15 Best Songs about Monday

Mondays have a unique place in our collective culture, often associated with the return to routine, the start of the workweek, and the end of the weekend’s freedom.

It’s no surprise that this day has inspired a wide range of songs across different genres, each offering its perspective on what it means to face another Monday.

From the optimistic harmonies of The Mamas & The Papas in “Monday, Monday” to the existential electronic echoes of New Order’s “Blue Monday,” and even the everyday storytelling in Joe Jackson’s “Laundromat Monday,” music explores the complex emotions tied to this day.

These songs serve as emotional landmarks that delve into melancholy, resignation, hope, and resilience, encapsulating the myriad ways we greet, endure, and sometimes relish the start of the week.

Through these tracks, listeners find solace, motivation, and a shared sense of experience in the Monday blues and beyond.

1. “Manic Monday” by The Bangles

“Manic Monday,” a pop-rock tune by The Bangles, serves as a vibrant anthem for the workweek’s chaotic start.

Released in 1986 as the opening single from their second album, “Different Light,” it was penned by the enigmatic Prince under the pseudonym “Christopher.”

Despite its upbeat melody, the song’s lyrics capture the familiar feeling of longing for the leisure of Sunday against the backdrop of a hurried Monday morning commute.

With its relatable theme, catchy hook, and glossy production, the track found widespread success, charting globally and becoming a signature hit for the all-female band.

Nevertheless, it also drew criticism for certain lyrical rhymes deemed lackluster.

Yet, the Bangles’ spirited delivery and the song’s nostalgic nod to the ’60s pop sound solidified its place as a timeless piece of the decade’s musical landscape.

2. “Monday Morning Merle” by Cody Johnson

“Monday Morning Merle” is a heartfelt country ballad by Cody Johnson that pays homage to the soothing power of classic country music in curing a broken heart.

The song weaves a tale of heartache that’s tempered only by the melancholic twang and poignant storytelling of Merle Haggard’s songs.

It’s an ode to the way traditional country sounds can provide comfort and companionship in times of loneliness and reflection.

Johnson’s rich vocals and traditional country instrumentation give the track an authentic, down-to-earth feel that resonates with listeners who find solace in the genre’s roots and the legendary artists who defined it.

3. “Every Little Honky Tonk Bar” by George Strait

“Every Little Honky Tonk Bar” by George Strait is a vibrant tribute to the classic honky tonk scene, encapsulating the communal spirit and heartache often found within its walls.

Released as part of his 2019 album “Honky Tonk Time Machine,” this song showcases Strait’s unmatched ability to narrate everyday stories with authenticity and charm.

The lyrics invoke vivid imagery of nights filled with whiskey, heartbreak, and the healing power of country music, painting a picture of how these small bars serve as sanctuaries for lost souls looking to mend broken hearts.

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Strait’s smooth vocals, combined with traditional country instrumentation, create an atmosphere that’s both nostalgic and inviting, echoing the timeless allure of honky tonk bars.

The song resonates with listeners for its portrayal of resilience, camaraderie, and the simple pleasures that help us navigate life’s challenges.

4. “Monday Morning Church” by Alan Jackson

“Monday Morning Church” by Alan Jackson is a poignant ballad that delves deep into the themes of loss and faith.

Released in 2004 as part of Jackson’s album “What I Do,” the song narrates the story of a person grappling with the pain of losing a loved one, feeling as empty inside as a church on Monday morning—deserted and quiet.

Jackson’s emotive vocals convey the depth of the character’s anguish and the struggle to reconcile his grief with his faith.

The powerful lyrics, coupled with a solemn melody and traditional country instrumentation, evoke a sense of mourning and introspection.

This track stands out for its honest exploration of sorrow and the search for comfort, making it a touching and relatable piece for anyone who has experienced loss.

5. “Monday” by Imagine Dragons

“Monday” by Imagine Dragons offers a fresh, energetic sound that contrasts with the traditional associations of the weekday it’s named after.

This track is characterized by its upbeat tempo and catchy hook, encapsulating a spirit of positivity and the universal desire to break free from the monotony of routine.

The band’s distinctive blend of pop-rock elements and synthesizer-driven melodies create an infectious vibe that encourages listeners to embrace the start of the week with optimism and vigor.

Frontman Dan Reynolds delivers vocals with his signature fervor, making “Monday” a quintessential Imagine Dragons anthem that energizes and uplifts.

