Top 11 Songs About March

March is a month of striking duality—occasional rain showers cast a somber mood, while sporadic warm breezes hint at summer’s imminent arrival. This mercurial nature of March has long inspired musicians, yielding a rich tapestry of songs that span generations and musical styles.
Are any tunes coming to mind? Delve into our selection of the 13 quintessential songs that pay homage to March. As you explore our compilation, you might just uncover a new favorite to refresh your seasonal playlist.

1. “March Madness” By Future

Set to a hypnotic rhythm, the American rapper Future presents “March Madness” as the standout track from his album “56 Nights.” The song is swathed in a brooding soundscape that mirrors Future’s raw reflections on his ascent from poverty to the limelight.

In this track, Future explores the grind of striving for prosperity, the weight of fame, and the relentless sacrifices necessary to achieve his current stature. His lyrics delve into his relentless pursuit and the permanent ties to his origins.

While “March Madness” shares its name with the famed NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, the connection stops there. Instead, Future employs it as a metaphor, likening the fierce rivalry of the sports arena to the relentless competition within the rap game and the ongoing battle for supremacy.

2. “Late March, Death March” By Frightened Rabbit

“Frightened Rabbit,” the Scottish indie rock ensemble, brings us a more introspective track titled “Late March, Death March” from their fourth studio offering “Pedestrian Verse,” unveiled in 2013.

The essence of the song is encapsulated within its name, a meditation on the end of life. The lyrics convey the protagonist’s sense of having crossed some irreversible threshold, uttering a resignation that it’s too late for salvation, signifying a point of no return.

The evocative title, “Late March, Death March,” alludes to the historical and sometimes cultural associations between the month of March and themes of demise and rebirth, reflecting the seasonal transition from the harshness of winter to the renewal of spring—a period marked by profound shifts and transformations.

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3. “March Winds Gonna Blow My Blues All Away” By The Carter Family

The Carter Family, an esteemed American folk music ensemble, made their mark between 1927 and 1943 by creating an anthology of timeless country tunes. Among their musical gems is an uplifting piece titled “March Winds Gonna Blow My Blues All Away.”

True to the Carter Family’s emblematic style, the track resonates with harmonious vocals and unembellished string accompaniments. The lyrics encapsulate the protagonist’s tales of sorrow, from feeling forlorn to yearning for a connection with someone.

Yet, there is a strand of optimism interwoven in the song—the narrator holds onto the belief that the advent of spring will act as a harbinger of positive change. The chorus celebrates the “March winds” as a powerful force of nature, capable of sweeping away the lingering “blues” to usher in a season filled with hope, renewal, and happiness.

4. “March Winds And April Showers” By Ruth Etting

Following in our lineup is another melody graced with the essence of “March” in its title—Ruth Etting’s 1935 hit, “March Winds and April Showers,” a venerable tune that beautifully analogizes the burgeoning of spring with the flowering of romance.
The song’s lead, with a note of timeless charm, heralds that the “March winds and April showers” are precursors to the “sweet May flowers.” These natural cycles mimic the anticipation of the narrator, who is ardently awaiting the arrival of her dearest love. She declares a fondness for this time of year when love is freshly sprouting—delicate, earnest, and at its most endearing.

5. “March 23” By Confession

The Australian metalcore outfit Confession unleashed the track “March 23” as part of their 2014 album “Life and Death,” marking the sixth addition to their third and final full-length offering.

Echoing their distinctive heavy metal resonance, the song’s content does not explicitly mention “March” within its verses. The significance lies within the title, marking a date deeply personal to Michael Crafter, the band’s originator and lead vocalist.

The lyrics themselves navigate through the enduring themes of love and the vow to cling to it eternally. Crafter has openly acknowledged that “March 23” is a heartfelt tribute to his daughter. Aligning with the song’s intimate essence, the band staged an impromptu performance in their neck of the woods on the very date of March 23 in the year 2019.

6. “March” By Jack Hartmann

Kicking off our list is a definitive ode to March by Jack Hartmann. Featured on his album “Calendar Songs Through the Year,” the track “March”—also referred to as “The Month of March”—stands out as the only entry explicitly dedicated to illuminating the month.
Designed as a musical tool to assist kids with memorizing the months of the year, Hartmann’s energetic and memorable tune “March” educates its listeners on the number of days in the month, how to spell ‘March’, the notable (US) holidays it encompasses, and the season to which it belongs.
Renowned for his educational children’s music, Hartmann offers an array of songs on his YouTube channel aimed at nurturing young minds. “March” is just one exemplary resource he provides for a quick and engaging lesson on the third month of the year

7. “Melancholy March” By Julie London

The golden age of big-band swing and jazz lends itself perfectly to sentimental messages. Julie London croons in her iconic sultry vocals of the gloomy gray skies and cold winds in the song “Melancholy March.”

