songs about being 24

If you’re 24 years old, then you know the feeling of being in that transitional period between young adulthood and full-blown adulthood. It’s exciting, it’s confusing, and all together it can be a rollercoaster ride.


Music often reflects life experiences and emotions, so why not take listen to some songs about your age? Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 songs about being 24 years old to help you revel in your 24th year and make the most of it! From classic rock to hip-hop and everything in between, there’s something here for everyone. So take a listen and enjoy your special age!

Top 10 songs about being 24 years old

1) 24 by Jem

The song “24” by Jem reflects on the fleeting nature of time and the desire to make the most of each moment. It conveys a sense of urgency and encourages listeners to seize the day and live life to the fullest.

2) 24 by Game Theory.

The song “24” by Game Theory delves into themes of self-reflection and personal growth. It explores the idea of change and transformation, urging individuals to take control of their lives and make positive choices.

3) Old Man by Neil Young

“Old Man” by Neil Young is a poignant and introspective song that contemplates the passage of time and the wisdom that comes with age. It addresses the relationship between a young man and an older man, highlighting the lessons that can be learned from those who have experienced more of life.

4) 24 by Red House Painters

In “24” by Red House Painters, the lyrics touch upon themes of loneliness, isolation, and longing. It captures the melancholic emotions of a person reflecting on their life and the challenges they face, while also expressing a desire for connection and understanding.

5) My 24th Birthday by Dave

“My 24th Birthday” by Dave is a personal and introspective track where the artist reflects on his life and experiences as he reaches the milestone of his 24th birthday. The song may touch upon various themes, including self-reflection, growth, and the complexities of navigating early adulthood.

6) 24 Frames by Jason Isbell

“24 Frames” by Jason Isbell explores the fragility and unpredictability of life. The song discusses the fleeting nature of moments and how life can change in an instant. It prompts listeners to appreciate the present and find meaning in the transient nature of existence.

7) I’m 24 Now by Sundial

“I’m 24 Now” by Sundial is a celebratory song that marks the passage of time and the transition into a new phase of life. It may convey feelings of excitement, reflection, and anticipation as the artist embraces the opportunities and challenges that come with turning 24.

8) 24 Hours by GASHI

“24 Hours” by GASHI is an energetic and upbeat track that focuses on the party and nightlife scene. The song encapsulates the thrill and escapism of spending a full day immersed in a carefree and hedonistic lifestyle.

9) 24K Magic by Bruno Mars

“24K Magic” by Bruno Mars is a fun and lively song that celebrates extravagance, luxury, and having a good time. It embodies a glamorous and indulgent lifestyle, with lyrics that encourage listeners to let loose, dance, and enjoy the finer things in life.

10) Twenty-Four by Switchfoot

“Twenty-Four” by Switchfoot reflects on the passing of time and the pursuit of purpose and meaning in life. It contemplates the pressures and expectations that come with age, urging individuals to find their own path and make the most of the time they have.


In conclusion, the number 24 holds a symbolic significance that is explored in various songs from different genres. Whether it be themes of self-reflection and change, celebration and luxury, or purpose and growth, each track provides an insight into the many facets of life that come with this special age. As such, these songs offer listeners a chance to reflect on their own lives and the choices they make, inspiring them to take control of their futures.


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