10 Best Piano books for Beginners

Starting to learn piano is exciting, and for beginners, having the right books can make all the difference.

If you’re tuning in from Littlevoiceuk, you’ll know how important it is to find materials that are easy to understand and help you improve.

So today, we’re going to talk about the ‘Best Piano Books for Beginners.’ These books are great for anyone just starting, giving clear instructions and useful tips to help you get the hang of the piano basics.

We suggest utilizing a piano method book in conjunction with a teacher, class, or online program. Prepare to delve in and explore the books that will add an element of enjoyment to learning the piano!

How to Choose the Perfect Piano Book for Your Learning Style

Choosing the perfect piano book that aligns with your learning style requires understanding how you absorb information best.

If you’re a visual learner, look for books with detailed diagrams and step-by-step illustrations.

Auditory learners may benefit from books that come with CDs or online audio resources. Kinesthetic learners should seek out interactive options with hands-on exercises.

For those who prefer a structured approach, method books that provide gradual lessons may be ideal. Conversely, if you like to explore creatively, find books offering a variety of music styles and composition exercises.

Remember, the best book for you is one that keeps you engaged and eager to practice, helping you progress at a comfortable pace.

To find the perfect piano book for your learning style, consider the following points:

  • Visual Learners: Opt for books with clear images, diagrams, and reading aids.
  • Auditory Learners: Choose books that include CDs or access to online audio to hear the music.
  • Kinesthetic Learners: Look for interactive books with plenty of exercises to try out directly on the piano.
  • Structured Approach: If you prefer step-by-step learning, method books with progressive lessons will suit you best.
  • Creative Exploration: Select books with a range of music genres and composition activities for a more creative approach.

10 Best Piano Books for Beginners

1. John Thompson’s Adult Piano Course: Book 1

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“John Thompson’s Adult Piano Course: Book 1” is a preparatory guide for adult piano learners.

It presents a series of lessons and exercises tailored to older beginners, focusing on reading music and basic techniques from the start.

The course aims to provide a strong foundation in piano playing through a structured yet enjoyable approach, combining classical elements with folk tunes and personalized compositions suited for adult sensibilities.


  • Focused on adult beginners’ needs
  • Emphasizes music reading early on
  • Structured and systematic approach
  • Variety in musical pieces included


  • May require additional guidance from a teacher
  • Lacks visual learning aids (drawings, photos)
  • Centralized on classical and folk genres
  • Limited in addressing advanced techniques

Customer Review: 5 stars

“Comprehensive and effective; quickly establishes a solid piano foundation. Adults gain confidence with measurable progress. Not dumbed-down. Spiraling may improve readability.”

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2. Alfred’s Basic Adult All-In-One Piano Course

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“Alfred’s Basic Adult All-In-One Piano Course” is a comprehensive music instruction book designed for the adult beginner.

Published on January 1, 1999, by Alfred Publishing and created by experienced authors Morty Manus and Iris Manus, this course integrates lessons, theory, and technic into a single, streamlined volume.

With its spiral-bound format, the book enables easy handling and page-turning.

It’s praised for its educational effectiveness and accessibility, helping adults start their musical journey with foundational skills in piano playing.

The included pieces vary in style, promoting both musical literacy and technical proficiency.


  • Comprehensive lessons, theory, and technic
  • Streamlined, single-volume format
  • Easy-to-follow instructions and pieces
  • Favorably reviewed by many users


  • Content may seem dated
  • The initial pace may be fast for some
  • Mostly focuses on classical music
  • Extra materials might be necessary

Customer Review: 5 stars

“This book is incredibly helpful and straightforward for beginners! Helps make palpable progress with the learning process. Highly recommended by many users.”

3. Hal Leonard Adult Piano Method – Book 1

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The “Adult Piano Method – Book 1” from the Hal Leonard Student Piano Library uniquely combines lessons, solos, techniques, and theory in a single volume, specifically targeting the adult learning process.

Presented in a logical step-by-step format, the book is structured to progress quickly yet comfortably, ensuring both challenge and fulfillment for the beginning adult student.

It includes richly orchestrated accompaniments available for streaming or download, enhancing the learning experience.


