16 Best Songs about being 24

The genre of songs focusing on the age of 24 beautifully highlights the balance of youthful energy and emerging maturity. At the age of 24, a significant turning point is reached, as individuals stand on the threshold of adulthood, while maintaining the fringes of adolescence.

This piece delves into a handpicked selection of 24 striking and relatable tunes, creating a vivid narrative of life at 24 – tackling obstacles, celebrating victories, and experiencing self-growth. Bearing in mind the value of time, let’s not delay further. Embark on this captivating sonic voyage with Sounds Of The Cities!

16 Best Songs about Being 24

1. “Never Ready to Leave” by Sherwood

Released year: 2007

“Never Ready to Leave” by Sherwood is a poignant song that encapsulates the ambiguities of the age of 24.


The lyrical imagery beautifully sketches a room echoing with remnants of a bygone love, diligently recorded and scrutinized over. The central character is caught in an emotional deadlock, grappling with the decision to either move forward or linger in the past, both decisions proving intimidating.


The exquisite melody uniquely portrays a heart not haunted by phantoms, but by memories and remorse. The lead character’s difficulty in releasing the past, and the trepidation towards unforeseen circumstances strikes a chord with anyone undergoing significant life shifts. The profound emotional quotient of the song is highlighted by the deeply emotive vocals and ensnaring musical composition.


“Never Ready to Leave” serves as a comforting narrative for those navigating any major life alterations.

2. “Nancy Mulligan” by Ed Sheeran

Released year: 2017

“Nancy Mulligan” by Ed Sheeran is an evocative musical piece, which whisks us back to his days as a youthful 24-year-old. The song unfurls the story of his serendipitous encounter with his soulmate, Nancy, a kind-hearted nurse in a soldier’s ward during the historic World War II. Despite her father’s stern reproach, they eloped and embarked on a life of mutual love and respect.
The tune encapsulates the undying affection between William Sheeran and Nancy Mulligan, whose love story weathered storms but remained firm and unwavering for over six decades. Amidst merry moments and trials, they raised a brood of eight, always finding joy in their shared existence along the Wexford border.
Ed Sheeran’s rhythmical narrative style transforms this song into a resonating homage to lasting love and the strength that lies in following one’s heart, disregarding societal conventions or religious disparities. “Nancy Mulligan” stands as a homage to the eternal connection that can exist between two individuals, capable of surpassing any hindrance in their journey.

3. “24” by sundial

Released year: 2021

The track “24” by Sundial is a sincere musical expression that encapsulates the dilemmas associated with being 24.
The lyricism articulately presents the uncertainty and exasperation that often accompany this age.
The vocalist introspects on her life, still living with her parents, and contemplates if life should have been more structured by now. Observing peers embarking on journeys of marriage and parenthood, she reevaluates her own course. Celebrations conclude early, and Fridays seem to drain her, making her yearn for the uncomplicated days of her youth.
The song further probes into the apprehensions about the unfolding future, with insightful lines like, “what the fuck are taxes anyway?” Amid the turmoil, she yearns for clarity, pondering what she might have overlooked and when she’ll finally achieve a sense of equilibrium. This soulful track resonates with the youthful audience as it candidly explores the trials of emerging adulthood.

4. “Montreal” by The White Noise

Released year: 2017

“Montreal” by The White Noise is an emotive composition that deeply encapsulates the sentiments of disorientation and detachment that can be experienced at the age of 24.


Through poignant lyrics, the vocalist shares their personal struggles amidst a backdrop of pouring rain, the absence of sunlight, and the constant solace found in a drink. They find themselves in a place that keeps them distanced from someone dear to their heart. In the bars of Montreal, the singer attempts to connect and communicate, but feels unheard, engulfed in unfulfilled aspirations. Each night unfolds in a repetitive cycle, and a pervasive sense of isolation persists within this sleepless city. Despite the desire to celebrate turning 24, there is an inherent longing to be with a specific individual instead.


The song effectively portrays a feeling of aimless wandering in Montreal, where aspirations may feel unattainable, and a sense of disconnectedness pervades, where the phone remains silent.

5. “No Hope” by The Vaccines

Released year: 2012

“No Hope” by The Vaccines is a song that unapologetically encapsulates the trials of turning 24.


Embellished with a hint of egocentrism, the vocalist confesses to indifference towards others while navigating through life’s labyrinth. The track’s unfiltered lyrics shed light on the hurdles of transitioning into adulthood, posing a question of whether it’s merely a fleeting phase to surpass.


