20 Best Songs About Fast: Rocking Hits for Speed

In this article, we delve into the pulsating world of music with a focus on speed, presenting the “20 Best Songs About Fast.”

These tracks not only capture the essence of velocity but also embody the exhilaration and intensity that come with rapid motion.

From adrenaline-pumping rock anthems to swift beats in electronic dance music, our curated list spans a variety of genres, each song celebrating the theme of speed in its unique way.

Whether it’s the rush of a car race, the swift passage of time, or simply the fast pace of life itself, these songs resonate with anyone who’s ever felt the thrill of moving quickly.

Join us as we explore these sonic tributes to velocity, showcasing the artistry and emotion that make these Songs for fast tracks unforgettable.

1. “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman

“Fast Car” is a poignant narrative song released in 1988 by Tracy Chapman. It tells the story of a woman striving to escape her circumstances through dreams of a better life with her lover. The song’s acoustic folk-rock style and Chapman’s soulful voice draw listeners into a deeply personal story. Its lyrics explore themes of poverty, ambition, and the longing for freedom, making it a timeless anthem for hope and change. “Fast Car” received widespread acclaim for its storytelling and emotional depth, becoming one of Chapman’s most beloved tracks.

2. “Life in the Fast Lane” by Eagles

Released in 1976 on the album “Hotel California,” “Life in the Fast Lane” by Eagles dives into the hedonistic lifestyle of the 1970s rock stars. With a hard rock sound characterized by Joe Walsh’s distinctive guitar riff, the song critiques the excesses and consequences of fast living. Its catchy chorus and rock groove have made it a classic, encapsulating the era’s spirit of rebellion and decadence. “Life in the Fast Lane” remains a staple in the Eagles’ repertoire, offering a cautionary tale wrapped in rock ‘n’ roll swagger.

3. Fast & Furious 9 – song and lyrics by Jared Moreno Luna

Regarding “Fast & Furious 9 – song and lyrics by Jared Moreno Luna,” there seems to be some confusion. As of my last update in April 2023, there isn’t a widely recognized song by Jared Moreno Luna officially associated with “Fast & Furious 9,” also known as “F9,” which was released in 2021. The soundtrack of “F9” features a variety of artists and tracks that continue the franchise’s tradition of incorporating high-energy music that complements the film’s action-packed scenes and global settings. If Jared Moreno Luna’s work is a fan-made tribute or a lesser-known piece related to the “Fast & Furious” franchise, it might not have the same level of recognition as other official songs from the movie’s soundtrack. The “Fast & Furious” series is known for its diverse selection of music that spans genres and cultures, reflecting the global appeal of the movies.

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4. “Fastlove” by George Michael

“Fastlove,” released in 1996, is a sleek, upbeat track from George Michael’s album “Older.” The song showcases Michael’s smooth vocals over a funky beat and sophisticated production, reflecting the mid-90s dance-pop sound. Its lyrics speak to the desire for unattached romantic encounters, emphasizing physical over emotional connections. “Fastlove” was praised for its contemporary feel and became a hit, highlighting Michael’s ability to evolve with the musical landscape while maintaining his signature style and vocal prowess.

5. “Fast as You” by Dwight Yoakam

“Fast as You,” a 1993 hit by country artist Dwight Yoakam, combines rockabilly energy with country twang, showcasing Yoakam’s distinctive voice and guitar skills. The song’s upbeat tempo and catchy chorus capture the excitement and challenges of trying to keep up with a lover’s pace. Its blend of country and rock elements helped bridge the gap between the genres, making “Fast as You” a standout track in Yoakam’s catalog and a favorite among fans of both styles.

6. “Fast Lane” by Bad Meets Evil

“Fast Lane” is a high-octane rap song by Bad Meets Evil, a duo consisting of Eminem and Royce da 5’9″. Released in 2011, the track features rapid-fire verses, intricate rhymes, and a relentless beat, embodying the song’s title. The lyrics are a showcase of technical prowess and wordplay, with both rappers delivering sharp, witty lines. “Fast Lane” is celebrated for its energy, lyrical dexterity, and the chemistry between Eminem and Royce, making it a highlight of their collaborative project.

