20 Songs about June Ranked

June is more than a month—it’s a muse for musicians, a backdrop to life’s turning points, and a time of transformation.

Our blog today sings the praise of June, indulging in songs that resonate with the soulful diversity of experiences this month conjures.

From IDLES’ heart-wrenching “June,” which captures the agony of loss, to the comforting hope in Tigers Jaw’s “June,” each track offers a narrative that echoes the sentiments of listeners who find a fragment of their own June within the chords.

Join us as we delve into the melodies that celebrate, console, and connect us to the myriad moments wrapped in the sunlit days and starlit nights of June.

These are the songs that make us feel the pulse of life, the melodies that trace our journeys, the anthems of summers past and present.

1. “June Bug” by The Melvins

“June Bug” is a track from The Melvins’ 1994 album “Stoner Witch.” This record exemplifies the band’s mastery of heavy, sludge-infused rock with a strong undercurrent of experimental sounds.

In “June Bug,” listeners encounter a relatively short, but punchy instrumental that contrasts with the typically longer and heavier compositions of the band.

The Melvins showcase their ability to playfully mix tempos and rhythms, delivering a dynamic sonic experience.

The track’s fuzzy guitar riffs and solid drumming invoke a raw, garage-band feel exemplifying The Melvins’ alternative rock credentials.

It’s a piece that offers a moment of levity amid a brooding album, appealing to fans of grunge and stoner rock alike.

2. “June Is as Cold as December” by The Everly Brothers

“June Is as Cold as December” is a heartrendingly beautiful ballad by The Everly Brothers, appearing on their 1966 album “In Our Image.”

The song is a masterclass in melancholic storytelling, underpinned by the brothers’ signature close harmonies that manage to convey profound emotion with elegance and simplicity.

The track stands out for its poetic lyrics that evoke the imagery of a love grown cold, a stark contrast to the usual warmth associated with June.

This song’s arrangement is sparse yet impactful, featuring subtle instrumentation that allows the vocals to shine, creating an intimate listening experience. The Everly Brothers’ delivery of this song is poignant and soul-stirring, making it a perfect listen for those who appreciate the bittersweetness of classic love songs.

3. “Flaming June” by BT

“Flaming June” is an iconic instrumental track by American electronica musician BT, released on June 30, 1997, through Perfecto Records as the lead single from his second album, “ESCM.”

Renowned for its pioneering use of classical music elements intertwined with cutting-edge electronic beats, “Flaming June” stands as a testament to BT’s ingenuity and his profound influence on the trance genre.

The track is celebrated for its complex, intricate melodies and a powerful sense of progression that takes the listener on an emotional journey.

It masterfully combines pulsating rhythms with lush, orchestral sounds, creating a timeless piece that resonates with fans of electronic music worldwide.

“Flaming June” remains a beloved classic in the trance and electronic music scene, showcasing BT’s exceptional production skills and innovative approach to music-making.

4. “June in January” by Dean Martin

“June in January” sung by Dean Martin is a classic ballad that illuminates Martin’s smooth, velvety voice, encapsulating the essence of romantic serenading at its finest.

Originally a hit song from the 1930s, Dean Martin’s rendition breathes new life into the track, infusing it with his signature charm and effortless vocal grace.

The song’s lyrics speak of a love so strong it can turn the coldest winter into the warmth of June, a metaphor that perfectly complements Martin’s warm delivery.

The orchestration behind him subtly builds a lush, inviting atmosphere, making for an intimate listening experience.

Dean Martin’s “June in January” is a timeless piece, appealing to those who appreciate the golden era of crooners and the depth of emotion that can be conveyed through a beautifully sung love song.

5. “June Hymn” by The Decemberists

“June Hymn” by The Decemberists is a mesmerizing folk melody featured on their sixth studio album, “The King Is Dead,” released in 2011.

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This song captures the invigorating essence of early summer with its gentle acoustic strumming and melodic harmonica lines, serving as a pastoral tribute to the verdant month of June.

Colin Meloy’s evocative lyrics and earnest vocal performance invite listeners into a serene, sun-dappled world.

The simple yet rich instrumentation evokes the sound of morning birds and the feeling of dew on the grass, making “June Hymn” a perfect accompaniment to a peaceful summer day.

It is an emblematic piece of The Decemberists’ ability to craft narratives that resonate deeply with their audience, often drawing on natural and seasonal motifs to create an intimate, heartwarming experience.

6. “June on the West Coast” by Bright Eyes

“June on the West Coast” is an introspective track by Bright Eyes, featured on their 2000 album “Letting Off the Happiness.”

The song is a reflective and moody acoustic piece that showcases Conor Oberst’s emotive songwriting and distinctive vocal style.

