15 Songs About Being 23

Ah, 23 – that magical age where adulthood is no longer a fresh revelation, yet the road ahead is as bewildering as ever.

It’s a year that sings with the promise of freedom, tinged with the bittersweet realization of growing up.

For many, it encapsulates a unique blend of hope, fear, excitement, and uncertainty.

If there’s anything that can capture the essence of being 23, it’s music.

In that spirit, we’ve curated a list of songs that resonate with the rollercoaster ride that is in your early twenties.

We invite you to explore the musical milestones that capture the excitement and challenges of being 23, from anthems of freedom to introspective melodies.

1. “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran

“Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran is a soul-stirring ballad that delves deep into the heart of enduring love.

With its gentle melody and heartfelt lyrics, the song captures the timeless essence of loving someone deeply, through the changing seasons of life.

Sheeran’s smooth vocals glide over a softly strummed guitar, painting vivid imagery of growing old with a loved one, promising that true love remains steadfast, even as physical youth fades.

The song’s emotional resonance lies in its simplicity and honesty, making it a touching ode to love’s enduring nature.

It’s a universal anthem that speaks to the beauty of committing to someone for a lifetime, embracing every flaw and change with unwavering affection.

2. “23” by Jimmy Eat World

“23” by Jimmy Eat World is a masterful track that explores the introspective journey of self-discovery and reflection.

With its compelling blend of rich instrumentals and emotional depth, the song captures the essence of standing at a crossroads in life, particularly at the age of 23.

Its lyrics navigate through themes of hope, regret, and the yearning to understand one’s place in the world.

The band’s powerful performance coupled with the song’s dynamic structure—ranging from subdued verses to explosive choruses—creates a stirring emotional experience.

This song resonates as a heartfelt anthem for anyone grappling with the uncertainties of young adulthood, encouraging listeners to embrace their journey with courage and optimism.

3. “Take My Number” by Melissa Etheridge

“Take My Number” by Melissa Etheridge is a vibrant and anthemic rock song that delivers a message of reconnection and the revisiting of past relationships.

Etheridge’s raspy, powerful vocals carry a tale of reaching out to an old flame, a friend, or perhaps a missed connection, injecting a sense of nostalgia and what-if into the listener’s heart.

The upbeat tempo and driving rhythm section give the track an air of optimistic urgency as if to not let another moment slip by.

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The song encapsulates a bold willingness to take a chance on rekindling a spark that once existed, encouraging listeners to not shy away from the past but instead to face it with renewed hope and openness.

4. “23” by Mike WiLL Made-It ft. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J

“23” by Mike WiLL Made-It, featuring Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, and Juicy J, is a vibrant and edgy track that celebrates the spirit of youth and rebellion

. The song boasts a high-energy beat that’s synonymous with the hip-hop and pop intersection, crafting an infectious rhythm that’s hard to resist.

Its lyrics are a bold declaration of individuality and non-conformity, with each artist bringing their unique flair to the narrative.

Miley Cyrus’ distinct vocals add a layer of audacity, complemented by the rap verses of Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J, that together encapsulate a carefree and defiant attitude.

“23” is not just a song; it’s an anthem for those who dare to stand out, embodying the essence of being young, wild, and unrestrained.

The track’s vibrant energy and catchy hooks make it an unforgettable experience for anyone looking to break free and celebrate life on their terms.

5. “23” by Shakira

“23” by Shakira is a heartfelt and melodious tribute to love and connection.

The song features gentle guitar strums and Shakira’s emotive vocals, which together create an intimate and tender atmosphere.

It is a personal piece that reflects on a significant moment in her life—meeting her partner when he was 23 years old.

Lyrics filled with sentiments of serendipity and affection showcase a deep bond formed between two souls.

The emotional depth of the song is palpable, inviting listeners to reflect on their own love stories.

Shakira has crafted a beautiful narrative in “23” that resonates with anyone who has experienced the intertwining of fate and love, making the song a serene and moving ode to relationships and the meanings they bring to our lives.