7. “Fast Forward” by Joe Jackson

“Fast Forward,” the title track from Joe Jackson’s 2015 album, showcases his return to form with a blend of rock, jazz, and classical influences. The song, and the album alike, were recorded in four different cities (New York, New Orleans, Berlin, and Amsterdam), each bringing a unique flavor to the music. “Fast Forward” combines Jackson’s sharp, observational lyrics with a sophisticated musical arrangement, reflecting on the passage of time and the changes it brings. It’s a thoughtful piece that highlights Jackson’s versatility and enduring talent as a songwriter and musician.

8. “Fast Fuse” by Kasabian

Released in 2007, “Fast Fuse” by Kasabian is a high-energy track that exemplifies the band’s ability to fuse rock with electronic music. The song features a gritty guitar riff, pulsating beats, and an aggressive vocal delivery, creating a sense of urgency and rebellion. “Fast Fuse” is known for its raw energy and has been a staple in Kasabian’s live performances, capturing the band’s dynamic stage presence. The song’s lyrics speak to the frustrations and pressures of modern life, making it a resonant anthem for those feeling the need to break free.

9. “Fast Girls” by Janet Jackson

“Fast Girls” is a track from Janet Jackson’s 1984 album “Dream Street.” The song showcases an early stage of Jackson’s career, featuring a fun and upbeat pop sound with a hint of the emerging electronic music influence of the 80s. “Fast Girls” highlights Jackson’s youthful voice and energy, offering a danceable track that fits well with the era’s pop landscape. While it may not have the depth or complexity of her later hits, “Fast Girls” provides a glimpse into the early development of an artist who would become a pop icon.

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10. “Fast Lane” by Rationale

“Fast Lane” by Rationale, released in 2015, is a smooth, soulful track that combines elements of pop, R&B, and electronic music. Rationale’s rich, emotive vocals glide over a backdrop of lush synths and a steady beat, creating a sound that’s both contemporary and timeless. The song’s lyrics explore themes of love, ambition, and the fast-paced nature of life, resonating with listeners through its relatable storytelling and captivating melody. “Fast Lane” showcases Rationale’s talent for crafting songs that are introspective yet accessible, marking him as a distinctive voice in modern music.

11. “Fast Train” by Solomon Burke

“Fast Train,” from Solomon Burke’s critically acclaimed 2002 album “Don’t Give Up on Me,” is a powerful soul track that showcases Burke’s deep, resonant voice and emotive delivery. The song’s arrangement is simple yet effective, allowing Burke’s vocals to take center stage as he sings about life’s journey and the metaphorical trains we take. The heartfelt lyrics, combined with Burke’s soulful performance, create a moving experience that connects with the listener on a deep level. “Fast Train” is a testament to Burke’s enduring talent and his ability to convey profound emotion through music.

12. “Fast and Frightening” by L7

“Fast and Frightening” by L7 is a raucous anthem from the band’s 1990 album “Smell the Magic.” Known for their grunge-infused rock sound, L7 delivers a track that’s both aggressive and playful, showcasing their signature blend of heavy guitar riffs and punk attitude. The song’s lyrics, filled with irreverent humor and sharp wit, celebrate female empowerment and non-conformity. “Fast and Frightening” has become a fan favorite, embodying the band’s feminist ethos and their ability to rock out with unapologetic intensity. It’s a perfect example of L7’s contribution to the early ’90s alternative rock scene.

13. “Fast Car” by Jonas Blue ft. Dakota

Jonas Blue’s 2015 electronic rendition of “Fast Car,” featuring Dakota, breathes new life into Tracy Chapman’s classic. This version transforms the folk-rock original into a tropical house hit, with Dakota’s vocals adding a fresh, youthful energy. The song retains the poignant storytelling of the original while infusing it with upbeat, danceable rhythms, making it accessible to a new generation of listeners. Jonas Blue’s “Fast Car” became a chart-topping success worldwide, demonstrating the timeless appeal of the song’s narrative and the versatility of its melody across different musical genres.

14. “Fast” by Luke Bryan

“Fast” is a reflective country ballad by Luke Bryan, featured on his 2015 album “Kill the Lights.” The song delves into the theme of how quickly time passes, touching on moments of love, life, and loss. Bryan’s heartfelt vocals and the track’s gentle instrumentation evoke a sense of nostalgia and bittersweet longing. “Fast” resonates with listeners through its universal message, reminding us to cherish every moment. It’s a standout track that showcases Bryan’s ability to connect with his audience on a deeply personal level, further cementing his status as one of country music’s leading artists.