Its lyrics paint a picture of a personal journey through various locations on the West Coast, touching upon themes of self-discovery, wanderlust, and the bittersweet nature of change.

The song’s stripped-down arrangement, featuring Oberst’s earnest voice accompanied by a simple yet poignant guitar melody, creates a sense of intimacy and immediacy that draws the listener in.

“June on the West Coast” resonates with those who have felt the pull of far-off places and the introspective moments that travel can inspire.

It’s a nostalgic ode to fleeting moments and the search for meaning in the vast landscapes of both the external world and the internal psyche.

7. “June Afternoon” by Roxette

“June Afternoon” by Roxette is a vibrant track that encapsulates the joyful essence of a perfect summer day.

Released in January 1996 as the second single from their greatest hits compilation album, “Don’t Bore Us, Get to the Chorus!”, the song showcases the Swedish pop duo’s knack for crafting catchy, uplifting melodies.

Featuring Marie Fredriksson’s powerful vocals alongside Per Gessle’s dynamic delivery, “June Afternoon” radiates warmth and nostalgia, evoking images of carefree days under the sun.

The song’s catchy chorus, memorable hooks, and upbeat tempo make it an ideal anthem for sunny days and long drives. With its mix of pop and rock elements, “June Afternoon” stands as a testament to Roxette’s ability to create enduring pop anthems that capture the spirit of summertime joy and freedom.

8. “June” by Florence + The Machine

“June” by Florence + The Machine is a poignant and stirring track that opens their 2018 album, “High as Hope”.

This song marks an introspective journey for Florence Welch, written as she transitioned from the extensive touring of her previous album directly into the studio.

Characterized by its ethereal soundscapes and Welch’s soaring vocals, “June” resonates with a deep emotional intensity that is both personal and universal.

The song captures the reflective nature of change and the solace found in moments of solitude.

Its lyrical content, coupled with the band’s signature blend of indie rock and baroque pop, showcases Florence + The Machine’s continued evolution as artists.

“June” serves not just as an opening track but as a profound statement of growth, hope, and the continuous cycle of renewal.

9. “June” by Spock’s Beard

“June” by Spock’s Beard is a song that vividly captures the melancholic nostalgia for passing time.

The piece, while not overly technical, showcases a profound level of musicianship that elevates it beyond simple pop music.

Opening with an acoustic guitar that sets a slightly somber tone, the song quickly blooms into lush harmonies that add brightness and emotional depth.

The lyrics express a yearning for the past and a reflection on the fleeting nature of happiness and time, encapsulated in the chorus with a wish to return to the comfort of “June.”

Throughout the track, Neal Morse’s passionate vocals underscore the thematic content, adding a relatable human element.

Dynamic shifts in the composition keep the listener engaged, moving seamlessly from sorrowful verses to the climax of powerful choral chanting.

Overall, “June” is a dynamic and touching prog-rock track that combines simplicity with emotional complexity, resonating with listeners who appreciate music that provokes deep feelings and contemplation.

10. “June” by Pete Yorn

“June” by Pete Yorn is a track filled with contemplative lyrics and heartfelt melodies, shining a light on Yorn’s introspective songwriting abilities.

Embedded in his 2001 debut album “musicforthemorningafter,” “June” captures the essence of longing and the nuanced complexities of relationships.

The song’s guitar-driven sound, combined with Yorn’s emotive voice, paints a picture of vulnerability and the inevitable passage of time.

Lyrics such as “If you hadn’t gone tomorrow/you could have stayed on ’til June” explore themes of departure and the transient nature of connections.

“June” stands out as a poignant piece, embodying the introspection and melancholic beauty that characterizes much of Yorn’s work, making it a resonant piece for listeners navigating the landscapes of love and loss.

11. “June” by Earth, Wind & Fire

“June” by Earth, Wind & Fire is a soulful melody from the band’s deep catalog of music.

However, the song is not among their most widely known tracks and appears to be somewhat obscure within their discography.

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With Earth, Wind & Fire’s diverse range of styles encompassing R&B, soul, funk, jazz, disco, pop, rock, Latin, and Afro-pop, “June” would likely carry the dynamic and sophisticated musicality that the band is celebrated for.

Their legacy includes iconic tracks filled with rich harmonies, infectious grooves, and uplifting lyrics that often focus on themes of love, spirituality, and optimism.

Listeners can expect “June” to resonate with Earth, Wind & Fire’s distinctive sound that combines the tight horn arrangements, emotional vocals, and groove-driven rhythm section they’re legendary for.

While specifics on “June” are elusive, fans can anticipate a song that blends musicianship with a message, much like the rest of Earth, Wind & Fire’s beloved repertoire.