6. “Catching Up” by Allstar Weekend

“Catching Up” by Allstar Weekend is an energetic pop-punk anthem characterized by its youthful vigor and themes of nostalgia and reconnection.

The song captivates with its catchy melodies and vibrant instrumentation, perfectly capturing the essence of youthful exuberance and the emotional turmoil of growing up.

It delves into the emotions of looking back on past relationships and experiences, and the desire to reconnect and catch up with people from one’s past.

With its upbeat tempo and infectious chorus, “Catching Up” resonates as a soundtrack for those moments of reflection on one’s journey and the paths crossed along the way.

It’s a reminder of the enduring bonds of friendship and the importance of cherishing every experience, both past and present.

7. “Heart Attack At 23” by Tori Amos

“Heart Attack at 23” by Tori Amos is an evocative and intensely personal song that weaves haunting melodies with poignant lyrics to address the pressures and challenges that come with young adulthood.

Amos’s expressive vocals deliver a powerful meditation on the expectations and sudden realizations that can lead to a figurative heart attack at the tender age of 23.

The song is metaphor-rich, painting a vivid landscape of the internal conflicts and the search for identity that define this turbulent stage of life.

With its captivating piano accompaniment and atmospheric tension, the track invites listeners into a deeply emotional space, encouraging introspection and empathy for the universal struggle of growing pains.

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8. “Wasted” by Cartel

“Wasted” by Cartel is a dynamic and emotionally charged song that deals with themes of regret and the desire to reclaim lost time.

The song strikes a chord with its powerful blend of pop-punk energy and reflective lyrics, leading listeners through a journey of self-critique and the yearning to make things right.

With its catchy hooks and soaring guitar riffs, “Wasted” captures the frustration of realizing that one has not lived up to their potential.

It’s a call to action, a stirring reminder not to let moments slip by unappreciated or unattempted.

The song resonates with anyone who has ever felt like they’ve lost a part of themselves to missed opportunities or unchecked inertia.

9. “Come Hell or High Water” by Everything But The Girl

“Come Hell or High Water” by Everything But The Girl is a soul-stirring track that weaves a tapestry of resilience and enduring love against all odds.

The song’s soothing melodies and thoughtful lyrics reflect the steadfastness required to navigate life’s ups and downs within a relationship.

It captures a sense of quiet determination and the depths of commitment, suggesting that no matter the challenges—be they monumental or mundane—the bond remains unbroken.

With its gentle instrumentation and heartfelt vocal delivery, it touches on the universal theme of facing adversity, side by side, with someone you love.

The song invites listeners into a reflective, emotional experience, emphasizing the power of love to conquer any obstacle, come hell or high water.

10. “All You Gotta Be When You’re 23 Is Yourself” by Free Cake For Every Creature

“All You Gotta Be When You’re 23 Is Yourself” by Free Cake For Every Creature is a heartwarming and reassuring indie track that encapsulates the essence of self-acceptance and the beauty of being genuine at a pivotal age.

With its lo-fi aesthetics and tender vocals, the song offers a comforting message about the importance of embracing one’s true self amidst the uncertainties and societal pressures that come with young adulthood.

It’s a gentle reminder that the journey to understanding and accepting oneself is not only normal but necessary.

The simplistic instrumentation complements the earnest, introspective lyrics, creating a cozy, intimate atmosphere.

This track resonates deeply with listeners navigating their identity and the challenges of growing up, serving as a sweet, melodic affirmation that being true to oneself is enough.

11. “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio Ft. L.V.

“Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio featuring L.V. is a seminal track that delves deep into the struggles and realities of inner-city life.

With its gripping narrative and introspective lyrics, the song paints a vivid picture of the hardships and existential dilemmas faced by those living in the throes of poverty and violence.

The haunting melody, bolstered by a soulful chorus from L.V., creates a powerful and emotive backdrop that brings the poignant storytelling to life.