Voicing discomfort in one’s own skin, the song delves deeper into the struggle of pretending to be someone he doesn’t want to be. The catchy, repetitive chorus underscores the persisting sense of hopelessness, the issue that incessantly looms.


Complemented by The Vaccines’ emotionally potent vocals and strikingly relatable lyrics, this song distinctly resonates with anyone grappling with the uncertainties that the twenties often bring.

6. “Still On” by Ashanti

Released year: 2005

“Still On” by Ashanti presents a soulful melodic narrative that captures the intricate realities of being 24, striving relentlessly, and delving into past reminisces.


This track, with the inclusion of Paul Wall and Method Man, takes the listener on a journey through the Lone Star State, with the artists smoothly cruising alongside Ashanti. The verses dive into the battles of progressing while persistently plagued by past recollections involving an undesired presence.


Ashanti’s vocal prowess and Method Man’s raw lines flawlessly harmonize with the rhythm, painting a compelling tale of love, personal growth, and self-recognition. Coupled with catchy refrains and infectious beats, “Still On” is a classic tune emphasizing the stellar capabilities of this Murder Inc. artist.

7. “A1 Everything” by Meek Mill

Released year: 2012

“A1 Everything” by Meek Mill is a vibrant anthem encapsulating the epitome of experiencing life in its most luxurious form. At the age of 24, the song paints an image of a prosperous, self-assured, and ostentatious persona. From engaging with A1 women to donning A1 attire and operating A1 vehicles, the narrator parades their opulence without inhibition.


The lyrics exude an air of self-confidence as the vocalist brags about A1 wealth, charisma, and the allure held over A1 women. The memorable lines, studded with vibrant imagery, portray a relentless quest for success and authority.


Combining an air of swagger and boastfulness, Meek Mill makes it clear that his position at the pinnacle of success is well-deserved, rendering “A1 Everything” a universally recognized anthem of fearlessly celebrating victory and accomplishment.

8. “My 24th Birthday” by Dave

Released year: 2022

“My 24th Birthday” by Dave is a conscious and emotion-laden track about navigating the eventful journey of turning 24.


The lyrics explore the intricacies of existence, affection, and celebrity. Through his words, Dave emanates an expression of gratitude for his loved ones, delving into a trail of past experiences. He recognizes his imperfections and the challenges that accompany prosperity.


The song highlights societal issues, criticizes the government’s role in societal predicaments, and pays tribute to the sacrifices of single mothers. Throughout the track, Dave introspects on life’s purpose, the pursuit of riches, and the significance of remaining authentic. It’s a potent and reflective piece, portraying his development and maturity at this point in his life.

9. “Best Friends” by 5 Seconds of Summer

Released year: 2022

“Best Friends” by 5 Seconds of Summer is a heartfelt melody encapsulating the crux of being 24.


The lyrics sketch a portrait of ambitious pursuits in life while recognizing genuine fears. It’s about accepting past and present experiences, luxuriating in the warmth of the summer sun.


The track jubilantly honors authentic friendship, a bond in which honesty and love are paramount, precious memories are treasured, and beloved faces are adored. Life is metaphorically compared to a poem, its enchantment residing in its imperfections.


The song projects an energetic rhythm and impeccable timing lends it a luminous and cheerful quality. With their best friends accompanying them, the narrator clings on, relishing every moment, and dispensing unconditional love.

10. “Don’t Say Nothing” by Del Water Gap

Released year: 2019

“Don’t Say Nothing” by Del Water Gap is an affecting song that masterfully seizes the intricacies of being 24.


The lyrics gently depict an intimate liaison, wherein the vocalist relishes the instances when his partner is in a sensitive and uncertain state. The affecting journey unravels through tender melodies as the singer shares private moments, yet there is a lurking apprehension of dissolving their bond. There’s a yearning from the singer for open dialogue and a dissection of his partner’s sentiments and actions.


Throughout the track, there’s an expressed wish for constancy and acceptance, a desire to cultivate something enduring and ageless. As the rhythmic narrative unfolds, the song displays a touching fusion of affection, vulnerability, and the aspiration for a deeper bond amid life’s unpredictability.

11. “He Is the Same” by Jon Bellion

Released year: 2016

“He Is the Same” by Jon Bellion is a contemplative anthem about the age of 24 and maintaining one’s genuine self. The song charts the journey of a young man who, regardless of his fame and fortune, chooses to live at home, finding satisfaction in simplicity.


