10 Best Songs about Being 20

Being 20 is a significant time in one’s life – a time when newfound independence, endless possibilities, and uncertain futures all come together.

It is a time to explore who you are and what you want out of life. This sense of discovery and self-discovery is often reflected in popular music, and numerous songs capture the spirit of being 20.

From coming-of-age anthems to ballads about young love and heartbreak, these 10 Songs About Being 20 are a musical reflection of the hopes, dreams, and experiences of being 20.

Whether you’re reliving memories or discovering new favorites, these songs are sure to strike a chord with anyone who has ever been 20.

1. “22“ by Taylor Swift

“22” is a lively pop song performed by Taylor Swift that celebrates the joy and freedom of being young and unburdened. Its upbeat melody and lively rhythm make it a cheerful tribute to the pleasures of youth, friendship, and the simple things in life.

Taylor Swift’s spirited and lively vocals are a perfect match for the song’s youthful spirit, as she sings about the thrill of going out and having a good time with friends.

The lyrics are a playful homage to the adventures of young adulthood, and the excitement of exploring the world and trying new things. “22” is an uplifting anthem that encourages listeners to embrace their youth, have fun, and enjoy every moment to the fullest.

It is a song that is sure to get people dancing and singing along and is a joyful celebration of the vitality of youth and the importance of living life to the fullest.

2. “20 Something“ by SZA

“20 Something” by SZA delves into the heart of young adulthood with its poignant lyricism and ethereal soundscapes.

The track encapsulates the fleeting and often tumultuous phase of one’s 20s, pairing SZA’s expressive, velvety tones with the introspective themes of growth and self-discovery.

As listeners are drawn into a reverie by the laid-back beats, SZA articulates the common anxieties that come with maturing and the wistful longing to hold onto youthful freedom.

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The song stands as a heartfelt ode to the trials of finding oneself amidst life’s uncertain tides, offering solace and understanding to all who wander through this transformative decade.

3 “Twenty-Somethings“ by Judah & the Lion

“Twenty-Somethings” from Judah & the Lion weaves a gentle indie-folk tapestry that captures the bittersweet sentiment of entering adulthood.

With an introspective and soul-stirring tune, the track is a soothing reflection on the complexities of maturing and carving out one’s identity. The lyrics resonate with authenticity and provoke deep contemplation, as the band reflects on the daunting task of juggling grown-up duties while yearning for simpler days.

It’s a poignant narrative that chronicles both the trials and triumphs of the formative years of adulthood, encouraging listeners to bravely navigate life’s transitions, cherish self-discovery, and hold firm to their aspirations. “Twenty-Somethings” serves as a stirring and reflective hymn for anyone navigating through the uncertain waters of youth, offering reassurance and inspiration.

4 “Pushing 20“ by Sabrina Carpenter

“Pushing 20” by Sabrina Carpenter combines punchy pop rhythms with the contemplative theme of standing at the brink of adulthood. The track resonates with a vibrant and catchy energy, serving as a resonant anthem for those feeling the weight of impending maturity.

Carpenter’s vocals exude a mix of boldness and introspection as she addresses the hurdles of leaving behind teenage years and stepping into adult responsibilities. The song articulates common fears of accelerating through life too quickly, yet contrasts that with the thrilling prospects that aging brings.

“Pushing 20” empowers its audience to confront the growth process head-on, motivating them to pursue their passions with bravery in the face of an unknown future.

5 “Under 21“ by Save Ferris

“Under 21” by Save Ferris strikes a high note as a ska-punk jubilee, reveling in the unbridled thrill of younger days. The song hits with infectious horn lines and swift, buoyant beats that capture the essence of youthful exuberance.

The lyrics serve as a nostalgic homage to the time before reaching adulthood, a period ripe with potential and carefree exploration. It’s an ode to the unrestrained joy of being young, an urging to live vibrantly and without inhibition.

“Under 21” stands as a vibrant call to the young at heart, to make every moment count, pulsing with lively rhythms that inspire movement and a collective chorus. This track is a vivacious nod to the spirit of youth, beckoning listeners to celebrate and make lasting memories.

