitterness and pain.

In comparison to more light-hearted coffee tunes, “One More Cup of Coffee” stands out for its evocative lyrics and haunting melody, blending elements of folk and rock to create a melancholic yet captivating mood.

This song remains a favorite among fans of rock and pop music, appealing to a wide audience with its introspective lyrics and poignant themes.

11. “Coffee Homeground” by Kate Bush

“Coffee Homeground” by Kate Bush is about love and longing. The song uses coffee as a symbol of comfort during tough times.

Bush’s lyrics explore the emotional connection between brewing coffee and the characters’ journey. The melancholic tone and Bush’s vocals set a reflective and nostalgic mood. The song isn’t just about the energy or pleasure of coffee, but offers a contemplative experience. It resonates with those who find comfort in a cup of coffee.

Amid the many songs celebrating coffee, “Coffee Homeground” stands out for its emotional depth.

12. “Coffee Club” by Spandau Ballet

“Coffee Club” by Spandau Ballet is about the love for coffee and enjoying it with friends. Unlike other songs about coffee, this one is about the connections coffee brings people. It emphasizes the social bond that forms over a cup of coffee.

The official video shows the band members in casual attire, reflecting a relaxed and fun vibe with shorts, hoodies, and tees.

The 360° sound in the music enhances the listener’s experience, making them feel part of the coffee club mentioned in the song.

While some coffee songs lean towards rock and pop, “Coffee Club” blends R&B and hip-hop elements seamlessly, giving it a unique musical identity.

In a world where millions celebrate coffee, “Coffee Club” stands out for its catchy tune and infectious energy.

Wrapping up

Songs about coffee are popular in music. Artists like Miguel sing about their love for coffee in hits like “Coffee Bean”. Whether it’s rock, pop, r&b, or hip-hop, these songs bring a feeling of warmth and comfort, like a cup of black coffee on a cold morning. Alicia Keys, Rick Ross, and John Legend smoothly mention coffee in their lyrics, making their music cozy.

From classics like the Ink Spots’ “Java Jive” to modern hits like Yung Joc’s “Coffee”, coffee in music shows how times and tastes change. Whether it’s celebrating International Coffee Day or just enjoying a favorite brew, coffee songs connect listeners worldwide, bringing together coffee lovers and music fans in their love for this warm drink.

Here are the top 12 songs that celebrate the love for coffee across different genres and styles:

  • “Black Coffee” by Ella Fitzgerald
  • “One More Cup of Coffee” by Bob Dylan
  • “Black Coffee” by All Saints
  • “Coffee” by Miguel
  • “Instant Coffee” by Joe Strummer
  • “Coffee” by Sylvan Esso
  • “Java Jive” by The Ink Spots
  • “Coffee Shop Soundtrack” by All-Time Low
  • “The Coffee Song” by Frank Sinatra
  • “Coffee & TV” by Blur
  • “One More Cup of Coffee” by The White Stripes
  • “Black Coffee in Bed” by Squeeze

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