  • All-in-one approach for an efficient learning path
  • Tailored for adults with a logical progression
  • Includes online accompaniments for an immersive experience
  • Supplementary materials available for expanded learning


  • May move too quickly for absolute beginners
  • Requires internet for accessing online materials
  • Focus predominantly on the classical genre
  • Book format may not suit all learning styles

Customer Review: 5 stars

“Exceedingly well-crafted, surpasses Alfred or Faber. Ideal for adult starters, and equally fitting for kids. Teaches technique and theory efficiently.”

4. The Classical Piano Method: Method Book 1

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“John Thompson’s Easiest Piano Course Part 1” is a classic instructional book series that provides a comprehensive step-by-step learning approach tailored for children beginning to play the piano.

Known for its colorful characters and illustrations, it aims to make the learning process engaging and enjoyable for young students.

The book covers fundamental concepts through simple and concise lessons, allowing for steady progress and a strong foundational understanding of piano playing.


  • Tailored for children’s learning
  • Step-by-step, clear instruction
  • Engaging illustrations and characters
  • Builds solid foundational skills


  • May be too simple for older learners
  • Early editions lack modern music
  • The pace may be slow for some students
  • Lacks diverse musical genres

Customer Review: 5 stars

“I found it to be very useful as additional literature. Highly recommended, especially for adult beginners.”

5. Piano For Dummies (For Dummies (Music))

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“Piano For Dummies” is part of the widely recognized “For Dummies” series, offering an accessible guide to learning piano for beginners.

The book includes theoretical and practical content accompanied by an audio CD which aids in the learning process.

It is designed not only to teach piano basics but also to provide a comprehensive overview of more complex musical concepts simply and engagingly.


  • Easy to understand, fun read
  • Includes audio CD for practical learning
  • Comprehensive covering of basics and advanced topics
  • Suitable for total beginners and as a refresher
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  • Some copies miss the audio CD
  • Might be too basic for advanced players
  • Humor may not appeal to all readers
  • May not be the most modern approach

Customer Review: 5 star

“Prompt delivery, good quality. The content exceeded my expectations; exactly what I was hoping for, and more.”

6. Piano Book for Adult Beginners

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“Piano Book for Adult Beginners” by Damon Ferrante offers a comprehensive introduction to piano playing, as praised by Rolling Stone Magazine.

Ferrante’s method is tailored for adult learners, emphasizing step-by-step lessons paired with streaming video tutorials.

Designed to be interactive and engaging, this book requires no prior knowledge of music reading, making it accessible to everyone.

It covers famous classics and improves piano technique, creativity, and musical understanding.

Whether self-taught or with an instructor, this book aims to elevate your piano skills to a new level, making it a valuable resource for beginners eager to learn and enjoy the piano.


  • Praised by reputable sources
  • Includes streaming video lessons
  • No music reading required
  • Covers famous piano pieces
  • Suitable for self-teaching or guided learning


  • Limited to adult beginners
  • May not suit those who prefer traditional music reading from the start

Customer 1:

5 stars – “A great teaching tool, rekindled my piano skills!”

Review: Great for revisiting piano basics and improving technique. Helpful teaching style, excited to learn again!

Customer 2:

4 stars – “Good for beginners, effective teaching method”

Review: Bought for a student. Helps with learning musical techniques. Encourages expanding abilities.

7. Learn The Piano in 5 Easy Steps

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“Piano: Learn The Piano in 5 Easy Steps” is a self-guided piano course designed for beginners, aiming to provide an easy method that encourages good playing skills, techniques, and habits from the start.

Authored by Mary James and published on September 1, 2015, this spiral-bound book with online video instruction promises a fast-progressing learning method that allows many students to start playing songs with both hands by their second lesson.

Utilizing a 5-note scale method paired with online video tutorials from a master piano teacher, it strives to ensure quick learning through proper finger techniques, setting the foundation for advancing to more complex music.


  • Self-guided course with easy-to-follow steps.
  • Online video tutorials for paced learning.
  • Fast-progressing method for early success.
  • Teaches proper finger techniques.
  • Only 68 pages, may be considered brief.
  • Emphasis on beginners might limit advanced learning.

Customer Review: “The best way to learn piano for adult beginners. I picked up quickly, playing with both hands by the second day. The videos are extremely helpful, preventing overwhelm. Highly recommend for motivation and ease of learning.”