Jon Bellion’s lyrics deliver an authentic sentiment, underlining the significance of meaningful connections and the virtue of authenticity. In spite of his achievements, he keeps his feet on the ground, surrounded by faithful friends and fans from his high school era. The song sheds light on his father’s demise, offering a viewpoint on what truly holds value in life.


The song “He Is the Same” glorifies staying true to one’s origins, remembering your roots, and accepting that, fundamentally, we all share the same essence at our core.

13. “Old Man” by Neil Young

Released year: 1972

“Old Man” by Neil Young is a touching contemplation on the resemblances between the singer, at the age of 24, and an elderly, enlightened figure.


As the lyrics progress, Neil Young addresses the ‘old man,’ drawing equivalencies between their existences. He pines for someone who will love him unconditionally all day long, the same way the ‘old man’ must have experienced once in his lifetime.


The song delves into the concept of time’s passage, reminiscing about the past and present, whilst acknowledging the yearning for stability and a sense of belonging. With heartful melodies and reflective observances, the singer contemplates life’s riddles and its significance to both himself and the ‘old man.’


In essence, the song addresses themes of self-reflection, interconnection, and the eternal human pursuit for understanding and affection.

14. “24” by Tdkzw

Released year: 2022

“24” by Tdkzw is a genuine and introspective melody that delves into the sentiments and experiences associated with being 24 years old.


The lyrics unveil a sense of progress and development while grappling with past relationships and the hardships of life. The artist acknowledges the highs and lows of existence, in turn understanding that some situations don’t have straightforward solutions.


The song expresses a blend of nostalgia for moments spent with friends and a determination to concentrate on personal growth and success. Through influential verses, the artist stresses the importance of actions over words and demonstrates a commitment toward his passion for music.


“24” encapsulates the spirit of maneuvering through adulthood, making it a relatable and introspective anthem for those in their early 20s.

15. “Turning 24” by Bella Porter

Released year: 2023

“Turning 24” by Bella Porter takes us on a trip down memory lane, reflecting on being 24 years old. With nods to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson, the song reverberates echoes of the speaker’s upbringing. From being a surfer in the backseat to yard birthday parties, the lyrics stir up the joy of childhood.


Now at 24, the longing for a trampoline, hot dog contests, and celebratory moments with parents exhibits an ache for the bliss of youth. The memories of biking, performing cannonballs, and summer camps are marked with both scars and sweetness. As the song contemplates the first and last time of everything, it encapsulates the poignant nature of growing up.


This soulful piece pines for the times when you were carried to bed like a baby by your parents, cherishing the fleeting nature of time while turning 24.

16. “Twenty-Four” by Clarissa

Released year: 2022

“Twenty-Four” by Clarissa is a reflective tune about the pivotal age of 24. As the singer hits this significant age, she images herself as a fearless hero, autonomously independent and daring, dismantling barriers and embracing her authentic self. She dreams of a liberated lifestyle, wandering without concerns, and taking pauses as she sees fit. Upon turning 24, she sets her heart on purposeless journeys, in search of enlightenment while appreciating her inherent identity.


This song wonderfully encapsulates the trials of maturing, grappling with solitude, and finding self-love. Ultimately, “Twenty-Four” is a touching reminder that regardless of the transformations, she’ll stay faithful to herself.

Songs About Being 24, Final Thoughts

In summation, the assortment of songs centered around the age of 24 weaves a poignant and relatable narrative, perfectly capturing the quintessence of this crucial age where youth merges with burgeoning maturity. As we undertake the transformative journey of turning 24, these tunes serve as gentle reminders to relish the present, treasure our past, and confront life’s uncertainties with valor.


Nonetheless, the world of music holds an infinite expanse of treasures to discover beyond the domain of songs celebrating the age of 24. A vast spectrum of songs encapsulate the feelings and experiences of various ages. Delving into songs that portray different life stages can result in a uniquely rewarding and enlightening journey. Ranging from the halcyon days of youth to the contemplative moments of maturity, music reverberates with each stride on our life’s path.


Therefore, I urge you to continue your exploration of the genre of “Songs about age”. Let these harmonious strains accompany you through each juncture of life, extending comfort, motivation, and companionship. Welcome the power of music to forge connections with the varied dimensions of the human experience, enriching and adding significance to your voyage through the years!

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