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6 “Life Of The Party“ by Shawn Mendes

“Life of the Party” by Shawn Mendes sweeps listeners into a soaring pop exultation, urging them to savor the peak moments of life. It strings together a harmonious, memorable tune that embodies the exuberance of youth and the rush of seizing the day. Mendes’s vocals resonate with heartfelt intensity as he invites people to cast aside worries and fully immerse themselves in the now.

The lyrics are a rallying cry to live uninhibitedly, pursuing dreams with fervor and joy. “Life of the Party” stands as a feel-good anthem—a vibrant call to arms for individuals to celebrate their youthful spirit, dare greatly, and cherish the journey.

Designed to stir the soul and move the feet, this track is an anthem of unfettered enjoyment, a testament to the enduring vibrancy of youth.

7 “Youth“ by Troye Sivan

“Youth” by Troye Sivan is an exuberant pop declaration that champions the vivacity of being young at heart. The track is embellished with glittering synths, echoing the zest and lightness of youth.

Sivan’s delivery is emotive and resonant, encapsulating a message of hope and resilience in the face of life’s darker moments. The anthem’s chorus soars, serving as an empowering beacon to hold onto the enchantment of youthful wonder. It calls on listeners to approach life with eagerness and awe, and to preserve the essence of their young spirits.

“Youth” is a soul-stirring melody that encourages everyone to live authentically and keep the flame of youth alive within them.

8 “Twenty-One“ by Khalid

“Twenty-One” by Khalid is a melodic reflection of young adulthood wrapped in smooth R&B rhythms. The song weaves together Khalid’s velvety vocals with a laid-back yet immersive beat, capturing the essence of turning twenty-one—a milestone age that represents freedom, self-discovery, and the precipice of the future.

The track is both a celebration and a contemplative look at the experiences that shape us during this formative year. Khalid sings with nostalgia and insight, inviting listeners to reflect on their own journey through the transition into adulthood.

“Twenty-One” stands as a serene anthem that resonates with the hopes, dreams, and realities of burgeoning adult life, imbuing the listener with a sense of connection and introspection.

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9 “Sugar Mountain“ by Neil Young

“Sugar Mountain” by Neil Young is a poignant, folk classic that captures the wistfulness of youth slipping away. With gentle guitar strings and earnest vocals, Young reflects on the innocence and simplicity of earlier times at the titular “Sugar Mountain.”

The song’s narrative evokes the reluctance to leave behind the carefree days of adolescence and face the complexities of growing older.

With an air of nostalgia, Young’s artful lyrics and evocative melodies paint a bittersweet picture of the transition from youth to adult life. “Sugar Mountain” resonates deeply as a tender, acoustic ode to the memories of youth, and a reminder to cherish the fleeting moments before they’re gone.

10 “When I Grow Up“ by NF

“When I Grow Up” by NF is a hard-hitting rap track that speaks to the ambitious dreams and relentless drive of youth aspiring to greatness. NF’s raw and impassioned flow cuts through the gritty beats as he tells a story of determination to overcome obstacles and achieve his dreams.

The song is an anthemic declaration of the artist’s childhood aspirations and his unwavering dedication to reaching his goals.

Through evocative lyrics and a compelling narrative, NF inspires listeners to pursue their passions with tenacity, regardless of the challenges they may face. “When I Grow Up” resonates with anyone who has ever had a dream, serving as a powerful reminder of the importance of ambition and the unyielding spirit of hope and perseverance.


Music has an extraordinary capacity to embody the essence of our twenties. This list of ten songs provides different viewpoints on the journey of becoming an adult.

It covers everything from the exciting moments of self-discovery and limitless potential to the uncertainties, difficulties, and longing for the past.

These melodies serve as a sentimental soundtrack to the decade of our twenties, which is often a time of transformation.

These tunes capture the emotions, aspirations, and experiences that define this amazing period of our lives, whether we are reminiscing or eagerly anticipating what’s to come.

Therefore, welcome the melodies, allow the lyrics to strike a chord, and let these songs accompany you on your path of self-discovery, personal growth, and the beautiful turbulence of being in your twenties.

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