The song captures a sense of desperation and the complex morality of survival in a harsh environment.

Its impactful delivery and enduring themes have made “Gangsta’s Paradise” a classic, resonating with listeners worldwide as it explores the profound question of fate versus free will within a society’s margins.

12. “Real” by Plumb

“Real” by Plumb is a deeply moving and introspective track that explores themes of authenticity and the journey to finding one’s true self.

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The song features Plumb’s signature blend of powerful vocals and emotive music, creating an atmosphere that is both stirring and contemplative.

The lyrics convey a heartfelt message about peeling away the layers of facade and bravado that people often hide behind, urging listeners to embrace their genuine selves.

This introspective journey is portrayed with a sense of vulnerability and hope, making “Real” a beacon of light for those struggling with identity and self-worth.

The song’s emotional depth and uplifting message resonate with anyone seeking authenticity in a world that often values appearance over reality.

13. “Twentythree” by Yellowcard

“Twentythree” by Yellowcard is a poignant and emotionally charged track that captures the tumultuous journey and introspective moments of young adulthood.

The song seamlessly blends Yellowcard’s distinctive punk-rock energy with melodic elements, creating an immersive and reflective auditory experience.

Amidst powerful guitar riffs and dynamic rhythms, the lyrics delve into themes of growth, uncertainty, and the search for identity that often accompany the transition into adulthood.

It conveys a sense of nostalgia and longing, yet also offers resilience and hope.

The emotional resonance of “Twentythree” lies in its ability to articulate the complex feelings of standing on the brink of the future, making it a relatable anthem for those navigating the challenges and possibilities of their early twenties.

14. “Furr” by Blitzen Trapper

“Furr” by Blitzen Trapper is a thought-provoking and richly layered folk-rock ballad that weaves an allegorical tale about transformation and self-discovery.

The song’s reflective storytelling is underpinned by a warm, acoustic soundscape, embellished with harmonica and rustic rhythms that evoke a sense of the great outdoors.

As the lyrics take listeners on a journey of metamorphosis from youth into maturity, the central theme revolves around the idea of finding one’s true essence.

The song is imbued with a sense of wonder and an appreciation for life’s natural cycle, resonating with anyone who has ever sought their place in the world or questioned their own identity.

“Furr” strikes a chord with its mythical quality and evocative imagery, offering a nostalgic yet timeless experience.

15. “Pardon Me” by Incubus

“Pardon Me” by Incubus is a dynamic and compelling track that combines the raw energy of rock with introspective lyrics, encapsulating a moment of profound self-realization and the desire for transformation.

The song is driven by a powerful blend of electric guitar riffs, energetic drum beats, and the distinctive voice of lead vocalist Brandon Boyd.

Its lyrics express a deep-seated need to break free from internal turmoil and the constraints of mundane existence, seeking catharsis and a sense of renewal.

The emotional resonance of “Pardon Me” lies in its exploration of frustration and the pursuit of change, themes that are universal and deeply relatable.

The song appeals to those who have ever felt the urge to challenge their circumstances and redefine themselves, making it a timeless anthem of rebellion and self-discovery.


The text emphasizes the impact of certain songs as a vibrant expression of youth, excitement, and ambition.

It describes how these songs resonate with the feeling of bursting with dreams and hopes, creating a sense of energy and understanding.

But, you know, it’s not all sunshine and road trips with friends. These melodies carry a bit of aching too – the kind that comes from crushes that don’t text back, or the thud of reality when plans go topsy-turvy.

It’s like they’re telling our own stories back to us, about those days when we feel like we’ve just had a big old hug from life, and then, out of the blue, a door slams shut and we’ve got to pick ourselves back up.

So yeah, these songs? They’re a mixtape of the rollercoaster ride that’s growing up. They sing about soaring high on wins and tripping over the rough patches. It’s all there – the sparkle and the scrapes. And that, my friend, is one heck of an anthem to the mess and magic of being young.

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