15 Songs About Ghosts | Ghost-themed Music Collection

From classical recordings such as Debussy’s Images and Beethoven’s Ghost Trio to radio performances or sound effects CDs, ghosts have always been an alluring net of themes that invites curiosity among certain song themes.

No matter whether you believe in ghosts or not, as long as these eerie tracks are around, anybody can appreciate their ghastly charms.

Whether it’s Japan’s Ban Ban Maro or South Korea’s bang of death from Nirvana, each song on ghosts tells a very different scary tale.

Another classic that reminds you of all the ghost stories in orbit, it invites you into a world beyond the everyday.

This playlist features enchanting and mysterious songs that will whisk you away to a supernatural world, captivating listeners with its allure and inviting exploration into the unknown.

1. “Ghost” by Phish

“Ghost” by Phish stands as one of the band’s most famous songs, rapidly transpiring from just another track to another classic in their vast discography.

This song delves into the spectral realm, offering listeners more than just a tune but an experience that toys with the idea of whether ghosts are real or simply figments lurking “behind my eyes.”

It’s not just a song about ghosts; it’s a full-blown ghost story set to music, enveloping you in its ghostly atmosphere with each note.

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, “Ghost” by Phish has earned its spot on any playlist devoted to the eerie and supernatural.

Through its captivating lyrics and haunting melodies, Phish provides an auditory journey that’s as close to a ghost encounter as one can safely get through their speakers.

2. “Ghostbusters” By Ray Parker Jr


Our first choice is the iconic and catchy “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker Jr.

Needless to say, you wouldn’t need to have seen the movie in order to recognize this classic; everybody knows and likes the theme song.

Released in 1984, the track was an upbeat, high-thumping paean to those daring Ghostbusters and their adventures in ghostbusting operations. It’s a good song for getting people moving and enjoying themselves at parties.

When Ghostbusters was re-launched, its theme music stayed the same. As with all such things the spirits of the song live on, even though it might be performed by someone else. A thing of undeniable spirit this song has been so for almost 40 years.

3. “Walking with a Ghost” by Tegan & Sara

In the annals of famous songs that delve into the supernatural, “Walking with a Ghost” by Tegan & Sara emerges as another classic that casts a spell on listeners with its ghostly allure.

This catchy tune doesn’t just ask if you believe in ghosts it takes you by the hand and immerses you into a ghost story set to an infectious melody.

The lyrics, featuring lines like “No matter which way you go, no matter which way you stay, you’re out of my mind, out of my mind,” capture the haunting sensation of a presence that lingers “behind my eyes,” speaking to anyone who’s felt haunted by a memory or a feeling they can’t shake.

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Whether or not you think ghosts are real, this song about ghosts earns its spot on any playlist for its ability to evoke the eerie sense of walking with an unseen companion.

4. “Ghost” By Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s ‘Ghost’ and Bogdanova have held 2021’s album ‘Justice.’ As a standout track from this list, it deserves special note

The song embodies the pain of parting with loved ones. His enormity of feeling is tangible, as he can only be with her if it were possible to go even if that means crossing into another life.

But he knows deep in his heart that she has someplace beyond his reach.

In her absence, he is left clinging to the memory of her spirit and the life they once shared. As this shadowy comfort, however, the reality or regret we feel for what remains after she’s gone grows in the lyrics (which echo this contrasting mood) do nothing to ease our pain.

5. “Ghosts That We Knew” By Mumford & Sons

Moving through our anthology of haunting melodies, we encounter “Ghosts that We Knew” by Mumford & Sons, a soul-stirring piece from their 2012 offering ‘Babel.’

This track weaves the narrative of an individual navigating through the shadowy valleys of depression. Lyrics like “Broken glass, saw the blood run from my veins” hint at the singer’s raw encounters with self-harm.

Yet, there is a glimmer of sanctuary in the form of a devoted companion—perhaps a lover—who remains steadfast despite the suffering.

As the song closes, there’s a budding sense of hope amidst the darkness. The specters of struggle linger, but there’s a promise of eventual peace and resilience. With time, the desire is to banish these ghosts, paving the way for longevity and renewal.

