Songs About Clouds

Songs About Clouds

Have you ever found yourself lying in a meadow, staring up at the sky, mesmerized by the fluffy white clouds that seem to gently float overhead? There’s something inherently soothing about cloud watching, and it seems that musicians have taken notice too. In fact, the clouds have inspired countless songs over the years. Here are some of the best songs about clouds to add to your playlist.

LSD (Labrinth, Sia, Diplo) – “Thunderclouds”

Step into the electrifying world of “Thunderclouds” by LSD, featuring the angelic voices of Sia and Labrinth. This dynamic dance tune is all about letting go of fear and embracing the power of trust in a relationship. The singers paint a vivid picture of storms brewing on the horizon, but with each thunderous beat, they encourage their partner to stand tall and weather the chaos. Don’t be afraid of the clouds, they say, for they will eventually give way to the warm embrace of sunlight. Let “Thunderclouds” guide you into a world of excitement and passion, where love reigns supreme.

Aeris Roves – “Beyond the Clouds”

This romantic ballad by Aeris Roves is the perfect soundtrack for a day of cloud watching. Soft electric guitar riffs combine with catchy vocal melodies to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. The lyrics speak of love as something that transcends the physical boundaries of this world, reaching into realms beyond our understanding. As you listen to “Beyond the Clouds,” you can practically feel the sunrays beaming down from above and the gentle breeze lifting your spirit up towards the heavens.

One Direction – “Clouds”

The heartwarming pop track, “Clouds” by One Direction is a love letter to the beauty of nature. The song speaks of taking solace in the fact that no matter what happens, you’ll always have Mother Nature’s comforting embrace to keep you safe and warm. As soothing strings accompany powerful vocal harmonies, the band encourages us to close our eyes and drift away on a cloud of peacefulness.

Jack Johnson – “From The Clouds”

Jack Johnson takes a more philosophical approach to the clouds in his reflective folk song, “From The Clouds.” With gentle acoustic guitar picking and intimate vocal delivery, he encourages us to look deeper into the sky, beyond what our eyes can see. Through thoughtful lyrical imagery, he tells us that if we take the time to observe life from up above, it will help us gain perspective on our journey through life.

The Temptations – “Cloud Nine”

Take a trip back in time with classic soul track by The Temptations. In “Cloud Nine,” the band celebrates joyous moments of love and friendship that send them soaring high above their worries and troubles. With flourishing brass section driving the arrangement forward, the singers take us on a journey of emotional liberation. As they realize that “everything is gonna be alright,” it’s hard not to find yourself dancing along with them in harmony.

Tones And I – “Cloudy Day”

Tones And I captures the heart of childhood innocence in her uplifting pop anthem, “Cloudy Day.” With quirky vocal melodies and catchy hooks, she tells an inspiring story about a young girl taking solace from the clouds during a storm. She finds strength and courage amidst the chaos by daydreaming away on her own little cloud. As we join her in song, it’s hard not to feel empowered by her infectious spirit.

Panic! At The Disco – “King Of The Clouds”

Panic! At The Disco takes the clouds to a whole new level in their upbeat rock track, “King Of The Clouds.” With an uptempo beat and captivating guitar riffs, lead singer Brendon Urie invites us on a journey of self-discovery. As he reflects upon his turbulent past and inner struggles, he envisions himself as the king of his own cloud kingdom – where no force can deter him from achieving greatness. Let this song’s inspiring energy carry you away and shine light on your own unique power.

The Rolling Stones – “Get Off My Cloud”

The Rolling Stones put an edgy spin on the clouds with their classic rock anthem, “Get Off My Cloud.” With a dynamic arrangement that builds and falls with intensity, the band paints a picture of defiant strength and personal empowerment. As they sing “I’m gonna take control of my sky,” it’s hard not to feel inspired by their fearlessness as they challenge authority and stand tall in the face of adversity.

George Harrison – “Stuck Inside The Cloud”

Take a journey into the depths of your inner world with this psychedelic track from George Harrison. In “Stuck Inside The Cloud,” he uses clever lyrical imagery and ethereal soundscapes to express his feelings during moments of internal struggle. With each verse, we’re invited deeper into his mind as he expresses his thoughts on self-acceptance and finding solace within the clouds.

Jamiroquai – “Cloud 9”

Dance away your worries with this infectious funk track from Jamiroquai. In “Cloud 9,” he invites us to join him in a world where nothing else matters but the good vibes. As groovy bass lines and soaring vocal melodies take over, it’s hard not to get lost in the feel-good energy of his song. So put on your dancing shoes and let this uplifting tune carry you away!