It’s a song that not only challenges the blues typically linked to its namesake but also serves as a weekly reboot, offering a rhythmic remedy for anyone needing motivation to tackle what lies ahead.

6. “Sundy Or Mundy” by Koe Wetzel

“Sundy Or Mundy” by Koe Wetzel is a gripping track that showcases his gritty, raw style blended with a rock-influenced country sound.

The song captures the ambiguity and recklessness of days blurring together, epitomizing Wetzel’s no-holds-barred approach to storytelling.

With its hard-hitting lyrics and powerful instrumentation, the song conveys a sense of confusion, desperation, and the chaotic nature of living life on the edge.

Wetzel’s raspy vocals and energetic composition resonate with those who find themselves in a constant struggle to identify whether they are coming or going, with days indistinguishable from each other.

It’s an anthem for the wild-hearted and the restless, reflecting a tumultuous lifestyle that defies the norm.

7. “Come Monday” by Jimmy Buffett

“Come Monday” by Jimmy Buffett is a heartwarming classic that stands out as a softer, more introspective piece in Buffett’s typically upbeat repertoire.

Released in 1974, the song became his first Top 40 hit, resonating with audiences through its melodic storytelling.

The lyrics express the longing and anticipation of reuniting with a loved one after a time apart on the road. Delivering a mix of folk and country influences, Buffett’s tender vocals capture the essence of devotion and the emotional journey of traveling musicians.

The song is imbued with a soothing, laid-back vibe that perfectly embodies the spirit of Buffett’s music, making it a timeless ode to love and companionship that fans cherish.

“Come Monday” is a comforting reminder that despite life’s wanderings, home is where the heart is, and reunions are just around the corner.

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8. “Monday Morning” by Fleetwood Mac

“Monday Morning” by Fleetwood Mac is a lively track that opens their critically acclaimed 1975 self-titled album with vibrant energy.

Written and sung by guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, the song features a catchy, driving beat and bright guitar riffs that exemplify the band’s signature melding of pop and rock elements.

The lyrics touch upon the relatable themes of love and the unpredictability of relationships, delivered through Buckingham’s clear, engaging voice.

The song’s upbeat tempo and infectious melody invite listeners to kick off their week with a sense of hope and enthusiasm.

It embodies Fleetwood Mac’s ability to craft songs that are both introspective and compelling, leaving a lasting impression on the audience with its optimistic outlook.

9. “I Don’t Like Mondays” by The Boomtown Rats

“I Don’t Like Mondays” by The Boomtown Rats is a poignant and provocative song that delves into the tragic story of the Cleveland Elementary School shooting in San Diego.

Released by the Irish new wave band, the track is known for its haunting melody and grim subject matter.

Despite its catchy tune, the lyrics convey a deep sense of despair and critique of the societal issues leading to such violent incidents.

The song was inspired by a real event where the shooter’s inexplicable reasoning was simply, “I don’t like Mondays.”

This powerful composition not only became a significant hit for The Boomtown Rats but also sparked discussions on gun control and mental health.

It stands out as an evocative piece that uses music to shed light on dark aspects of society, making listeners contemplate the underlying causes of violence.

10. “Monday Comes Around” by Switchfoot

“Monday Comes Around” is an expressive track by Switchfoot, featured as a bonus song on their fifth album, “Nothing Is Sound”.

It engages audiences with its emotionally resonant lyrics and Switchfoot’s signature rock sound.

This song stands apart for its examination of the cyclical nature of time and human emotion, encapsulated by the familiar feeling of how quickly Monday approaches after the weekend.

The track encapsulates a sense of both reflection and anticipation.

With the band’s dynamic instrumentation and heartfelt vocal performance, the song appeals to those who have experienced the bittersweet passage of time and the longing for something more in the routine of life.

It is a nuanced addition to Switchfoot’s catalog, showcasing the depth and the thoughtful nature of their music.

11. “Monday Morning” by Christina Aguilera

“Monday Morning” is a vibrant track by Christina Aguilera from her album “Bionic,” featured as the nineteenth track and the first of five deluxe tracks on the deluxe version of the album.

This song showcases Aguilera’s versatility as an artist, blending elements of pop with rhythmic beats that give it a playful and upbeat feel.