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Not quite pleasant weather, and still holding a chill in the air, the March weather makes her want to withdraw and wallow in her sorrowful feelings. We can assume she refers to a lost romance, though it could also be general late-winter ennui.

The sound of a slow percussive rhythm, bold brass, and a moody clarinet support London’s vocals as she reminisces over better rays. For sure, this song will also have you thinking the same.

8. “Winds Of March” By Journey

Diving into the dynamic world of rock, even this genre embraces the enigma of March. The celebrated hard-rock band Journey delivers the track “Winds of March” on their acclaimed 1978 album “Infinity.” They liken a captivating romance to spring’s whimsical climate that characterizes March.

The song’s lyrics possess an obscurity that invites various interpretations. From our perspective, it seems the storyteller might be serenading his child, whose love has effortlessly swept him off his feet, much like a sudden March zephyr. He expresses a deep yearning to shield his beloved, ensuring their happiness and security—a sentiment as powerful and moving as the month’s own transforming winds.

9. “A Song Of The Weather” By Flanders And Swann

The comedic pair Flanders and Swann, having met at Westminster School in London, crafted a legacy with more than a hundred tunes conceived throughout the heydays of the 1940s and 1950s. Their song “A Song of the Weather” is quintessentially representative of their body of work, blending witty verses with sprightly piano interludes.

Their lighthearted number presents a playful pastiche, dedicating a few whimsical lines to each month. It’s structured with rhyming couplets, where the first line honors the month’s distinguishing traits, followed by a humorous jab at its dreadful weather.

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March, with its rainy disposition and lingering winter chill, does not elude their jest. Through the song, you can sense the audience’s delight as they revel in the duo’s clever humor that turns the dreariness of early spring into a source of mirth.

10. “The Fifth Day Of March” By Novembers Doom

“Into Night’s Requiem Infernal,” the 2009 album by November’s Doom, presents the poignant melody “The Fifth Day of March,” a profound reflection on grief and the struggle to endure loss.

The piece initiates with a haunting guitar riff, setting a somber and contemplative mood that engulfs the listener in an atmosphere laden with dread. Shortly after, the resonant voice of frontman Paul Kuhr dominates, lamenting the harrowing experience of “the darkest day on that fifth day of March,” when he confronted the anguish of losing someone close to his heart.

As a notable entry in November’s Doom’s catalog, “The Fifth Day of March” underscores the group’s expertise in weaving raw emotion and a brooding ambiance, all while serving the intense solidity that is the hallmark of true extreme metal connoisseurs.

11. “(March 19th 1983) It Was Probably Green” By Carissa’s Wierd

The American indie ensemble Carissa’s Wierd crafted their own solemn ode to March with the track “(March 19th, 1983) It Was Probably Green,” a narrative steeped in the sorrow of a specific date that witnessed loss.

This song unfurls as a somber ballad composed of gentle organ and piano melodies, accompanied by the evocative vocals of Matt Brooke. Through his singing, we’re led into a reflective space, where the narrator muses over the departure of a friend, intertwined with personal recollections like the friend’s fondness for the color “probably green”.

Renowned for their stripped-down and emotive sound, Carissa’s Wierd masterfully explores the harrowing depths of heartache, solitude, and the poignant challenges threaded through the fabric of everyday existence. “(March 19th, 1983) It Was Probably Green” fittingly exemplifies the band’s raw, confessional storytelling that resonates with the beautifully tragic side of human experience.

Summing Up Our List Of Songs About March

Indeed, March has inspired a diverse palette of musical expressions, each bringing its unique hue to the canvas of song. While many artists have harnessed the month’s often dreary and damp demeanor to echo sentiments of despondency, longing, or loss, others have found in March the promise of rejuvenation and hope—much like the heralding of spring following winter’s thaw.

The perspective of change and beginnings that arrives with the latter part of March can be a powerful muse, reminding us that beyond struggles and trying times, there lies the potential for fresh starts and brighter days.

Your journey through these musical pieces depicting March has hopefully been an enlightening one. If there’s a March-themed song that you cherish and it didn’t make the list, we’re all ears! Share it with us, and we would be more than happy to consider its resonance with this melodic month.

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