B.O.B Ft. Lil Wayne – “Strange Clouds”

Bring out the party atmosphere with this rap banger from B.O.B ft Lil Wayne! With bouncy production and chill beats, they drop clever lyrical flows as they explore the strange clouds of the night sky. As they rap “we can never be defeated,” it’s hard not to feel emboldened by their infectious energy. So turn up the volume and get ready to rock your world!

U2 – “Window In The Skies”

U2 takes us on a soaring musical journey with this beautiful love song. In “Window in The Skies,” Bono uses poetic storytelling and heartfelt melodies to express his desire for connection – above and beyond the physical world. With passionate guitar work and uplifting choruses, he invites us to look through the window of the skies so that we can find peace amidst our troubles.

Lusine – “Just A Cloud”

Take a moment for yourself with this ambient track from Lusine. In “Just A Cloud,” he uses dreamy soundscapes and captivating production to create an atmosphere of escapism. As we drift away in his ethereal melodies, it’s hard not to feel uplifted by its calming effect. So close your eyes and allow yourself to be taken away on this sonic journey!

Zach Sobiech – “Clouds”

This heartfelt acoustic ballad from Zach Sobiech will melt your heartstrings. He sings about how the clouds are like reminders of loved ones that have passed away – but they also can give us strength to carry on. With gentle melodies and passionate lyrics, Zach’s song is a tribute to the power of love – even in times of sorrow.

Sting – “Heavy Cloud No Rain”

Soulful grooves and touching lyrics come together in this classic track from Sting. In “Heavy Cloud No Rain,” he reflects upon how our inner struggles can be like heavy clouds that seem unending – but if we take courage, these clouds can eventually fade away. Through his uplifting message and inspiring music, Sting shows us that it’s possible to overcome any obstacle with positivity and determination.

Olly Murs – “On My Cloud”

This uplifting pop track from Olly Murs will lift your spirit high. With soaring choruses and powerful vocal melodies, he sings about the power of believing in yourself – even when it seems like everything around you is bringing you down. As he belts out “I’m making my own way, I’m gonna find my cloud,” it’s hard not to be moved by his courage and determination.

Miley Cyrus – “Midnight Sky”

Miley Cyrus invites us to dream in this upbeat synthpop track. In “Midnight Sky,” she sings about how the stars can be like a guiding light when it seems like all hope is lost. With catchy melodies and energising beats, she encourages us to look up and find strength within ourselves, so that we can keep pushing through any darkness we may face.

Electric Light Orchestra – “Mr. Blue Sky”

Step into the light with this classic anthem from Electric Light Orchestra! From its iconic opening notes to its uplifting chorus, “Mr Blue Sky” is full of joy and positivity – making it the perfect pick-me-up for those cloudy days. So turn up the volume and let this feel-good tune lift your spirits!

Tori Amos – “Cloud on my Tongue”

This poetic masterpiece from Tori Amos will make you pause and reflect. In “Cloud On My Tongue,” she uses eloquent lyrics to explore the complexity of emotions, such as sorrow and joy, that can be found within our own hearts. With haunting melodies and a gentle musical backdrop, this song is a perfect reminder that we are not alone in our struggles – or in our celebrations.

BØRNS – “Clouds”

Bring out your inner romantic with this sweet acoustic love song from BØRNS. In “Clouds,” he sings about how the sky can be like a symbol of love – an ever-present reminder that the universe will always have our back. With its dreamy soundscapes and heartfelt lyrics, this blissful track is sure to give you butterflies!

Oasis – “Born On A Different Cloud”

Experience a whole new world with this uplifting rock ballad from Oasis. In “Born On A Different Cloud,” they sing about how we can find strength when it seems like everything around us has changed – if we just take courage and fly away on our dreams. So close your eyes and let yourself get carried away on its soaring melodies!

Chaka Khan – “Clouds”

Let your worries drift away with this soulful track from Chaka Khan. In “Clouds,” she sings about how it’s important to take some time for ourselves – even when the world seems uncertain and full of chaos. With its gentle grooves and soothing melodies, this song is sure to be the perfect companion on your journey towards inner peace!

Hayd – “Head In The Clouds”

Take a break from reality in this upbeat electronic-pop track from Hayd. In “Head In The Clouds,” he sings about how it’s okay to escape our troubles sometimes – by dreaming of a better future or by letting our imaginations run wild. So turn up the volume and get ready to float away on its infectious beats!

