10 Best Songs About Brothers

Songs about brothers can be a truly remarkable way to convey the profound connection shared between siblings. Whether it be a heartfelt ballad depicting the strong bond between brothers or an uplifting melody celebrating the joys of having a brother, these songs possess the power to encapsulate the unique relationship between siblings.

From the soulful tunes of country to the electrifying beats of rock, the catchy melodies of pop, or the rhythmic rhymes of rap, various music genres offer a plethora of songs paying homage to the brotherly bond.

These musical compositions serve as a beautiful means to commemorate the unbreakable ties between brothers and sisters, or even to express the sorrow that may arise from a fractured relationship. Regardless of the circumstance, these songs allow us to grasp the intricate intricacies of brotherly love.

1. “Brother” by Kodaline

“Brother” is an emotive song by the Irish rock band Kodaline, featured on their 2017 album named after the same track.

The song is an ode to the deep bonds of friendship and brotherhood, emphasizing the importance of standing by each other through life’s highs and lows.

With heartfelt lyrics and a soaring melody, “Brother” is a powerful anthem of solidarity and support.

The moving refrain “Brother, we go deeper than the ink beneath the skin of our tattoos” encapsulates the enduring nature of true kinship and loyalty.

Kodaline’s delivery is filled with sincerity and warmth, making it a poignant reminder of the unspoken pact to always be there for one another, akin to the connection shared by siblings.

2. “Brother Mine” by Suzanne Vega

“Brother Mine” is a touching song by American singer-songwriter Suzanne Vega, which delves into the complexities and enduring nature of sibling relationships.

Known for her narrative songwriting, Vega uses this track to paint an intimate portrait of a bond between siblings that withstands the tests of time and distance.

The lyrics often feature a conversational tone, lending a sense of authenticity and personal reflection to the song.

With her characteristic folk-inspired sound, “Brother Mine” showcases Vega’s ability to explore universal themes with a gentle and poignant touch, highlighting the intricate layers of love, loyalty, and shared history that tie siblings together.

3. “Brother” by NEEDTOBREATHE

“Brother” is a stirring song by the American rock band NEEDTOBREATHE, featured on their 2014 album “Rivers in the Wasteland.”

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The song is an uplifting call to unity and support, particularly in the context of brotherly bonds and spiritual kinship.

Its compelling chorus, “Brother, let me be your shelter,” offers a message of strength and solidarity in times of trouble.

The track blends rousing rock elements with soulful gospel influences, creating an anthemic feel that encourages listeners to lean on each other.

With powerful vocals and a message that resonates deeply, “Brother” by NEEDTOBREATHE serves as a reminder of the importance of companionship and the strength found in togetherness.

4. “Little Brother” by Ella Vos

“Little Brother” by Ella Vos is a delicate and introspective song that showcases the singer-songwriter’s ethereal vocals and synth-pop sensibilities.

The track speaks to themes of protection, guidance, and unconditional love typically associated with the relationship between siblings.

Vos’s tender lyrics offer advice and solace, evoking a sense of nurturing and responsibility towards a younger sibling. Her emotive delivery meshes with the song’s dreamy production to create a sonic space that feels intimate and reassuring.

“Little Brother” is a heartfelt tribute to the caring bonds that can exist within families, highlighting Vos’s talent for capturing complex emotions with simplicity and grace.

5. “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” by The Hollies

“He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” is a classic ballad by the British pop-rock group The Hollies, released in 1969.

This timeless song is celebrated for its profound message of compassion and brotherhood.

Its iconic chorus, “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother,” speaks volumes about the moral responsibility and deep affection that comes with close relationships, suggesting that no burden is too great when helping someone you care about.

The song’s rich vocal harmonies combined with emotive string arrangements create a powerful sense of empathy and solidarity.

Over the years, “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” has become an anthem for charity movements and a symbol of the strength found in unity and mutual support.

6. “Baby Brother” by Mattiel

“Baby Brother” by Mattiel is a vibrant and spirited song that takes a storytelling approach, characteristic of the American singer-songwriter’s style.

Mattiel’s distinct vocals carry a sense of nostalgic allure, blending elements of retro rock and modern indie influences.

The track’s groovy melody and sharp, catchy chorus offer a playful yet poignant homage to sibling relationships, layered with the emotional complexity that often comes with family dynamics.

The song pulls listeners into a narrative that feels both personal and relatable, capturing the essence of the unique bonds that siblings share.

“Baby Brother” showcases Mattiel’s ability to weave reflective lyrics with foot-tapping rhythms, creating a track that’s as thoughtful as it is energetic.