6. “Misguided Ghosts” By Paramore

The concept of ghosts in music often transcends the idea of haunting spirits. For instance, in “Misguided Ghosts” by Paramore, the theme revolves around feeling invisible and overlooked by the bustling world.

The song delves into a sense of misalignment and detachment from one’s surroundings.

A particularly touching moment arises with the realization that the protagonist is not alone in feeling insubstantial, almost specter-like. The discovery of numerous others who navigate life feeling unseen, never leaving a trace, is equally disheartening and awakening.

This track serves as a powerful reminder of the significance of human connection—not merely because of our innate social disposition but because making a meaningful impact on those around us can validate and enrich our existence.

7. “(Ghost) Riders In The Sky” By Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash’s 1979 rendition of “(Ghost) Riders in the Sky” galloped onto the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks, securing a #2 spot after a persistent 16-week ride.

This Western classic recounts a cowboy’s haunting vision where he beholds a fierce herd of cattle, their eyes aflame, hooves like forged steel, thundering across the tumultuous heavens, pursued by spectral cowherds.

These apparitional riders are cursed souls, cowboys condemned to eternally herd the devil’s own livestock across the boundless skies. A grim warning is issued to the witness; unless he alters his path, his fate too will be to join this ghostly posse.

8. “Ghost Of Yesterday” By Billie Holiday

The ethereal voice of Billie Holiday is an evocation of the past, a summoning of memories with every note she sings. In “Ghosts of Yesterday,” Holiday’s vocals are imbued with a profound lyricism and delicate poignancy, akin to the sonic embodiment of heartache, and compelling in their beauty.

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At its core, the song is a meditation on love lost and the persistent shadows it casts. It’s a touching testament to the enduring presence of memory, to the spectral remnants of bygone days and former companions that continue to haunt.

The vocalist reflects on the way these echoes from prior chapters resurface, even when she believes she has turned a page.

The nighttime, especially, becomes a stage for these visitations—true to ghostly form—where they do not merely stir restlessness but speak mournfully of the future that was buried with the conclusion of a cherished bond, reviving dreams that once seemed full of life but now lie dormant.

9. “Ghost Of Me” By Daughtry

In music, the term “ghost” often takes on multifaceted meanings. Daughtry’s “Ghost of Me” is a prime example, where it alludes to something or someone that is no longer present.

The track might be interpreted in various ways, but one common reading is through the lens of a concluded romance. The woman, unable to let go, is haunted by recollections of her former partner and their shared past, resulting in restless nights.

Compounding the situation is her vivid imagination, which keeps her longing for him alive and intensifies his sense of alienation. Thus, he pleads with her, “Don’t look over your shoulder,” cautioning that in doing so, she would only be chasing the phantom of what he once was.

10. “The Ghost Of Tom Joad” By Bruce Springsteen

Delving deeper into our ghostly assortment, Bruce Springsteen’s “The Ghost of Tom Joad” emerges, drawing its ethereal inspiration from John Steinbeck’s seminal work, “The Grapes of Wrath.” The song is a soulful incarnation of one of the novel’s central figures, Tom Joad.

While soft and contemplative in its musicality, to simply tag it as a ghostly ballad barely scratches the surface. Bruce Springsteen expands the narrative, invoking the spirit of Joad to confront salient societal challenges—inequality, conflict, and the quest for liberty.

In a poignant turn, the song suggests recognizing our kin in the faces of those who struggle and suffer, a nod to the core philosophies embedded within Steinbeck’s narrative.

It is these deep resonances—rooted in empathy and solidarity—that elevate Springsteen’s rendition, echoing the enduring impact of the original literary masterpiece.

11. “The Ghost Of You” By My Chemical Romance

Navigating the complicated tides of grief, My Chemical Romance captures the immense toll of loss in “The Ghost of You.” The track skillfully paints a haunting portrait of a singer tormented by the memory of a deceased girlfriend.

As he confronts the irrevocable void left by her passing, the question of how to endure without her looms large. Her lingering essence haunts his every moment, amplifying the agony of her absence.

Each resurgence of memory brings with it a flood of sorrow for the exchanges they will never share again. He is left to reflect on the myriad of possibilities and shared dreams that now drift untethered, the specters of a future that will never come to pass.

