12 Best Songs about Grandmas must listen in your life

Music has the extraordinary power to transport us through time, to moments drenched in the warmth of a grandmother’s love.

Grandmothers, with their stories of wisdom and hearts overflowing with affection, leave an indelible mark on our lives.

It’s no surprise that they’ve inspired countless artists to capture the essence of this cherished bond in song.

In “12 Best Songs about Grandmas,” we’ll take a sentimental journey through melodies that evoke nostalgia, celebrate the matriarchs of our families, and remind us of the universal themes of love, wisdom, and the unbreakable bonds of family.

So, let’s embark on this musical odyssey together, paying tribute to the grandmas who have touched our hearts, as these tunes resonate with the echoes of grandmotherly love.

1. “Tell You Something (Nana’s Reprise)” by Alicia Keys

“Tell You Something” Nana’s Reprise is a sad song performed in soul style. It allows a person to hear the author’s reflections on the feelings in connection with the issues that arise at the junction of life stages.

For me, this song is about touching moments and about understanding that life is transient. It tells the listener to “Tell you something” – that I wanted to convey my love, but now it’s too late.

In her work, Alicia Keys asks not to make such an error. I believe that there are no relatives closer than our beloved grandmothers, and by the word “Nana,” which is present in the name, the song emotionally affects me.

The melody and accompaniment are quite fun, but as for a song, it has added sadness, and the expression of Keys merely captures the soul. Thus, I find this song very lovely.

2. “Marjorie” by Taylor Swift

The track “Marjorie” by Taylor Swift is a somber melody from her ninth studio album “Evermore.”

Released in 2020, it is a tribute to her grandmother, Marjorie Finlay, who was a professional opera singer.

The singer combines her grief with the appreciation of her grandmother’s life and influence in a heart-touching story.

Although insignificant, haunting samples of Finlay’s operatic voice are the saddest feature of the track. Refrains are devoted to the omissions of her life and the irredeemable failures to ask questions and hear the answers.

With the help of slow synthesizers and strings, the artist emphasizes the melancholia of the song. The message is banal but shared: love and appreciate your close ones and intentionally reap the benefits of their influence.

3. “Grandma’s House” by Killer Mike

Killer Mike’s “Grandma’s House” is a powerful narrative that speaks with emotional depth and authenticity.

This track, derived from his 2008 album I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind II, tells the story of the rapper’s transition from a boy to a man, guided by his grandmother’s advice and wisdom.

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It works as both an homage to the intrepid spirit of the grandmother who raised him and a reflection on his own experiences of hardship and growth.

The song combines the artist’s excellent lyrical storytelling with an inspirational beat, telling a story of the hardships that have shaped Killer Mike.

The music video, directed by Marquis Bell, strongly symbolizes the story told in the song and contributes to the meaning of the track that tells about family, legacy, and the ever-lasting lessons learned at “Grandma’s House”.

4. “Grandma’s Hands” by Bill Withers

“Grandma’s Hands” is a moving, soul-touching ballad composed and sung by the great Bill Withers on his 1971 first album Just As I Am.

This masterpiece is a poetic tribute and hommage to his grandmamma and, simultaneously, an autobiographical note. The song is uplifting and warm like “Grandma’s hands.” The song leaves a strong effect and touches the listener with some amazingly sweet sounds.

The lyrics are full of feeling and meaning it highlights the great warmth and close feelings his beloved granny has given others.

According to some lines, Withers also stresses the wonderful moments they spent with his grandmamma and the great impact of his grandma’s life approach on him.

The song is amazingly tender and impressive with a wonderful combination of slow blues-rhythmed guitar lines and Withers’ deep, dense farewell voice.

Even though the song is not long, it is very deep and informative and truly embraces the feelings, personal attitude to granny, and light.

5. “Grandma” by A$AP Ferg

Grandma by A$AP Ferg is close to my heart, as it traces his path from the hardships of his early life to his achievements in the music industry.

The song emphasizes the desire to preserve his success for his grandmother and interprets the restraining influence she exerted on him, both socially and professionally.

By providing personal lyrics and a relevant narrative, A$AP Ferg’s Grandma is a highly emotional tribute to the mother in his life, illustrating the importance of family bonds in defining the individuality and goals of an individual.

6. “Grandma’s Garden” by Zac Brown

“Grandma’s Garden,” a song by Zac Brown, tells the story of plants and nature

The song was included in the Southern Family collection, and published by Low Country Sound/Elektra Records. It describes the deep affection that Grandma’s dedicated care for her garden reflects through its combination–“her beautiful offshoot.”

The song is about the intertwined relationship between growth, nature, and family legacy. It emphasizes qualities inherited from one generation to another -beauty and wisdom.

In this tale with pictures drawn by his voice, Zac Brown uses soulful music to polish it off.

It’s more than just a song about plants and nature: it’s about the family’s growth and the influence of a grandmother who nurtures.

“Grandma’s Garden” is an affectionate tribute, a testament to the lessons and affection that flourish in such familial bonds.

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7. “Grandma’s Song” by Gail Davies

In 1978, Gail Davies sang this album debut entitled wonderfully describes the simplicity of life and the deep love we have for our families that was common in America during that period.

Using the music as a vehicle, she tells us a vivid portrayal of those memories and even has fun making personal comments on it all.

The song has produced elements of watercolor with strong provocation; here she can be seen both as an artist and inspiration.