15. “Fast” by Juice WRLD

“Fast” is a track from Juice WRLD’s 2019 album “Death Race for Love.” The song features the late artist’s introspective lyrics and melodic flow, set against a backdrop of atmospheric beats. Juice WRLD explores themes of fame, mental health, and the rapid pace of life, offering a glimpse into his inner world. “Fast” stands out for its emotional depth and the raw honesty of Juice WRLD’s performance, highlighting his talent for blending hip-hop with emo and trap influences. The song has resonated with fans for its candid portrayal of the challenges and pressures of success.

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16. “Fast” by Sueco

“Fast” by Sueco, released in 2019, is a high-energy track that combines elements of punk, rap, and pop. Known for his genre-blending style, Sueco delivers a song that’s catchy, rebellious, and full of attitude. The lyrics speak to the fast-paced, often chaotic nature of youth and the desire to live freely without constraints. “Fast” showcases Sueco’s dynamic vocal delivery and his ability to craft infectious hooks, making it a standout track that captures the spirit of living life in the fast lane. It’s a testament to Sueco’s versatility as an artist and his knack for creating music that’s both edgy and accessible.

17. Ride Out – Tribute to Kid Ink (Fast And Furious 7)

“Ride Out” is actually a song by Kid Ink, Tyga, Wale, YG, and Rich Homie Quan. It was featured on the soundtrack for “Furious 7,” the seventh installment of the “Fast & Furious” film series, released in 2015. This track embodies the high-octane energy and camaraderie that the film series is known for. With a pulsating beat and a catchy hook, “Ride Out” serves as an anthem for unity and loyalty among friends, echoing the themes of family and brotherhood central to the “Fast & Furious” saga. The collaboration between these artists brings a diverse mix of styles to the song, making it a standout track that captures the essence of speeding down the highway with your closest allies.

18. “Fast Car” by Taio Cruz

“Fast” by Taio Cruz is an electrifying track that captures the essence of high-speed living. Known for his dance-pop anthems, Cruz delivers a song that’s all about the rush of adrenaline and the pursuit of excitement. The track features pulsating beats, catchy hooks, and Cruz’s dynamic vocal delivery. While “Fast” stays true to his signature sound, it also showcases his ability to infuse his music with a sense of urgency and intensity. It’s a song that encourages listeners to seize the moment and live life to the fullest, making it a perfect addition to any party playlist.

19. “Fast Car” by Luke Combs

Luke Combs’ “Fast” is a heartfelt country ballad that reflects on the swift passage of time. The song, featured on his 2019 album, combines Combs’ rich, emotive vocals with acoustic guitar-driven arrangements, creating a warm and introspective atmosphere. Combs sings about the moments that seem to slip away too quickly, from youth to love, evoking a sense of nostalgia and the importance of cherishing every moment. “Fast” showcases Combs’ talent for storytelling and his ability to connect with listeners through universal themes of life and love.

20. “Fast” by Saweetie

“Fast” by Saweetie is a high-energy track that embodies the rapper’s confidence, charisma, and flair for catchy, empowering anthems. Released in 2019, the song features Saweetie’s sharp wit and dynamic flow over a backdrop of vibrant beats and infectious melodies. “Fast” celebrates independence, success, and living life on one’s terms, with Saweetie delivering lines that are both playful and assertive. The track’s production is sleek and contemporary, perfectly complementing her vocal delivery. “Fast” is a testament to Saweetie’s ability to create music that’s not only fun and engaging but also inspires listeners to embrace their power and ambition.


In conclusion, our exploration of the “20 Best Songs About Fast” reveals how speed serves as a powerful muse for artists across genres.

These tracks not only encapsulate the exhilaration of velocity but also offer a diverse auditory experience that resonates with a wide audience.

From the heart-pounding rhythms of rock to the electrifying pulses of electronic music, each song uniquely captures the essence of rapid movement and the intense emotions it evokes.

This collection stands as a testament to the universal appeal of speed, reminding us of the thrilling pace at which life can unfold.

As we reflect on these songs, we’re left with a renewed appreciation for the artistry that transforms the concept of speed into a captivating musical journey.

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