8. Big Book of Piano Classics for Beginners

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“Big Book of Beginner’s Piano Classics” offers an impressive collection of 83 favorite pieces in easy piano arrangements, accessible to pianists at the beginning level.

Published on June 11, 2008, by Dover Publications and compiled by David Dutkanicz, this compilation includes free MP3 downloads for each piece, helping beginners familiarize themselves with a broad range of classical music.

The book covers works from famous composers like Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, and Tchaikovsky, aiming to spark an appreciation for classical music among new pianists.

It encourages the development of skills through simplified arrangements that still convey the beauty and essence of the original compositions.

With 144 pages formatted as music scores, it serves as a valuable resource for music teachers, students, and any beginner eager to explore the art of piano playing.

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  • Offers 83 simplified popular classics.
  • Free MP3 downloads for all included pieces.
  • Encourages appreciation for classical music.
  • Suitable for all ages and skill levels.
  • Simplified arrangements might not appeal to advanced players.
  • Some might prefer more guidance on technique.

Rating: 5 stars

Customer Review: “Excellent selection of classical music arranged for beginners. Simplified yet appealing; offers a substantial variety with helpful fingering notations and fun facts.”

9. Beginner Piano Lessons for Adults Book

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“Beginner Piano Lessons for Adults Book,” authored by Lee Davis and released on July 12, 2018, is an excellent resource formulated to guide adult beginners in their journey of learning to play the piano or keyboard.

This 62-page paperback book encompasses the absolute basics, including proper technique and hand positions, reading music, scales, and chords.

It is crafted to be straightforward, making sure that all musical content is fully explained with standard music notations, fingerings, and detailed instructions.

The book culminates in a songbook section comprising basic to advanced arrangements of ten songs, supplemented by online video instructions showcasing musical performances of each song at various tempos.

The included online videos and audio tracks ensure that students have a comprehensive guide to practicing and performing the pieces learned.


  • Clear instructions on basics and techniques.
  • Includes a variety of songs for practice.
  • To the point and suitable for absolute beginners.
  • Online video and audio for easy learning.
  • Not available in print, limited availability.
  • May be too basic for intermediate learners.

Customer Review: 5 star

“This book is so easy to follow. Still wish I had an instructor for some things are a little confusing in regards to what is the best method to learn by the alphabets or the numbers that represent the alphabets, but you’ll see what I mean. My 9 year old is learning quicker than me! Utilize the online video to help you practice! If you commit the time at least 30 mins or more everyday, I’m sure you’ll pick it up faster!”

10. Piano Book for Kids 5 & Up – Beginner Level

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The “Piano Book for Kids 5 & Up – Beginner Level” by Damon Ferrante, published by Steeplechase Arts on April 25, 2018, is tailored for young beginners.

With 106 pages of easy-to-digest content, this book introduces children to the piano through famous songs and fun music.

It blends learning with entertainment through jokes, illustrations, and engaging characters.

Damon Ferrante uses his over twenty-five years of teaching experience to offer a comprehensive introduction to playing the piano and reading music.

Accompanying the book are streaming video lessons that provide visual instruction, reinforce the book’s content, and help kids rapidly improve their playing skills and musical knowledge.

The course covers well-known pieces such as “Ode to Joy,” “Amazing Grace,” and “Happy Birthday,” ensuring a diverse learning experience.


  • Specifically designed for children ages 5 to 9.
  • Includes streaming video lessons for interactive learning.
  • No prior music reading skills are required.
  • Features famous and fun songs for engagement.
  • Targeted only at young children; not for older beginners.
  • May not be comprehensive enough for advanced learning.

Customer Review: 5 star

“This is ok, if you are just beginning it will work, but some of it for me was confusing, and the site did not allow me to get on to see the videos.”

Final Thoughts

Concluding our exploration of the “10 Best Piano Books for Beginners,” it’s evident that each book offers its unique approach to learning piano, catering to different styles, ages, and learning preferences.

From the thoroughness of “Hal Leonard’s Adult Piano Method” suited for adult beginners craving a well-rounded introduction, to the engaging and interactive “The Classical Piano Method” perfect for students seeking a more immersive experience with audio support.

We trust that this manual assists you in discovering the appropriate book that not only matches your learning approach but also enhances your musical expedition.

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