The lyrics depict the freedom and spontaneity of escaping the mundane routine of Monday mornings, encouraging listeners to embrace life’s opportunities with open arms.

Christina’s powerful vocals, combined with the song’s lively instrumentation, create an infectious energy that celebrates the joy of living in the moment.

It’s a standout piece that highlights her ability to create music that resonates with the desire for liberation and adventure.

12. “If We’re Not Back In Love By Monday” by Merle Haggard

“If We’re Not Back In Love By Monday” is a classic country song performed by Merle Haggard, released on his “Ramblin’ Fever” album in 1977.

Written by Sonny Throckmorton and Glenn Martin, the song illustrates the aching story of a couple struggling to rekindle their love, setting a deadline to salvage their relationship.

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Haggard’s rich, emotive vocals imbue the song with a poignant sense of urgency and hope.

The narrator proposes a getaway reminiscent of happier times, hoping it will reignite the spark between them.

It’s a heartfelt tune that reflects the common yearning for love and the pain of potential loss, with Haggard’s authenticity bringing the emotional depth of the lyrics to life.

An enduring piece in the world of country music, it resonates deeply with listeners who have faced similar crossroads in their relationships.

13. “Laundromat Monday” by Joe Jackson

It seems that there’s limited specific information available about “Laundromat Monday” by Joe Jackson directly from recent searches, which can happen occasionally with less mainstream or older tracks.

Joe Jackson, known for his eclectic musical style that spans from New Wave to jazz-influenced sounds, has a knack for storytelling through his music.

Based on what’s typical of his work, “Laundromat Monday” would likely blend clever lyricism with his characteristic sharp musical arrangements.

It could explore themes related to the mundanity of everyday routines or perhaps offer a quirky look at such an everyday place as a laundromat from a unique perspective.

Songs like this often have a way of finding a special place in the hearts of listeners who connect with their vivid imagery and the emotions they evoke.

14. “Monday Monday” by The Mamas & The Papas

“Monday Monday,” performed by The Mamas & The Papas, is an iconic song that captures the essence of the 1960s folk rock movement.

Released in 1966, it became an instant classic, showcasing the group’s harmonious vocals and melodic prowess.

The song embodies a sense of both melancholy and hope, with lyrics that reflect on the unpredictability and fleeting nature of happiness.

It’s particularly noted for its opening baseline and the beautiful harmonization of its members, which became a defining characteristic of the band’s sound.

The phrase “Monday, Monday” itself has come to symbolize the mundane start of the work week, yet the song elevates this theme with its poetic exploration of time and emotion.

“Monday Monday” earned The Mamas & The Papas their only number-one hit on the US Billboard Hot 100, cementing its place in the annals of classic American pop music.

It appeals to a sense of nostalgia and the universal feeling of longing, making it a timeless piece that resonates with generations of listeners.

15. “Blue Monday” by New Order

“Blue Monday” by New Order is an iconic track that stands as a pivotal moment in the evolution of electronic music.

Released in 1983, it’s renowned for its groundbreaking use of synthesizer-based beats and sequencers, marrying post-punk aesthetics with dance music.

The song opens with a distinctive, pulsating rhythm that sets a hypnotic tone, drawing listeners into a world of synth-pop innovation.

The lyrics, though minimal, touch upon themes of heartache and disillusionment, encapsulating a sense of existential angst.

“Blue Monday” became the best-selling 12-inch single of all time, a testament to its enduring appeal and its influence on the music industry.

It’s celebrated not just for its technical innovations but also for capturing the spirit of the 1980s, inspiring countless artists across various genres.

This track remains a quintessential anthem of the era, embodying the synthesis of technology and creativity that defined a new wave of music.


In exploring the myriad songs about Monday, we unearth a tapestry of emotions and narratives that encapsulate the human experience.

From the melancholic tones to the energetic beats that get our feet moving, these tracks serve as a mirror to our collective psyche — reflecting our dread, hope, and resilience.

They remind us that we’re not alone in our feelings toward the start of a new week.

Whether it’s seeking solace in the harmonious lament of a ballad or finding energy in the pulsating rhythm of an electronic masterpiece, these songs offer a musical remedy to our Monday malaise.

Ultimately, they transform an ordinary day into a rich source of artistic inspiration and personal reflection, proving that even the most mundane aspects of life can be infused with meaning and beauty through the power of music.

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