In particular, “Grandma’s Song” among several of Davies’ works has been well received by country and Western music lovers. It is often heard in standard country music stations across America. This shows that she has a real gift for creating songs.

This track, like many of her others, articulates the nostalgia and warmth of family ties, encapsulating the essence of a cherished personal history through the timeless art of storytelling in song.

8. “Nan’s Song” by Robbie Williams

The musicians Robbie Williams played at the Sheffield House studio same players as Guy Chambers and Steve Power (Marius deVries on percussion, Phil Palmer guitarist for 2 cuts).

Intensive mixing with Steve Power netted one song at a shorter length than the others: “Legendary Children,” included but under its pseudonym GLC Moore (“Gorgie Leeds Crazy More”).

It was at this stage that Robbie decided to stretch out “Nan’s Song” indefinitely. “I originally envisaged it as a lounge lizard TV show theme and the plan was for both versions to go out together,” he said later on.

Then Robbie asked Mike Pickering about a record deal with Warp Records–fewer people would know him there and he could maintain more control over his own material by owning (instead of licensing) the rights to all recordings.

The tender melody and candid sentiments of “Nan’s Song” resonate with listeners who have experienced similar losses, providing solace and a sense of shared human experience through Robbie Williams’ heartfelt homage.

9. “Grandma’s Feather Bed” by John Denver

The song lifts the spirit. “Grandma’s Feather Bed” by John Denver includes verses both amusing and heartwarming that celebrate happy family life.

Moving the song out of the private family circle and into public popularity, with its imaginative lyrics about grandma’s oversized feather bed into which the whole extended broods brought along domestic animals.

The famous refrain says: “I don’t know how much sleep we got, but we had an awfully good time anyhow in Nowheres: Grandma’s feather bed.”

It gives a warm feeling. People gather together for a great time, families keep getting larger and the resulting conco will never taste quite right … But it’s still real food!

A perennial favorite from the first listen for its catchy tunes and engaging lyrics, the melody of the word ‘grandmother’ is girl and track combined themes that will resonate deeply with each reader whose heart holds fond family nostalgia.

One element sure to leave a lasting impression; in performance after performing of this loving classic Lord John always does get it right. And readers will be VERY WELL PLEASED WITH WHAT THEY HEAR!

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10. “Sunday Candy” by Nico Segal

A heartwarming track, “Sunday Candy” by Donnie Trumpet – aka Nico Segal – is from the collaboration album “Surf”.

The lyrics, representing a grandchild’s feelings about their grandmother’s honesty and the subtleties of their relationship, have one abiding metaphorical image: the taste of candy on a Sunday carries with it pure bliss.

Featuring Jamila Woods on vocals makes the song a harmonious blend of gospel music and now, a certain contemporary feel.

It is infectiously popular – the tune one enjoys hearing over and over again! The atmospheric, background organ is warm but not overpowering, while guitar riffs with excerpts in stepwise motion of the 1st and 3rd notes step out cleanly like arpeggios within an even running stream. It also pays and tracks back quite far.

Directed by Austin Vesely, “Sunday Candy” The music video brims with the song’s joyful spirit — beauty among families, common people living together, and those tiny items that make even a passing life seem worthwhile.

“Sunday Candy” shines as a rich, poetic exploration of the bonds that define us, wrapped in a composition that’s as catchy as it is meaningful.

11. “Grandma” by Gretchen Wilson 

“Grandma” by Gretchen Wilson tenderly delves into the deep connection between the singer and her grandmother, embodying the wisdom and affection passed through generations.

Through Wilson’s compelling vocal delivery, the song encapsulates the unique bond between granddaughter and grandma.

The touching lyrics reflect on the lessons and fond memories shared, resonating with those who have cherished the guidance and unwavering love of their grandmothers.

This heartfelt tribute beautifully emphasizes the significant role that grandmothers play in our lives.

12. “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” by Dr. Elmo And Patsy

Nico Segal, also known as Donnie Trumpet, delivers a soul-stirring and heartwarming track with “Sunday Candy,” featured on the collaborative album “Surf” by Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment.

The song beautifully captures the joy and gratitude of familial love and religious faith. Its lyrics reflect a grandchild’s deep admiration for their grandmother’s wisdom and the sweetness of their bond, much like the joy of indulging in candy on a Sunday.

With the enchanting vocals of Jamila Woods, the track seamlessly blends gospel influences with a modern sensibility. This creates an uplifting and nostalgic melody that pays homage to musical genres of the past while embracing a fresh and contemporary sound.

The music video, directed by Austin Vesely, beautifully portrays the uplifting essence of the song, honoring the importance of family, unity, and the nostalgic charm of life’s little joys.

“Sunday Candy” stands out as a vibrant, lyrical journey into the connections that shape us, set to a tune that is both infectious and profound.


We wrap up our tour of “Grandmother Songs” with this simple lesson: tracks like those aforementioned are very beautiful gifts to the woman who raised us all.

Every song we’ve described has given an individual angle on just how important grandmothers are to us—recording their love, passing down wonderful things they gave us, and looking forward long after death to a truly great future.

So whether grandmothers are with us today or are sweetly remembered in the songs of our lives, their stories live on.

Next time you feel your hand needs grama, or want to be nearer her, go and choose from one of these affectionate melodies to play.

Let the music fill the room, and with it, the warmth of her memory. These songs are not just tunes; they are sonic hugs from the grandmas we hold dear.

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