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7. “Blood Brothers” by Luke Bryan

“Blood Brothers” is a song by American country music artist Luke Bryan, found on his 2013 album “Crash My Party.” The song captures the essence of lasting friendship that runs as deep as family ties. With Bryan’s signature country rock vibe, the lyrics reflects on shared experiences, common bonds, and the camaraderie akin to that of brothers by blood. The themes of the song celebrate the unspoken understanding and loyalty found in friendships that stand the test of time. Bryan’s evocative storytelling and the anthem-like feel of the chorus resonate with listeners who cherish those irreplaceable connections that feel just like family. “Blood Brothers” is illustrative of the heartwarming and enduring nature of such relationships and adds to Luke Bryan’s repertoire of feel-good country hits.

8. “Two Little Boys” by Rolf Harris

“Two Little Boys” is a song made famous by Australian entertainer Rolf Harris in 1969. Though originally written by American composer Theodore Morse and lyricist Edward Madden in 1902, Harris’s version became widely known. The song tells the touching story of two young friends who grow up and fight in a war together. It highlights themes of childhood innocence, deep friendship, and the enduring promise of loyalty. The narrative follows the two boys into adulthood, culminating in a poignant scene on the battlefield that reinforces the strength of their bond. With its simple yet profound lyrics and melody, “Two Little Boys” has a timeless appeal that stirs emotions and underscores the lasting impact of companionship.

9. “What’s happening brother” by Marvin Gaye 

“What’s Happening Brother” is a soulful track by the legendary R&B and soul musician Marvin Gaye, featured on his iconic 1971 album “What’s Going On.”

The song serves as a sincere inquiry into the welfare and experiences of a fellow man, potentially a soldier returning from war, as implied by the album’s broader context of social issues and commentary on the Vietnam War.

With its smooth blend of Motown sound and potent emotional lyrics, the song touches upon the struggles and uncertainties faced by those returning home, searching for their place in society.

Gaye’s expressive vocals and the rich instrumental arrangement create a deep sense of empathy and connection.

“What’s Happening Brother” stands out as an intimate piece within an album that addresses larger societal concerns, showcasing Gaye’s capacity to make the personal universal.

10. “Brotherly Love” by Earl Thomas Conley

“Brotherly Love” is a heartfelt country song performed by Earl Thomas Conley in collaboration with fellow country artist Keith Whitley.

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This emotive duet, released after Whitley’s untimely death, is a poignant recount of the strong but often complicated relationships that can exist between brothers.

The lyrics convey a tale of shared lives and the mutual understanding that comes with a sibling connection, acknowledging both the bittersweet arguments and the unbreakable bond that remains.

Through their compelling vocal performances, Conley and Whitley depict a realistic and touching portrayal of brotherly love, with all its imperfections and endearment.

The song resonates with anyone who understands the profound dynamics of brotherhood and serves as a tender reminder of the enduring love that underpins family relationships.


Why would I want a song about my brother?

Express your love and appreciation to your brother through music. Singing together can strengthen your bond and create new memories. Share a meaningful song about brothers to celebrate this unique relationship and bring you closer together.

What themes do these songs explore?

These types of songs often explore themes of brotherly love and conflicts, unconditional loyalty between siblings, and tensions that can arise between them as they grow older.

Are there any artists who write about their own relationship with their brothers?

Yes! Artists like The Brothers Osborne, BTS, Kings of Leon, Imagine Dragons, Maroon 5 and Mumford & Sons have all incorporated themes of brotherhood into their music.

What emotions are typically expressed in songs about brothers?

Songs about brothers can express a wide range of emotions including joy, nostalgia, camaraderie, comfort and protection. They often reflect on the unique bond between siblings and the experiences they’ve shared together.

Are there any songs that are specifically written for Big Brothers?

There are a few songs that celebrate being a big brother, such as “Big Brother” by The Killers, “My Big Brother” by Coldplay, and “Big Bro Little Sis” by Maren Morris. They explore the unique responsibilities of an older sibling and all the emotions that come with it.

What are some songs about brotherly love?

Popular songs that express brotherly love include “Brother” by NEEDTOBREATHE, “One More Day” by Diamond Rio, and “Two Brothers” by The Band Perry. These songs capture the joys, struggles and everything in between that comes with being a brother.


Songs about brothers can be a beautiful way to express your feelings and celebrate the bond between siblings.

From classic anthems to more contemporary tunes, there are plenty of songs that capture the emotional complexities of brotherhood.

Whether you want to share a special moment with your sibling or simply rock out together, these songs provide the perfect soundtrack for any occasion!

So don’t hesitate to find your favorite song about brothers and share it with the one who matters most. It’s sure to bring you closer together!

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