10 Best Songs About Toast

Welcome to the ultimate list of the 10 best songs about toast!

Toast is a beloved breakfast food all over the world, and some talented musicians have written brilliant tunes honoring this classic dish.

From old-school favorites to new releases, these ten songs will make you want to grab a slice of your favorite bread and start dancing.

From classic rock anthems to hip-hop jams, this list includes a wide array of musical styles.

Whether you’re looking for a cheerful sing-a-long or a slow groove, there’s something here for everyone. So grab your favorite spreadable topping and get ready to listen! Here are the 10 best songs about toast.

10 Best Songs About Toast

1) Smith & Thell ~ “Toast”

“Toast” is a heartfelt folk-pop anthem by the Swedish duo Smith & Thell. Filled with rousing melodies and rich vocal harmonies, this track serves as an uplifting ode to life’s trials and triumphs. The song weaves a tapestry of earnest lyrics and acoustic fervor, inviting listeners to raise a glass to both the bitter and sweet moments that forge our shared human experience.

It’s a celebration of resilience, a communal call to cherish the present, and a reminder that every end can mark a new beginning. Perfect for fans of rousing folk and introspective pop alike, “Toast” extends a hand to anyone seeking solace and kinship through music.

2) Anthrax ~ “Toast To The Extras”

“Toast to the Extras” is a robust and hard-hitting track by the American thrash metal band Anthrax. Known for their aggressive sound and high-energy performances, Anthrax delivers a relentless sonic assault in this song, which likely features their signature combination of rapid-fire riffs, pounding drums, and fierce vocals.

The title suggests a homage or acknowledgment to the unsung heroes or ‘extras’—be it in life or movies—those who support the main action but rarely receive the spotlight. True to Anthrax’s style, the song probably contains a vibrant mix of edgy lyrics, heavy rhythms, and a raw intensity that drives home its message with unflinching power.

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3) Koffee ~ “Toast”

Koffee’s “Toast” is a vibrant and infectious reggae anthem that radiates positivity and gratitude. Jamaican singer-songwriter Koffee delivers smooth, rapid-fire verses over a sunny beat that combines reggae’s classic laid-back rhythm with fresh, dancehall-inspired production.

Lyrically, “Toast” is a celebration of life’s blessings and an expression of appreciation for every new day and opportunity. Koffee’s spirited delivery and the song’s catchy chorus have made it an international hit, resonating with audiences looking for upliftment and a reason to smile. Whether you’re a reggae enthusiast or simply someone in search of good vibes, “Toast” is an invigorating musical treat that encourages listeners to give thanks and keep moving forward.

4) Lucy Spraggan ~ “Tea & Toast”

“Tea & Toast” is a touching, narrative-driven song by British singer-songwriter Lucy Spraggan. Known for her poignant storytelling and unique blend of folk, pop, and acoustic rap, Spraggan offers a tender tale of life and love in this track. The song features sweet, melodic guitar strumming paired with Spraggan’s conversational vocal style, guiding listeners through the ups and downs of a couple’s journey together. It’s a story of companionship, the simple pleasures of “tea and toast,” and facing life’s hardships side by side. With heartfelt lyrics that paint vivid pictures of everyday moments, “Tea & Toast” showcases Spraggan’s gift for capturing universal emotions and invites reflection on the things that truly matter in life.

5) Rudimental ft. Shungudzo, Protoje, & Hak Baker ~ “Toast To Our Differences”

“Toast to Our Differences” by Rudimental featuring Shungudzo, Protoje, and Hak Baker is a richly-layered track that celebrates diversity and unity. English drum and bass band Rudimental is known for their eclectic sound, blending elements of soul, funk, and electronic music, and this song is no exception. It features an array of distinct voices and styles, with Shungudzo’s clear, expressive vocals, Protoje’s charismatic reggae-infused rap, and Hak Baker’s gritty London tone. Together, they create a harmonious and uplifting message over a backdrop of infectious beats and vibrant instrumentation. The song encourages embracing individuality and coming together in a spirit of togetherness, making “Toast to Our Differences” a compelling anthem for inclusion and celebration of our varied backgrounds and stories.