James Arthur – “Smoke Clouds”

This inspiring rap-ballad from James Arthur will make you dig deep. In “Smoke Clouds,” he speaks about how negativity can be like a fog that clouds our judgement – but if we take courage and look within, we can find the strength to keep pushing forward. With its intriguing lyrics and ambient soundscapes, this song is sure to bring out your inner warrior!

Kate Bush – “Cloudbusting”

Dive into an imaginative fantasy with this mystical track from Kate Bush. In “Cloudbusting,” she takes us on a whimsical journey to a place beyond the stars. With its enchanting vocals and hypnotic synths, this uplifting song is sure to make your spirit soar!

Morrissey – “Black Cloud”

Experience the power of acceptance in this reflective track from Morrissey. In “Black Cloud,” he sings about how we can still find strength even when sadness comes knocking at our door. With its gentle piano melody and contemplative lyrics, this song will remind you that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed sometimes – but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on yourself!

New Politics – “Clouds”

Bring out your inner rebel with this anthemic rock jam from New Politics. In “Clouds,” they sing about how important it is to stand up for what we believe in – even if the world seems determined to drag us down. With its thunderous drums and passionate vocals, this track is sure to get your heart pumping!


Explore the depths of your emotions with this heart-wrenching rap song from NF. In “CLOUDS,” he sings about how it can be difficult to keep going when life gets tough – but that doesn’t mean we have to give up on our dreams. With its haunting melodies and thought-provoking lyrics, this song is sure to make you stop and take a moment for reflection!

Simon & Garfunkel – “Cloudy”

Channel your inner romantic with this bittersweet folk-rock track from Simon & Garfunkel. In “Cloudy,” they sing about how the sky can be like a symbol of love – an ever-present reminder that the universe will always have our back. With its dreamy soundscapes and heartfelt lyrics, this blissful track is sure to give you butterflies!

The Average White Band – “Cloudy”

Feel the summer vibes in this groovy funk song from The Average White Band. In “Cloudy,” they sing about how it’s important to enjoy life even when things get cloudy – because soon enough, the sun will come out again. So don’t forget to take a moment and let yourself get carried away on its soaring melodies!

The Orb – “Little Fluffy Clouds”

Experience the beauty of nature in this ethereal ambient track from The Orb. In “Little Fluffy Clouds,” they take us on a tranquil journey to a place where worries can’t reach us. With its mesmerizing soundscapes and gentle ambiance, this blissful song is sure to help you find your inner peace!

Imagine Dragons – “Clouds”

Discover your inner strength with this uplifting rock ballad from Imagine Dragons. In “Clouds,” they sing about how it’s okay to feel lost sometimes – because if we look within, we’ll find the courage to keep pushing forward. So don’t forget to get your feet off the ground and let yourself get carried away on its soaring chorus!

Paul McCartney – “Feet In The Clouds”

This cozy folk-rock tune from Paul McCartney will make you want to curl up with a good book. In “Feet In The Clouds,” he sings about how it’s important to take time out for ourselves – because only then can we appreciate the beauty of life around us. With its laid-back feel and heartwarming lyrics, this song is sure to give you a sense of comfort and peace!

Pink Floyd – “Obscured By Clouds”

Experience the power of psychedelic rock with this mesmerizing track from Pink Floyd. In “Obscured By Clouds,” they take us on a journey to another realm – one where the boundaries between reality and fantasy seem to blur. With its trippy soundscapes and hypnotic grooves, this song will make you feel like you’re floating away!

The Doobie Brothers – “Flying Cloud”

This laid-back rock tune from The Doobie Brothers will get your toes tapping in no time. In “Flying Cloud,” they sing about how it’s important to dream big – because if we dare to reach for the stars, anything is possible. So don’t forget to get up and move your feet as you let yourself get carried away on its smooth grooves!

These songs about clouds offer something for everyone – whether you’re looking to explore your emotions or just have a good time. So don’t forget to get up and dance, because the sky is the limit!

Conclusion On Songs About Clouds

After exploring songs about clouds, we can see that the cloud has had a long-standing place not only in our physical environment, but also in how we express ourselves and capture solitary moments. Beyond the obvious interpretations of clouds as something belonging to nature, and representing emotions associated with romanticism, they also represent an escape and freedom – somewhere that one can go to seek peace or perspective. When looking at these songs, it’s important to recognize the potential multiple meanings and interpretations they hold. As such, understanding why particular artists created these pieces let us gain insight into their thought processes and the instructions they wanted viewers to take away from them. As we look up at the sky filled with white fluffy clouds next time, be sure to reflect on this blog post and its collection of songs about them. Who knows? You just may find yourself inspired enough to write your own piece about what clouds mean for you!

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