12. “Ghost Behind My Eyes” By Ozzy Osbourne

Continuing with our procession of spectral songs is Ozzy Osbourne’s haunting hit, “Ghost Behind My Eyes.” The track masterfully articulates the familiar sensation of being haunted by an inescapable presence in one’s mind.

Setting the perfect tone for a phantasmal ride, the music carries an eerie quality fit for a haunted carnival, while the lyrics deliver a vivid portrayal of nightly visitations.

There is speculation that the “she” who haunts his slumber is an allusion to his wife, Sharon, yet the ghost here symbolizes any omnipresent force that lingers within us.

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For the narrator, it is a past flame that stirs within his psyche. With each blink into darkness, memories flood back, a testament to the profound imprint a lost love can leave upon the soul.

13. “Ghost” by Halsey

“Ghost” by Halsey emerges as another classic that weaves the ethereal with the tangible.

This hauntingly beautiful track not only secures a spot on anyone’s ghostly playlist but also ignites a conversation do you believe in ghosts?

With its evocative lyrics painting vivid images “behind my eyes,” this song about ghosts transcends the typical ghost story, making listeners ponder whether ghosts are real, not just in the world around them but in the remnants of lost love and lingering memories.

As Halsey’s voice dances through the verses, the notion that we’re hearing something deeply personal and universally relatable makes “Ghost” an unforgettable piece in the realm of music and mystique.

14. “Ghost” by Ella Henderson

The release of “Ghost” by Ella Henderson instantly became a theme song for those drawn to the more spooky side of music, evoking the same spirit as best songs about ghosts and other hauntings pasts.

While not directly related to the ghosts of Cape Horn or the Ghost Riders in the same vein as Johnny Cash or Gordon Lightfoot‘s “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”, Henderson’s song employs a haunting melody that could easily be the backdrop for a Halloween party.

When it was first released, it reminded listeners that songs have a ghostly aura and brought an immediate commitment to ghosts and the unseen world into the pop realm, a space more commonly associated with artists like Justin Bieber or Ozzy Osbourne.

This track, alongside others like Cab Calloway’s “Ghost of Yesterday,” Billie Holiday’s haunting melodies, and the eerie echo of Ozzy Osbourne’s “Ghost Behind My Eyes,” has gathered 20 great songs about ghosts that continue to haunt listeners.

Henderson’s music video and lyrics talk about ghosts in a way that meshes well with the spooky essence captured by other artists like Bruce Springsteen, Ray Parker Jr., and those who sing about ghosts from our pasts and ghosts.

It’s a modern pop addition to a tradition that finds its roots deeply embedded in the belief that there are good spirits among us, a sentiment echoed by her fans and a famous family even beyond the music industry.

15. “Ghost Town” by Adam Lambert

“Ghost Town” by Adam Lambert is a powerful track that resonates with the haunting echoes of past musical greats.

The song uses a tapestry of haunting songs that remind listeners of the eerie tunes of Billie Holiday‘s “Ghost of Yesterday,” and the somber melodies of Gordon Lightfoot‘s “Ghosts of Cape Horn.”

The way Adam Lambert sings about writing songs with a ghostly presence in “Ghost Town” harkens back to the belief in spirits that folk and country legends sang about.

This belief, that there are good spirits everywhere, comes through in the way Lambert’s music melds with lyrics like a “date on my estate down in Hades“, turning what could be a mournful contemplation into a celebration of the spectral.

It’s no surprise that country king Johnny Cash would be drawn to the ghostly, as Lambert’s rock makes the presence of spirits feel almost comforting.

The song cleverly manages to give up the ghost, leaving listeners feeling there are indeed good spirits in the air, a testament to Lambert’s skillful songwriting and emotive delivery.

Conclusion On Songs About Ghosts

Songs about ghosts may help jog our memories that everyone is condemned inescapably to his past.

Generous to anyone who enjoys investing time in it, these songs featuring ghosts exert an influence that carries people’s minds off to another place altogether.

So turn up the volume, walk through creative power, and let the music lead you on a journey that you will never forget.

Go through this list of songs about ghosts on your own and you can find anything in the human experience: fear, laughter, or tears. Make a playlist and explore this shared fate of ours today.

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