12. June Is Bustin’ Out All Over – song and lyrics by Bing Crosby

Bing Crosby’s rendition of “June Is Bustin’ Out All Over” is a cheerful and vivacious number that captures the high spirits and blossoming beauty of June.

The song, written by the illustrious duo of Oscar Hammerstein II and Richard Rodgers for the musical “Carousel,” is brought to life by Crosby’s warm and engaging baritone voice.

The lyrics paint a picture of nature in full bloom, with the meadows, hills, and even the ocean brimming with activity and romance.

Crosby’s performance encapsulates the exuberance of the season with a toe-tapping rhythm and a big band sound that invites listeners to join in the celebration.

His version is a classic that charms with its bouncy tempo and joyful homage to the arrival of summer, making it an evergreen selection for anyone looking to revel in the essence of June’s jubilant charm.

13. Rainy Day In June – song and lyrics by Alan Jackson

“Rainy Day In June” by Alan Jackson is a soulful country ballad that resonates with the emotional weight of longing and loss against the backdrop of a rainy day.

Alan Jackson’s evocative lyrics and tender vocal delivery draw listeners into a deeply personal narrative, highlighting his strength in translating complex feelings into music.

The song’s orchestration complements its melancholic theme, combining gentle acoustic guitar strains with poignant melodies that underscore the reflective mood.

Through vivid imagery, Jackson portrays the pain of missing someone deeply on a gloomy June day, using the weather as a metaphor for his inner turmoil.

The recurring refrain, “The sky is grey and I am blue,” perfectly captures the blend of natural elements and emotional states, making it a touching lamentation for anyone who has experienced heartache.

“Rainy Day In June” stands out as a testament to Jackson’s ability to craft songs that speak to the heart, making it an enduring piece in his discography for those seeking solace in music.

14. Johnny Cash – My Wife June at Sea of Galilee

“My Wife June at Sea of Galilee” is more than just a song; it’s a deeply personal audio snapshot taken by Johnny Cash, offering listeners a rare glimpse into a private moment shared with his wife, June Carter Cash.

This recording is part of the album “The Holy Land,” which is an ambitious concept album that sees Cash exploring his spirituality and connection with biblical history through narratives and music.

The excerpt captures Cash and June Carter Cash sitting on the veranda of a hotel in Tiberias, Israel, overlooking the serene Sea of Galilee.

The spoken word piece is atmospheric and intimate, imbuing a sense of peace and reverence for the place they are in.

The supporting sounds and Cash’s narrative evoke imagery of the historic and spiritual significance of their surroundings, creating a special connection with listeners who are invited to share in this thoughtful, contemplative moment.

Through this recording, Cash not only celebrates his relationship with June but also his faith and appreciation for sacred spaces, making it a unique and touching piece in his discography.

15. Memphis in June – song and lyrics by Nina Simone

“Memphis in June” as performed by Nina Simone is a delightful jazz standard that immerses listeners in the effortless charm of a Southern summer.

The song, penned by Hoagy Carmichael with lyrics by Paul Francis Webster, is an ode to the tranquil beauty of Memphis, Tennessee, in the warm embrace of June.

Simone’s rich and expressive voice adds a depth of soul and sophistication to the imagery of a shaded veranda, the air sweet with the scent of oleander, and the leisurely pace of life marked by the ticking of a clock.

The lyrics bring to life a picture of familial warmth and the simple joys of a homemade blueberry pie, while Nina’s interpretation invokes a sense of nostalgia and comfort.

Her ability to convey the atmospheric splendor and the easy-going bliss of the season makes “Memphis in June” an enduring classic for those who savor the aesthetics of bygone summer days.

Simone’s rendition is a musical escape to a place where time slows down, and the moon rises to heighten the grandeur of an evening in Memphis.

16. Evening in June – song and lyrics by Van Morrison

“Evening in June” by Van Morrison is a soulful and evocative song that transports listeners to a romantic and reflective moment on a summer evening.

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The track, with its serene and poetic lyrics, unfolds against the backdrop of a luminous moonlit night by a tranquil lagoon.

Van Morrison’s masterful blend of folk and soul influences informs the song’s melody, marking it with his signature style of heartfelt storytelling through music.

His rich vocal delivery conveys a sense of longing and sentimentality as he contemplates the moonlight on the water and the beauty of a summer night’s sky.

The imagery of blooming flowers and the clear blue expanse contributes to the song’s enchanting atmosphere.

This is a track for those who cherish nostalgia and the delicate balance between nature’s beauty and emotional introspection.

Morrison’s “Evening in June” captures the bliss and melancholy of summer’s fleeting nature, while also celebrating the simple joy of being with someone special amidst such idyllic surroundings. It’s a gentle reminder of life’s simple pleasures and the profound effect they can have on us.