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6) Tori Amos ~ “Toast”

“Toast” by Tori Amos is a poignant and introspective ballad from her 2005 album “The Beekeeper.” Known for her emotive piano playing and haunting vocals, Tori Amos’s “Toast” is a reflective and deeply personal song. The lyrics convey a sense of loss and remembrance, suggesting a tribute to a departed loved one. As with much of Amos’s work, the song likely weaves complex emotions with her signature blend of intricate melodies and lyrical depth. Each note and word in “Toast” carries the weight of remembrance, nostalgia, and the pain of saying goodbye, delivered with the raw honesty and artistry that characterizes Tori Amos’s profound musical storytelling.

7) Cold Chisel ~ “The Toast Of Paris”

“The Toast of Paris” by Cold Chisel is a track that channels the classic rock vibes and storytelling lyricism this iconic Australian band is known for. Led by the distinctive voice of Jimmy Barnes, the song likely showcases Cold Chisel’s blend of rock, blues, and soul influences. While the song title suggests themes of celebration, success, or perhaps a romantic escapade in the city of lights, Cold Chisel is celebrated for embedding narrative depth and evocative imagery in their music, so “The Toast of Paris” probably delivers more than just a surface-level story. Expect stirring guitar solos, a driving rhythm section, and the kind of anthemic chorus that has helped solidify Cold Chisel’s place in the pantheon of rock music.

8) Roxette ~ “Milk And Toast And Honey”

“Milk and Toast and Honey” by Roxette is a gentle and melodious ballad that captures the Swedish pop duo’s knack for crafting heartfelt and catchy songs. With the sweetly soothing voice of Marie Fredriksson and the backing of Per Gessle’s tender acoustic guitar, this song is a warm embrace in musical form. The lyrics speak to the comfort and simplicity found in life’s small pleasures, like milk, toast, and honey, which serve as metaphors for love, warmth, and care. The track’s serene and comforting vibe makes it one of Roxette’s more intimate offerings, resonating with listeners who find solace in the beauty of everyday moments and the quiet strength of enduring affection.

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9) Vacation Manor ~ “A Toast And A Spirit”

“A Toast and a Spirit” by Vacation Manor exudes the indie pop/rock band’s characteristic warm and inviting sound. With its rich melodies and reflective lyrics, the song likely delivers an earnest message woven with the kind of nostalgia and optimism that often underpins their music. Vacation Manor has a reputation for creating catchy tunes with emotional resonance, and “A Toast and a Spirit” probably carries on this tradition with thoughtful songwriting and an engaging chorus that sticks in the listener’s mind. Expect a blend of smooth vocals, vibrant guitar riffs, and a rhythm that’s both soothing and uplifting, inviting listeners to raise their glasses to both the past and the future in a shared celebration of life’s journey.

10) Steve Hackett ~ “The Toast”

“The Toast” by Steve Hackett likely reflects the guitarist’s expansive approach to music, infusing his virtuosic guitar playing with emotional depth and compositional finesse. Known for his work with Genesis as well as his prolific solo career, Steve Hackett’s “The Toast” would be expected to showcase his signature blend of progressive rock, classical influences, and melodic storytelling. The song title brings to mind celebration and a looking back on accomplishments or significant moments. His music often contains intricate arrangements and a sense of grandeur, so listeners can anticipate a piece that is both reflective and possibly celebratory, offering a toast to the experiences that shape our lives through the powerful medium of music.

Why are there songs about toast?

It’s difficult to define exactly what makes toast so special, but this beloved breakfast food has a unique charm. The songs included in this list have varying themes and interpretations, but many of them focus on the idea of bringing people together through a shared meal or activity. Whether it’s paying tribute to a loved one or celebrating our differences, toast has become a symbolic gesture that transcends cultures and speaks to our common humanity. So, whatever your preference – light and fluffy, dark and crispy, or something in between – these songs will help you celebrate the special bond that comes from sharing a meal with loved ones.


In conclusion, toast has become a metaphor for many different emotions and experiences. From celebrating friendship and companionship to reflecting on memories of lost love, songs about toast showcase the power of music to express our innermost feelings.

Whether it’s light and fluffy or dark and crispy—or something in between—toast is a universal symbol that speaks to the joy of connecting with those we care about. So grab a slice and raise a glass in honor of all that toast has to offer.

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