17. Bye June – song and lyrics by The Smashing Pumpkins

“Bye June” by The Smashing Pumpkins carries the distinct early sound characteristic of the band’s origins, delivering a softer, indie-rock vibe that stands in contrast to their later, more intense work.

William Corgan’s poetry comes to life in a song that captures a sense of hopeful departure and a whimsical connection to the titular ‘June.’

The lyrics narrate a desire for escape and a poignant address to June, anthropomorphized as someone who might be left behind, with the repeated refrain “I’m going to the moon.”

There’s a compelling blend of naiveté and a yearning for change in the song, filtered through a lens of earnest simplicity.

The melody is catchy yet retains a raw and garage-band feel that hints at the expansive trajectory the band would eventually take.

“Bye June” is a snapshot of youthful aspiration, looking forward to something just out of reach but always anticipated with optimism.

It’s a charming piece for those who connect with the intertwined feelings of farewells and futures undiscovered.

18. Middle of June – song and lyrics by Summerooms

The song “Middle of June” by Summerooms is a mellow and introspective track that resonates with the feelings of longing and introspection that can come with the height of summer.

Its gentle and soothing melody acts as the perfect companion for the thoughtful lyrics, conveying a mood that is both reflective and tender.

With lines like “It’s OK this time, I just need a little while,” the song touches on themes of needing space, the struggle to find the right words and the poignant emotion of missing someone dearly during a time of year that should be filled with warmth and joy.

The juxtaposition of the joyous connotations of June with a sense of loss creates an intimate atmosphere that listeners can deeply relate to.

This track is a serene ode to the quiet moments of summer when one’s thoughts drift to people and places absent, inviting listeners to a shared experience of quiet contemplation and emotional honesty.

It’s perfect for a solitary summer day or a peaceful night under the starry sky, offering comfort and understanding for anyone in a contemplative mood amidst the summer heat.

19. “June” by Tigers Jaw

“June” by Tigers Jaw is a powerful and moving track that delves deep into the theme of friendship and support during a time of personal hardship.

Singer and songwriter Brianna Collins wrote this song as a tribute to a friend undergoing an abusive relationship, utilizing lyrics that simultaneously capture the profound pain of such a situation, while also emphasizing the healing and reassuring presence of a strong friendship.

The lyrics employ a range of potent metaphors – the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” signifies misleading appearances, and “hold out for June, it brings a new season” suggests hope and renewal.

The recurring phrase “I’m here you know I’ll always remind you” underscores the unyielding support of a trusted friend in times of crisis.

The song’s introspective tone is complemented by a stirring melody that reflects the emotional rollercoaster of struggle and transformation, offering listeners a poignant narrative of resilience, loyalty, and the power of trust in overcoming personal tribulations.

This is a song for those seeking solace and understanding and for those cherishing the invincible bonds of friendship amidst life’s storms.

20. “June” by IDLES

“June” by IDLES is a raw, intense, and emotionally charged song that wrestles with the unparalleled grief experienced by frontman Joe Talbot, following the stillbirth of his daughter Agatha in June 2017.

Distinct from the band’s typical punk-driven sound, this track is a stark and heart-wrenching exploration of the pain of loss and the complex journey of healing.

Talbot’s lyrics, “a stillborn but stillborn, I am a father,” poignantly assert his identity as a parent despite the tragedy, and the repeated verse “I’ll mend, I’ll mend” suggests hope for healing despite overwhelming sorrow.

The stark refrain, “Baby shoes for sale: never worn,” underscores the depth of loss in its simplicity.

This piece stands out as a deeply personal narrative set to music, reflecting the private nature of grief. It is a strong reminder of the power of music to express the inexpressible, providing a cathartic outlet for both the creator and the listeners who may have experienced similar losses.

“June” is a song that boldly declares the legitimacy of pain and the difficult path to acceptance and recovery. It’s a testament to enduring love and the scars left by profound loss.

Conclusion about Songs About June

As our foray into “Songs about June” comes to a close, we find that the music has become a vessel carrying the essence of summer’s breath and life’s poignant turns.

Each song we’ve explored is a rich tapestry of emotion, capturing the dualities of June’s warmth and the bittersweet tang of memories.

Artists like IDLES give voice to profound sorrow, while others echo the carefree laughter of summer love.

These songs etched into the fabric of June, mirror our own stories, calling on us to engage with the intimate dance of reflection and celebration.

Whether June is a time of remembrance or a doorway to new beginnings, it’s clear that its soundtrack is as diverse and moving as the month itself, leaving an indelible imprint on the heart of every listener.

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